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My Library, Anime Addicts Edition: Erin

On the first Wednesday of every month, Mid-Manhattan Library hosts a monthly screening of anime. Throughout this Sci-Fi Summer season, we will be featuring patrons who have been attending Anime Night. So far, we've met Anthony and Matt. Almost 30 people came last night to see a screening of Gun x Sword. Join us next month on July 6 when NYPL at Nite will be showing Sgt. Frog at 7 p.m.

I'd like to introduce you to Erin, one of our first and most loyal Anime Night patrons. She took some time during our latest screening to answer a few questions about one of the things she loves the most: anime!

NYPL: What is your name?


What is your age? 


What was tonight’s anime?     

Gun x Sword

Did you like tonight’s anime program?


How many Anime Nights would you say you have been to? 

Around 10 at least

Which title has been your favorite Anime Night at the library so far? 

The Slayers

How did you hear about the Anime Night program at Mid-Manhattan Library?

I heard about it from a post on an anime meetup group website

Do you think anime appeals more to boys, girls, or both? Why do you think that? Explain your views.

I think anime appeals both boys and girls. There is such a wide range and variety of anime that any person can find one [that] they love and relate to. Its appeal encompasses all ages, genders, and races.

What are a few of your favorite anime titles? 

I like Ouran High School Host Club, The Slayers, and Dragonball Z Kai.

Do you read manga, too?

Yes! I like both Ouran High School Host Club and Ranma 1/2.

What is it about anime that you like?

I enjoy the beautiful animation and the fun, well thought-out storylines. It's fun to lose yourself in the world of an anime and just have a laugh or a spectacularly epic adventure.

Any closing thoughts?

Anime is awesome @_@ 


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