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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Heather


Heather, this month's anime patron, joins her sister Erin and her fellow library patrons Anthony, Matt, Bobby, Shanta, and Marcus as one of longest standing Anime Night participants at Mid-Manhattan Library.

Despite faithfully coming nearly every month, Heather recently confessed to me that she wasn't always the biggest fan of anime and manga. I took some time during this month's screening to see if she had changed her mind and find out if she planned on coming to our upcoming screenings of Kenichi in November and MoonPhase in December

NYPL: What is your name?


What was tonight's anime?

Last Exile

What is your age?


How many Anime Night's would you say that you have been to?

Around eight

How did you hear about Anime Night at the Library?

I heard about the program from my sister and have been coming with her.

What are a few of your favorite anime titles?

Sgt. Frog and Bamboo Blade.

Do you read manga, too?

No, I do not read manga, but I do understand why people like it.

You've told me you don't really like/watch a lot of anime. After coming to a bunch of Anime Night events with your sister, do you feel like you like it now? Why or why not?

I do like it now. Anime is not sophmorish and not solely directed at children, which can be a common misconception. There are many different types of anime, including drama, action, comedy, etc., and I do not think it is hard to find something you like. I think some people have trouble [with it] similar to foreign films. Some people do not like foreign films because of having to read subtitles, not because of the content. I feel like the format and preconceived notions might stop some people who would otherwise find themselves loving anime.

Will we see you at our screenings in November and/or December?

Hopefully! I'm going to try to be there. I really love coming every month :-)


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