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November Reader's Den: Info on "Infinity"


"I am what I have become because of the interference and secrets of one creature. Had things been done differently, my life would have been a whole other enchilada. I would not be where I am today and I would have had a life worth living instead of the nightmare my life has become.

"But no, by keeping his deepest secrets, my best friend betrayed me and turned me into the darkness I have come to embrace. Our fates and destinies were mashed together by a freak event that happened when I was a kid, and I curse the day I ever called Acheron Parthenopaeus my friend.

"I am Nick Gautier.

"And this is my life and how things should have been..."

From a tortured and torn soul in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, number one on the New York Times best sellers list, Nick Gauiter gets a new take on life by reliving his past in the Chronicles of Nick series. Readers see a younger, more innocent side of Nick while they explore the dangerous side of New Orleans. Avid readers of the series will also learn why Nick's adult life is so full of twists and turns, and understand more about how the destinies of the Dark/Were/Dream Hunters and Gods and Goddess are combined. Zombies may be the main villains of this novel, but are there more?

On the author's Infinity website, there are a host of links to purchase the book, along with reviews posted by readers. There are also biographies of all the characters from Kenyon's series, with a fun look at Nick's favorite music playlist. Readers can post reviews on this website, as well as on NYPL's new Catalog. Various reviews can be found on and Barnes and Noble's website as well.

Keep in mind that this novel was written for a Young Adult audience and is the first book of a trilogy! 

Discussion questions will be posted soon.


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