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That's My Queue and I'll Cry If I Want To


I'm a really big fan of NYPL lists, so I made one about TV shows from my recently watched queue. Here it is! :]

Thumb nail, ThumbnailThumb nail, ThumbnailDon't forget to check all the links... the links are the bread and butter of the blog.

10. Hard Times of RJ Berger — This series was unfortunately cancelled. Only the goofs die young... Thanks for trying, MTV.

9. Workaholics — There's no AA meetings for this show... perfectly safe to become addicted to it.

8. Futurama  There are no words for this show besides these 14... Billy West is the man of many voices and robots, robots, ROBOTS! Specifically Bender! <3

7. Survivorman — This is where I learned all my outdoor skills. I built an umbrella out of banana leaves... It didn't go over well at the baby shower. The babies kept falling through it.

6. Party Down — Ever worry about all those out-of-work actors and writers, struggling on the mean streets of Los Angeles? Me neither... But apparently they've all become caterers, so they're good.

5. The Wonder Years — If you want to learn family values and life lessons, go with the old time TV shows. It may not have Randy, but at least it's got Fred Savage. Ooh yeah!!

4. Drop Dead Diva  A dead super model possesses the body of a boring lawyer. Comedy achieved. 50g*

*50g is a gamer term for Xbox achievements, which are awarded throughout game play.

3. Raising Hope — I'm glad to see a Goonie on TV! Yup, that's right, Martha Plimpton, I recognize you without those glasses! They've got Cloris Leachman also... but you won't hear horses rear up in fright, I know, I'm disappointed too. :/

2. Breaking Bad — Bryan Cranston scares the fecal matter out of me, but this show is so addicting. Peter Griffin doesn't have anything on this family guy!

1. How I Met Your Mother — Jason Segel, NPH, and Bob Saget with them narrating. How could you go wrong?!

They're all good shows... check 'em out.


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