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"Once Upon a Time" … Reading Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales at the Library


Popular fairy tales are coming back to life in the 21st century to put true love to the test once again in a time travel battle between good versus evil.

Once Upon a Time is a drama filled with adventure and fantasy. Every fairy tale character is linked to another in a parallel, ancient world full of mystery and magic They are all entangled and stuck under a spell in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, where Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) is the mayor.

Wait a minute... What's going on...

Are Snow White and Prince Charming now sharing a daughter and grandson?

What will happen to their kingdom, and what’s next to come?

We grown-ups, who by now may have already read too many fairy tales, may now exhale...and ask the same — Who’s to blame?


Will Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White) and David Nolan (Prince Charming) be in love again?
Will Sydney Glass (The Mirror) ever be able to come out of that glass,
Or does he deserve to remain forever trapped?
Will he be joining his true love, captor, and evil queen?
Perhaps a fresh reflection on Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs  may help capture an outlook, in the time being...
Also in Spanish


How will Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) be collecting his dues?
Will he be good or will everybody be sued?
Will the answer remain hidden in the soul
of the man who spun straw into gold?
Or will it remain treasured in Rumpelstiltskin’s vault?
Also in Spanish




What will the Beast become when he discovers
Beauty’s true love and whereabouts?
Will he ever recover?
Or will he be flipping out?
Will he come back to his senses?
Or hang in suspense?
No need to be concerned,
perhaps somehow we have learned
that Beauty and the Beast  have already bestowed
The beauty of reading the story aloud!
Also in Spanish


Where may Ashley Boyd, Cinderella’s prince charming be?
Will Cinderella  give us a lead?
And will it also foretell,
if the fine shoe will fit her?
Also in Spanish





What will come out of Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket) conscience?
Will Geppetto ever find out who has lied or snuck out?
Perhaps Pinocchio’s book may tell us the truth,
or give us a nosy clue...
Also in Spanish




Will Hansel and Gretel finally ditch the witch,
escape and become rich?
Or perhaps they will be bewitched,
turned into spinach or a sandwich,
or the witch's favorite dish?
Let’s hope Hansel and Gretel  help us
enrich our thoughts...
Also in Spanish


Will Ruby (Red Riding Hood) manage to teach the hungry wolf
a lesson that would make him sorry and extend her glory?
Or will she just remain ruddy
'til the end of the story?
Perhaps we may not need to worry...
A little rereading of Little Red Riding-Hood
may give us a tiny taste of the ending likelihood...
Also in Spanish

The TV series Once Upon a Time airs on ABC Channel 7 on Sundays at 8 p.m.

"Once upon a time" is a timeless tale in our local library,
therefore... we can still expect happy endings...
from time to time... In the meantime, happy library lending!


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