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Pic Pick: "Monsters Eat Whiny Children"


Today's Pic Pick is Monsters Eat Whiny Children

By Bruce Eric Kaplan

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Hmmm, I am pretty sure a parent could relate to this story.

Monsters Eat Whiny Children by New Yorker cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan tells the tale of two young children who are going through a terrible whining phase!

Oy, the horror! Anything but whiny children!

In this tale, Henry and Eve are warned by their father to cease their whining or deal with the consequences...

Getting taken away by MONSTERS!

What could possibly go wrong? What happens to children who get captured by monsters? They become dinner!

But something peculiar happens during their capture — the monsters are stuck with figuring out how to cook them.

Will the monsters come up with a recipe for whiny children in time? What will happen to Henry and Eve?

Click to find out!

After reading this book with some of the children in the Library, we decided to create some scary monsters of our own.

Check them out below!

Victor, Age 6Victor, Age 6

Kyara, Age 8Kyara, Age 8

Ashley, Age 10Ashley, Age 10

Jaslyn, Age 9Jaslyn, Age 9

Chantel, Age 10Chantel, Age 10

Ruth, Age 26Ruth, Age 26

Melissa, Age 8Melissa, Age 8

Attention Parents: 2010 Booklist Reviews compares Kaplan's writing to Edward Gorey's.

Some of the themes and humor used in Kaplan's other books might not be as kid friendly, but just as enjoyable.


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Whiny Children

i highly recommend this book for parents with a quirky sensibility. I read it twice: first with an adult with a knack for voice characterization, the book took on a funnier tone, and secondly with my six year old who didn't quite see the humor of monsters eating any children. I suspect my daughter still believed in monsters at the time; she's a sophisticated soon to be seven year old with no time for monsters (she fears the dentist even more!). Nonetheless, this is a great story and i thank Ms. Rodriguez for bringing it to our attention. Nice work on the art Ruth, age 26. Pretty creative (is that little yellow monster on the lower left corner of the sheet wearing an earring?)

Thank you very much. Yes, the

Thank you very much. Yes, the yellow monster is wearing an earring.

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