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Take me to Modelland: Teen Live with Tyra Banks


TeenLIVE presents Tyra Banks — Tyra's "Modelland" Book Tour: A Fierce Experience!
September 24, 2011

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Leave it to the queen of modeling, Tyra Banks, to get over 300 teens to show off their favorite poses in the middle of the Bartos Forum in the Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. The room was filled with teens arching their backs in their fiercest high fashion poses. Smizing was a must! The group then went on to catalog posing where they had the wind in their hair and fake surprised faces that expressed their model-happiness with a chorus of, “Ahh!” One fan even felt so inclined to jump up there with Tyra and profess her love for the model turned reality star turned mogul turned young adult novelist. Yes, leave it to the amazing Tyra Banks to entrance all those who stand before her and have them hang on to her every word (and pose!)

Modelland, written by Ms. Banks, is the first novel in a young adult fantasy trilogy. The book centers on Tookie De La Crème: the outcast of her school and family. Tookie comes from a world where fashion, consumerism and beauty come first. The dream of almost every girl in Metopia (Tookie’s hometown) is to be chosen by a scout on the Day of Destiny to go to the model academy and gain recognition as a powerful Intoxibella. With a beautiful younger sister and a mother obsessed with vanity Tookie, gawky and not your normal beauty, never would have thought that she would have been chosen to go to Modelland.

Tyra drew inspiration from her own life as a tall, skinny, big foreheaded awkward girl while writing the character. “They say write what you know,” Tyra professed to the crowd. “So I wrote about my life and I just put it into a character named Tookie De La Crème.” Many tough subjects are contained in Modelland that teens may be dealing with today. Although Tyra admits that the book has its campy moments, subjects like body image, cutting, low self-esteem and alcoholism are all mixed into Modelland’s story. Not all sides of modeling are pretty.

It took Tyra five years to write Modelland. Much of her time was spent in the Rose Main Reading Room of the Schwarzman Building where she would delve deep into the world she created and write and write and write. Tyra spent her time at TeenLive talking to the audience about her project, reading a sample of the first chapter of the book and even jumping into the crowd to answer questions. She spoke about her personal highs (creating the world renowned brand of Top Model) and her lows which she admits was her quick stint in music. Tyra Banks was open and candid at TeenLive and is an unstoppable force. She has so much energy that she can capture a crowd with the simple shift of her smize! Tyra invented that you know!

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