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Put On Your Cherry Chapstick; This Ain't No Peck On the Lips — This is KISS!! An Interview


Hey... looks like that soft-hitting journalist is back at it again! You better watch out! I heard her articles are like cotton candy — they're sweet but they don't exactly leave you satiated.

Jennifer Jane from down on the lane is here again with everyone's favorite anarchist, Bobby Pins! Today's interview is based on a photo of Pins in a KISS costume. Is he a young boy struggling with fandom or a future leader of America?

Hey Bobby Pins, how are you?

Just start the questions!

Doing well I see... Alright, so you remember that band KISS, right?


They were good huh?

Not so much.

What?! So then what's with this photo of you showing your complete childhood fandom allegiance to KISS?


[Paintings made of the original Pins photo, by myself and Pins]

Well, children have young supple brains that are vulnerable to advertisements. They would advertise KISS albums during Saturday morning cartoons. After several weeks, I succumbed, and I asked my mom to buy me the album. She said no.


I guess she thought it was good parenting.

Yeah, but that doesn't explain the photo.

Oh, well I kept badgering her until finally she gave in and bought me a KISS Halloween costume.

That makes sense, considering the amount of KISS merchandise that was made and available across the world, but why?

Because it was on sale and it was after Halloween.

No, why buy you the costume and not the album, or at least a lunch box?

Oh I don't know why, but it was after Halloween, so she let me wear it to Thanksgiving.

Please tell me you wore this in front of your whole family!?

Of course — it was Thanksgiving.

Did you eat Thanksgiving dinner through the mouth of the mask?  

To my recollection, no.

Did you eat turkey all night and mashed potatoes all day?

No, I ate a portion appropriate to a 5 year old boy, that's all.

I always pictured you as one of those kids from Detroit Rock City, like Jam. Especially with that jean jacket! What was that album you had wanted as a kid?

It was Dynasty

So now that you're all grown up, have you bought yourself a KISS album, finally?

No, it was just a phase I went through at the age of 5. When I eventually listened to them, I was like, "Oh... this isn't very good." Later on in life, I heard the Paul Stanley bootleg; "People Let Me Get This Off My Chest," and it had equal parts that were amazing and equal parts that were horrific. Based on that... I saw KISS in a new light... a very dim light... but new.

Personally, I'm a fan of KISS. I really could rock 'n' roll all night and party everyday!

So Pins never beame a full-fledged member of the KISS army. So what? They have billions of members. One Pins wouldn't make a difference, even if he is a possible future leader of America.

If any readers are enlisted in the KISS army — represent in the comments. 

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I love this.

A kiss themed thanksgiving would be a huge hit at my house!

Rock on

Hello, I have not 'enlisted' in the KISS army but I just wanted to comment that those paintings are lovely. That's all. Oh and great interview.

I remember helping a patron

I remember helping a patron sign up for the KISS army. It was like the happiest day of his life.

I knew you were a recruiter

I knew you were a recruiter for the KISS army !!

Really makes me wanna see the

Really makes me wanna see the original photo of Bobby in KISS costume! I once had a major crush on my unknown neighbor, initiated by the massive KISS collection that he proudly displayed in his bedroom. (;

Bobby oughta put on a costume

Bobby oughta put on a costume in present time to compare with in-the-past-baby-Bobby!! ;)

Wow, You guys totally sold me

Wow, You guys totally sold me I'm going out right now to join the KISS ARMY! YEAH!!!

I'm really digging the

I'm really digging the artwork in this blog! It's so creative and this whole interview idea is so entertaining!

kiss is the greatest rock and

kiss is the greatest rock and roll band of all time!! who else rock and rolls all night and still has time to party every day??? no one! but just remember bobby only kiss can be the real kiss, especially on thanksgiving


cool interview and awesome pictures! I Love KISS!

I saw the "B-52's" on a

I saw the "B-52's" on a Thanksgiving evening (circa 1980's?) with my future husband. More stuffed than the poor turkey, we managed to pull ourselves away from his fascinating relatives; to party in NYC (driving from S.I.). For some reason, we painted our faces too. Thanks interview-ee & interviewer.

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