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Oh! You Pretty Things: Five Questions for Andrew, Young Adult Patron


Andrew is 17 years old. He has been attending Young Adult programs at New Dorp Library for several years. In an attempt to get to know him better, I asked him five ridiculous questions. These are his serious answers.

Andrew's Facebook PhotoAndrew's Facebook PhotoAndrew for Dummies What would this book be about?

Basically a book about [how] despite anything that you go through, there is always this one little bit that you can hold on to [to] make your day better. I believe in karma — if you do good, good will happen to you — not that I need a reason.

Would you rather attend summer school for the rest of your life or every time you met someone new, you had to take one of their shoes and throw it in the nearest garbage can?

Sounds a bit tricky to take someone's shoe. Hmmmmm I will take my chances with the shoe, as I believe summers are a given, a time for children and students to act their age and have fun.

You aren’t worried about the collateral damage from the shoe incidents?

The thing about the shoe — you can always find another pair of shoes. As long as you have socks, you can make it home. You should have more than one pair of shoes at home.

But you aren’t afraid that this personality quirk would prevent you from building new friendships?

The definition of friendship for me is overlooking the little flaws.

Wow, so what you are saying is that if a person can't overlook you throwing their shoe in the garbage, you don't want to be their friend.

Would you rather be on the front cover of the New York Times or the New York Daily News?

I don’t really see the difference. Either way you will have one person who favors one paper over another…

Some people would argue that there is a difference between the two, but it is noble that you think all newspapers are created equal.

Would you rather go into a job interview with giant armpit stains on your shirt or chewed bubble gum on the seat of your pants?

Chewed bubble gum on the seat of your pants, as it would be less noticeable. I would be dressing to make an impression, so the length of my suit jacket would most likely cover the bubble gum as I walk away.

Interesting, most people say bubble gum but for a different reason. They feel the bubble gum is just an unfortunate mishap where as the arm pit stains would indicate a personal hygiene problem.

Would you rather cosplay as Super Saiyan Dragonball Z character and have incredible strength or would you rather cosplay as Pikachu and have the ability to charge all your electronic devices? I should mention that this would be for the duration of your life.

That borders on what is convenient and what I like, and that is a hard decision. For the sake of convenience and to be helpful to my friends, I would go with Pikachu.

You don’t feel this might cause girls to take you less serious on a date, or a prospective employer on a job interview?

That’s true. How serious would people take me? People judge by sight all the time. I would rather let my work and skills speak for me instead of my appearance. My skills could overcome the inherent limitations of a Pikachu outfit.

So what did I learn about Andrew?

Summer is sacred, true friends overlook each others flaws, and if you don't get far in life wearing a Pikachu outfit, it's nobody's fault but your own.



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Albert Camus wrote: ”In the

Albert Camus wrote: ”In the depth of winter, I finally learned there was in me invincible summer.” Start using your library, people. (;

Yea that's my brother... I'm

Yea that's my brother... I'm proud of you bro. (;

Nice quote Sylvia

Nice quote Sylvia

This was so funny, your

This was so funny, your personality transcended the internet, Rob!

Very well answered Andrew,

Very well answered Andrew, except I would have to vehemently disagree with one of your answers. Pikachu over being a super saiyin? I suppose to each their own... but I think supernatural strength has infinitely more benefits than being able to charge your electronic devices. You might think... okay.. so I can move more groceries from the car to the house, big deal, not too inconvenient, but what about those pesky times when you drive (when you have your own car and a valid license) and you notice a space juuuust an inch or two too small for you to parallel park? Super saiyan strength would allow you to push those inconsiderate cars out of the way so you can park 4 blocks closer to work. That is, I believe, one of the many benefits of being a practical super saiyin.

Andrew is an excellent

Andrew is an excellent soldier in our New Dorp Teen Army!

Haha, this is the

Haha, this is the philosophical nature of Andrew. I love this kid :D

Great questions with even

Great questions with even better answers, andrew sounds like a good friend.

Woah..this got +1'd on google

Woah..this got +1'd on google plus...exciting

yup he's a pretty

yup he's a pretty philosophical person, best person to go to for advice. =3 and he is a good friend

Andrew's eyebrows are as

Andrew's eyebrows are as mysterious as Mona Lisa'a smile!

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