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Digital Photography at Aguilar Library's Center for Reading and Writing!


Learning to write through photography is one of the goals of Sol Aramendi, a photographer/educator who is currently leading a nine week "Literacy through Photography" class at Aguilar Library's Center for Reading and Writing.

A New York based Argentinean educator and artist who strongly believes in art education as a tool to create a dialogue of understanding and social justice, Aramendi will be working with 15 adult learners who signed up for a series of Friday workshops.

Students will write about their dreams (and will shoot a photo which imagines them), shoot a portrait and a self portrait, learn about the meaning of sequence in photography, travel to an unfamiliar neighborhood and study it through their lens, and find people in action, to name just a few of the weekly themes!

Assisting Aramendi in this effort are Aguilar literacy tutors who are donating their Friday afternoons to help students learn about lighting, shadows, angles, foreground, background, settings, and mood. The class is made possible through the generous donation of an Aguilar literacy tutor who wants nothing more than to see students learning new skills!  


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Photography- Seeing the meaning and all its subtle shades

The connection of a visual image to an idea or concept is an essential element of constructing meaning. In education we often encourage our students to visualize what they are reading about. In the Aguilar photography workshops this notion is literal. Students demonstrate their understanding of concepts such as comparing and contrasting, sequence, setting, etc. through photographic composition and the discussion and writing that it inspires. The integration of digital technology expands the realm of learning and introduces new media choices for exploring and communicating important ideas. I look forward to seeing the end product and talking to the aspiring artists. Thanks to all involved. Ken English - Director of Literacy Programs at NYPL

It certainly seems like a

It certainly seems like a fabulous opportunity for students to learn an extremely useful skill ... and in so doing improve their communications skills, particularly their writing.

The Photography class

One of the students showed me some of the photos he had taken and they were really good -- the subject, composition and color were striking. It's going to be interesting and fun to see what the student photographers have to say when they write about their work.

the Photography Class

I think this is a wonderful experience for our students. It is a new way to express themselves, to take varied perspectives, to see the world. I have seen the pride and satisfaction that our photographers take in their new skills and accomplishments.

The Best Learning Experiences are Personal... Like This!

It can be an intense experience to express our own personal perspective: hopes, dreams, heartbreaks, and joys - whether through speaking, writing, or artwork. It's one of the most powerful motivations for literacy at any age. Having seen the results of the previous photography workshops at Aguilar and Harlem libraries, I know that the results will be profoundly enjoyable. Can't wait!

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