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TeenLIVE presents Ellen Hopkins on 9/28/11!


From drug addiction to suicide, from abuse to striving for perfection, Ellen Hopkins is not afraid of writing about the dangers that all too frequently affect the lives of today’s teenagers. Her thick novels, told using free-verse poetry, have seen Hopkins win awards, rise to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, and become one of the most popular authors of young-adult fiction. TeenLIVE is honored to be bringing Ellen Hopkins to Grand Central Library on Wednesday, September 28 at 4:30 p.m.

Before Hopkins rose to prominence for her young-adult fiction, she was already a presence in the publishing field, having written dozens of nonfiction books for children on topics ranging from the U.S. Armed Forces to fly fishing and almost everything in between. Yet it was the publication of Hopkins's first YA novel, Crank, that put her on the radar of, and in the backpacks of, teens across the country. Crank tells the story of a young woman’s struggles with crystal methamphetamine, and is loosely based upon the story of the author's daughter’s battle with addiction. Setting a trend that Hopkins's other works were to follow, Crank received numerous awards and found its way onto many Top 10 lists. Hopkins has been unflinchingly brave in her depiction of teens facing demons far more terrifying than anything a fantasy novel could contain, and in so doing has connected with numerous teens who feel that their struggles are being taken seriously. Since Crank, Hopkins has continued writing free-verse novels about teens and their challenges, and in September 2011, she will release her newest YA novel, Perfect, as well as her first book aimed at adult audiences, Triangles.

Hopkins will join Chris Shoemaker of The New York Public Library for a candid conversation about the darker side of decisions, the pressure of perfection, and the search for identity in the world of fiction. Be sure to join us for what promises to be an engrossing and unforgettable event.

Hopkins's books include...

Crank (Crank series, book one)
On the surface, Kristina seems to be a perfect daughter: good grades, no trouble. But when a boy introduces her to the drug crank, Kristina disappears to be replaced by Bree — Kristina’s antithesis. What started as an experiment sends her life spiraling out of control.

Glass (Crank series, book two)
Kristina believes she can manage her addiction and get her life back together, but when crank reappears in her life, she finds herself falling even further than she had before.

Fallout (Crank series, book three)
Hunter, Autumn, and Summer do not know each other, but all three are intimately linked as each is one of Kristina’s children. Their anger and resentment towards a mother they barely know is overshadowed by the struggles of their own lives and the genetic predisposition towards addiction that their mother passed on to them. This is a harrowing tale that reveals the tragic fallout of one person’s catastrophic decisions.

Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital is not a place where anybody dreams of winding up, but it is where three teenagers find themselves after attempting suicide. Different sets of circumstances brought each teen to the hospital, but with each other for support, they can pick up the pieces and try to put their lives back together.

After rebelling against her oppressive and abusive religious family, Pattyn is sent to live with her aunt in Nevada. Away from her strict family, Pattyn realizes things about herself she had never known, but she also realizes that the past will not let her go easily.

Coming from different parts of the country and different life situations, five teenagers find the choices they’ve made and the choices they’ve been forced to make leading them down the path of prostitution as they struggle with the search for love and acceptance.

One father, a district-court-judge; one mother, a congress candidate; and two daughters, identical twins — by all appearances a picture-perfect American family. But beneath the surface, the daughters Kaeleigh and Raeanne are struggling with lives consumed by abuse and destructive behavior that point to a family that is anything but picturesque.


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