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Judging a Book by Its Cover: Whales on Stilts


Silence in this court, here comes the judge, this court is in session.

Jen and I will attempt to judge the book Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson by its cover and its cover alone.

Rob says: The ocean has dried up and the earth is a vast desert wasteland... and the whales are quite angry about it since they don't have legs. June 8, 2045 is the day the whales fight back. Armed with nothing but lasers and stilts, the whales initiate Operation Hydrate to return the oceans to their previous state. But there are three children who love to make sand castles, and they will do anything to stop the the Whales on Stilts from rehydrating the earth.

When the whole earth is a desert, and a line is drawn in the sand, which side will you be on?

Jen says: Walter scribbled in his notebook, "When the first whales were born back in the beginning of time, they had always been jealous of the landwalkers..." Walter looked up as Miss Sharin called his name; he was daydreaming again. Walter usually just writes down his dreams, but this time he doesn't seem to be waking up.

Is this new world filled with cyborg whales a reality? Will Walter ever wake up? Will Miss Sharin give him an F? Can a whale balance on stilts as well as a human?

Whales on Stilts, what is this all about? If you would like to venture a guess, scroll down and leave your thoughts in the comments, if not continue reading below our fancy whale image from NYPL's Digital Gallery.

California Grays Among The Ice., Digital ID 823815, New York Public LibraryThey say: What sort of madman would unleash an army of stilt-walking, laser-beaming, thoroughly angry whales upon the world? Who cares! All that matters is that his dastardly plan be foiled. Lucky for Lily Gefelty, her two best friends are the intrepid stars of their own middle-grade series novels: Jasper Dash (better know as the Boy Technonaut) and Katie Mulligan (beloved by millions as the heroine of the Horror Hollow series). It's going to take all their smarts to stop this insane, inane plot from succeeding.

Hmmmmmmm the judges came quite close on this one. Looks like Whales on Stilts is guilty as charged.

Check it out!


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"Whales on Stilts tilts your

"Whales on Stilts tilts your expectations of the kind of whale of a tale M.T. Anderson can offer." - Gene Shalit's 5th grade book report.

Whales on Stilts

The cover reminded me of the great sushi revolt. Stilts do resemble gigantic chopsticks. Whales,(although mammals) sympathized with the exploited tuna. The altruistic whales finally took to the streets in protest, as tuna were threatened with extinction, and in hiding. Pass the Wasabi, but please slather it on tofu! Enjoy.

"Platypus on Pogos"

Look at a picture of a platypus. Need I say more? Why haven't they been featured in a classic? Hopefully, this collage-could-envy critter will be featured in the sequel to, "Whales On Stilts". Catch the prequel to this gem, "Dogs In Kilts". Woof, woof...only kidding!

Girls on Film

I did not know that whales on stilts were repelled by playing antique photograph records. Thank you for this informative post!

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