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Teen Central Writers' Club Part 1: Ode to the Debt Ceiling & Political Haikus and Such


Thinking about politicians wasting money like it's a crime — are they trying to mess up the world on the peoples' dime? — folks out of work — solutions seem so easy — watching slimey rich men screw it up feels so sleazy — budget talk instead of creating jobs?  — feels like fodder for a blog —

Well — sorry for the extra hyperbole or if it sounds like I'm preachin', but at our August 2 meeting, the writers' club at Teen Central produced some pieces that we will share in two blog posts. Our special thanks to Jocelyn Ellis & Marshall Ellis, the writing siblings from Durham, North Carolina, who visited, contributed, hung out, and became part of our family. And now — some Writers' Club haikus I've collectively entitled...

Ode to the Debt Ceiling and Such












Debt, debt, debt, debt, debt
For more armies and less schools
Debt, debt, debt, debt, debt

— Jocelyn Ellis


Ripped off

The train came so late
Why'd I pay two-twenty-five?
Economy sucks

— Thandiwe McMillan


Budgets are not real
Tea partiers die now
red sun shines deep black

— Rodger Taylor

Hip Hop Hip Hip Hop
bunny hops don't stop keep hip hopping
Till your feet can't stop

— Alix Bazelais











Lights up the dark night
Allows people to have sight
Vanished by morning light

— Jiaming Lin

Government Money

Don't know where it's at
A few Million dollars flat
Now we're in trouble

— Jiaming Lin

People are in debt.
Keep them controlled. Keep them
In debt are the people.
In debt are the people.
Keep them controlled. Keep them
People in debt.   

— Lenny Collado


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