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It's Just a Blog to the Left! A Rocky Horror Interview


Cameras are rolling.....

Damn it! Jenn-it!

I'm here in the famous New Dorp Library Community Room Theater discussing the Rocky Horror Picture Show with my good friend Bobby Pins. You all know this... so let's get right down to the mission.

Wasn't it great when it all began?

Yeah, I was a regular Frankie Fan.

And that's why were here... When was your first encounter with Rocky Horror?

Um, in 1980 I would always see the movie theater advertising 'Rocky Horror' when my mom and I drove by.

When I saw "Rocky" I was like "Ma, there's a new Rocky movie, I wanna see it!" My mom was just like "No no, I don't think that's a Rocky Balboa movie..." At age 5 I was always wondering if it's not Rocky Balboa movie, then what is it?

Where you disappointed it wasn't Rocky?

No, kids are resilient, they can bounce back from any tragedy.

Can you picture Stallone in drag?

Yeah actually it's been done in Tango and Cash.

I've never seen Tango and Cash.

Hmmmm maybe it was only Kurt Russell in drag.

That's great, let's get back on track. So now tell me about your first official Rocky Horror experience.

It was the Spring of '92, [Jen laughs] There was only eight people in the theater and six of them were my friends. My friend John and I were the only two who had not seen the movie. So as per tradition we had to be initiated as "Rocky Horror Virgins."

The guy in the cast dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter straddled me in my seat and tried to do the 'Pelvic Thrust;' I instinctively put my knee up into his crotch. He was like "Dude I'm not really trying to blah blah blah" ... I said "Yeah I know." It was just a defense mechanism.

...Are we even allowed to say that here!?

That's just how it happened.

On a lighter note did you do the time warp?

Yes I did. It was the last time I've danced in public.

I've never seen you dance... so that must be true.

Did you partake in the props and food throwing?

Yes. I didn't like having rice stuck in my hair. I can also recall at one showing a friend of mine was sitting several rows back and nailed me in the neck with a piece of toast. It was so soggy. To this day I still question its origins. That was definitely one my least enjoyable Rocky Horror moments.

"What ever happened to Saturday ni-ght??"

No matter how hard it tries to fight destiny it will always become Sunday morning.

I love Meatloaf.

I don't.

Not even with peas?


What do you think of the film?

I really like it. When I saw it in the theater I couldn't make sense of it because of the audience comments disrupting the narrative, so it was just an opportunity to throw toilet paper around a movie theater, but now that I have seen it a few times, I actually get kinda sad when Dr. Frankenfurter has to go home. He just wanted to liberate them.



Bob-bay Puuuuhhhhh-innnnnnnss
It's all over!
Your mission is a failure!

Your life style is too extreme!
I'm your new commander
You are now my prisoner!
We return to Tran-syl-vania...
Prepare the transit beam!


In conclusion we're going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Chelsea... If we never return look for us over at the Frankenstein Place.

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I love rocky horror!! Funny

I love rocky horror!! Funny blog I love the picture of the soggy toast ! :D !!!

Thanks for clicking the links

Thanks for clicking the links SUZY! :D

I had left such a great

I had left such a great comment on this blog, but the captcha thing just wouldn't work! Someone should update that thing.


I can't even begin to contemplate how awesome this interview is!!!

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