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November Reader's Den: "Infinity" Discussion Questions

After reading or while reading Infinity — there are lots of questions that come to mind! I know I certainly had a few! What struck you as you were reading? Here are some questions to get the discussion started, but please don’t feel limited to answering only the questions below. Go ahead and add your own questions or comments.

  1. The theme of free will and destiny flows throughout the book. Do you think Nick’s life has already been decided or do you think he has the power to change his destiny? Name an instance of destiny or free will in Nick’s life.
  2. What do you think the Cimmerian Magus is and how did it affect Nick?
  3. There are many magical being at work in Infinity, one being the Malachai. What or who is the Malachai, how has it affected Nick?
  4. Everyone has a dark side. Do you agree with Srosha or Nekoda that Nick can control that darkest side of himself?
  5. Nick is extremely suspicious of Ambrose. Who do you think Ambrose really is? Is he there to help Nick or to hurt him?
  6. There have been many zombies books written and even a TV show The Walking Dead, how are the zombies in Kenyon's book different from all the other monsters?
  7. The book ends with a major cliffhanger. How do you think Nick will react in the next book?

For Avid Kenyon Readers:

  • Was it nice to see a young Nick and Acheron meet? Do you think Nick's relationships with new characters and familiar ones will ultimately change his future in the main series? Have you notice this change in her Dark Hunters novels?

I hope you like these questions and have many more of your own to offer! Please leave your interpretations in the comments. Look forward to next week for our wrap-up and read-a-likes.


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I really want to read this book, but I get nervous when there is a cliffhanger ending. Do you think that cliffhanger at the end of this one is annoying, or does it work well as a mini-conclusion for the individual story?


The ending of the book does conclude the story in an entertaining way. It has a mini-ending but the overall question of Nick and how his past/future affects life as we know it is the overall cliffhanger. I enjoyed the story and the character of young Nick who is battling the forces of evil in the world as well as inside himself.

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