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Storm Reading: What Were You Reading During Irene?


Hurricane warning., Digital ID 1572957, New York Public LibraryWhat were you reading during Irene? Friday evening, Mid-Manhattan Library patrons were busy until 8 p.m. stocking up on books and DVDs to see them through the weekend storm. Some people were looking for fat 19th century novels, cozy mysteries, or vampire sagas to while away the weekend, while others had ambitious study or DIY projects in mind.

We had requests for novels by Henry James and Charles Dickens and for anything by 20th century writer Angela Carter. Harry Potter books and Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire series featuring Sookie Stackhouse were, as always, highly sought after. We had several requests for Agatha Christie's classic mysteries in print, on CD and adapted for TV and film. One reader who was immersed in Plutarch’s Lives came to find a book of maps of ancient Greece so that he could better visualize the geography of the “noble Grecians” he was reading about.

We found that learning was on the agenda for other library patrons, too. One patron decided to spend some time reading up on iPads and iPhones. Another resolved to become more familiar with the basics of sewing and using her sewing machine while another planned to use the weekend to begin learning Korean with a Pimsleur audio course. [Note: The Mango Languages database is also a great option for language self-study as long as the power is on and you can connect to the Internet.]

Thankfully, we were mostly spared serious damage and power outages in the five boroughs, but with no mass transit running over the weekend, hunkering down with a good book was a fine way to ride out Tropical Storm Irene. What was your storm reading? Please tell us in the Comments section below.


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Reading Irene

I stocked up on all the recent DVD's I'd missed, including Precious, Food, Inc. and Get Him to the Greek! And a few novels, in case the power only allowed for flashlight and natural lite reading.

I was able to read more than

I was able to read more than my customary one chapter a day of "In the Rooms" by Tom Shone.


I finished reading 'The Doomsday Box' by Herbie Brennan, which I thought was appropriate given the storm, and NYPL own copies of that book. I also watched the entire first season of 'Parenhood' and a movie 'This is England' as well as listened to a dual sided 'Snow Patron' CD, all from the library.

Hurricane Books

Boyd Morrison's latest thriller, The Vault - those pesky terrorists! Julie Garwood's latest romance, The Ideal Man - if only! Liz Carlyle's recent romance, One Touch of Scandal - paranormal can be romantic-sometimes! No vampires or werewolves for me, but esp or seeing ghosts - yeah! The Filter Net Bubble - Okay, I sometimes read non-fiction, REALLY SLOOOOWLY. Still working on this one, fascinating theories but actually requires thinking; that's the slow part. It's all good and it took my mind off the weather at least part of the time.

I was reading my

I was reading my immediate future looked kinda dark...lost my electric for 36 hours...I did have some D batteries tho...I put them in my radio...and was the envy of my neighbors as I listened to music...or so I like to think

I was reading American Gods,

I was reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. Fabulously engaging--I forgot all about our two day power outage!!

Continued working on the

Continued working on the Poirot series.

I read Ernest Cline's READY

I read Ernest Cline's READY PLAYER ONE on a Nook. Loved it! I couldn't wait to finish it so I could read it again...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...

...and when I finished, I saw the Swedish version of the movie.

Wolf Hall

Finally started Wolf Hall. Was hoping for Monday off so I could have another day of reading, but no luck.

during Irene

I read Mika Brzezinksi's Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You're Worth. Because of the storm I managed to start and finish it -- turned out to be a quick read, but time well spent. If not for the storm, who knows when I'd have found time to pick it up!


I was reading the F.E.M.A flood zone maps for my area, various web sites on how best to board up, my homeowners' insurance policy, and the map to someplace inland.

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