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Give "Glee" a Chance! An Interview with a Gleek

My name is Jennifer Jane and I am a Gleek. Most people do not know what a Gleek is... that's because they don't watch the TV show, but you should watch an episode and just Give Glee a Chance! Did you ever feel that black void in your heart or soul.. that something's missing? It's Glee.

One of the Glee-less is Bobby Pins. In an attempt to open his mind and learn what Glee is all about, we will swap roles. Bobby Pin will be interviewing me, while I get my Gleeon! Let's do this!

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Jennifer, why this addiction to Glee?

Well Bobby, that is like asking, "Why do we humans need oxygen?"

Jennifer Jane, in 30 words or less: why do you like Glee?

Why do I LOVE Glee? Let me count the ways. Not only is the cast attractive and the storyline fun to follow, but the show covers every genre of music.

To date, what has been your favorite Glee episode? "The Glee Rocky Horror Show" episode, even though they had to change the lyrics to be PG.

Have you ever found yourself overcome with emotion during a Glee episode?

Oh god yes, the one where the Jane Lynch character's sister dies. I cried like a baby.

When you wear your Warblers T-Shirt, does anybody say, 'Hey, why are you so dressed up'?

Uhm, no they don't ask me why I'm dressed up. They do make a lot of disrespectful comments but I make it through like my true Warbler self. Plus Darren Criss is amazing.

Warblers CD

What is your favorite Glee song?

Doooooooooooooooooooooon't stop, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeven and

ONE, I asked for only one! All right, so which one of the characters/actors are your favorite?

I love them all... they are all going to become even bigger stars! Their killer combos of voices, appearances, and comic relief will send them soaring.

My favorite actor though is Cory Monteith, He's a sweet drummer. I actually went to see his band, Bonnie Dune, play out in Hershey. Good stuff!

[Actual Photo from Bonnie Dune Concert]

Would you still watch the show if it was called Glue?

Yes, I'd be stuck to it.

Gleek? Is there any truth to the rumor that you are looking for funding to shoot a film called My Big Fat Gleek Wedding?

YES! Who wouldn't want a Gleek wedding?

Does it upset you that the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers do not want their music on the show ?

Sigh... yeah man, you know me so well. I mean, those are classic bands. There are so many musicians and songwriters that I'm dying to hear the Glee cast record, like Led Zeppelin or Guns and Roses! I'd really like to see Glee cover their songs. They do all the other songs really well. I guess they are afraid to get Gleeked out, but the cast has been working on writing original songs and I dig it.

So what new things can we expect to see from Glee and when can people watch it?

Well, sadly this is the last season with a big chunk of my favorite cast... (BRING BACK CHORD!) Jane Lynch was the host of the Emmys and did a great job! But good news Bobby Pins... Season 3 starts on Tuesday, September 20. My friends and I are celebrating with a Glee Cake! (Maybe we should cut that out, I sound a little too Gleeky. LOL.) So flip to Fox and give Glee a chance!

Ok, I think I have a better understanding now — You like it because you think Cory Monteith is cute... very shallow Jennifer!

Why Bobby, I have no idea what you mean! ;D

Glee: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Glee: Season One








Glee: Season Two


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So funny! Love this blog and

So funny! Love this blog and I love GLEE!!! So sad Chord is gone I loved sams character. Am looking forward to some Artie scenes though ;D

Chord Overstreet

I know! I'm going to miss Chord, he's so talented! Hopefully he makes a guest appearance or two!

I'm a Gleek!

I love Darren Criss! I want to marry him:)

Then this is for you!

Then this is for you! :]

a matter of taste

The World needs to know...what does a Glee cake taste like ??



I love your blog! I'm so

I love your blog! I'm so excited for the next episode of Season 3!

I love Gleeeeeee!!!! I got my

I love Gleeeeeee!!!! I got my whole family into it, because it's all I watch and talk about.

I Love Glee !!!

I Love Glee !!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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