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Off the Breadline and Onto a Bank Line with Help from NYPL!


 Beowulf SheehanAnthony Suarez. Photo: Beowulf SheehanAnthony Suarez has always had a calling to help others.
So a few years ago, when he found himself out of work and in a shelter because he had no way to pay rent, it wasn’t easy for Suarez to admit he needed help himself.

But after turning to the job-search resources at the Bronx Library Center, Suarez was able to get back on his feet and land a stable job as a caseworker with the city — and return to helping others again.
“The Library gives people the tools they need to move off the breadline and onto a bank line,” said Suarez, who now wears a suit and is working his way up at the city agency he joined two years ago. “It would have taken me a lot longer to find employment and get back on my feet without the Library.”
Job help, along with many other essential programs and services, will be greatly curtailed under the city’s $40 million funding cut to the Library.
Suarez, who grew up in the Bronx and graduated from the College of New Rochelle, fell on hard times after he left the South in the years following Hurricane Katrina to move back to New York City.
In 2008, with the economy in shambles after the economic crisis and no job prospects or paycheck, Suarez soon found himself home — but out on the street.
That’s when he turned to the Library.
“It was hard to share that things weren’t working out the way things were planned,” added Suarez, who had previously worked as a teacher, mentor, and coach. “I didn’t have a laptop or a trust fund or wealthy friends to help me out.”
Initially, the Bronx Library Center was a daily place to relax, recharge, and use a free computer while he didn’t have his own home.
But soon Suarez found the support he needed at its job center — and thanks to the Library’s veteran career counselor Janice Moore-Smith, he was able to land a series of stepping-stone jobs and then finally his current position.
“It was not easy. It was pure hell. There were 100 people applying for each position,” said Suarez, adding that the center’s support went beyond mere résumé help.
“The conversations with Janice were very therapeutic,” he added. “The Library was an inspiration for me to get on the right track and not fall deeper into a hole.”
Despite the setback in his past, Suarez is now determined to keep looking forward, and help others who need a leg up.
“When I see clients now, I say ‘I know where you’re coming from,’” he said. “The Library gave me the tools, resources, and inspiration I needed to get me where I am.” 
Please join Suarez and other NYPL users in speaking out against these crippling cuts, which would close up to 12 neighborhood libraries and reduce others to just four days per week. It takes just a few clicks to send a letter to your elected officials urging them to restore funding. Help save libraries!


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Stop NYPL Cuts

It is extremely important that all of our public libraries are open. And running @ full capacity. Stories like those of Mr. Anthony Suarez are inspirational. He is one of the examples, which make it plainly clear, that our NYPLs are desperately needed. And funding is needed to enure their overall survival.

Wheres a good Mayor when you need one?

Why wasn't this article featured in The New York Times? I fully agree that a New York Public Library is an essential tool for those caught in tough situations or just dont have the luxury of owning a laptop, or access to credible people and programs to have as references. I just shook Tonys hand and told him "good job, man" as I went to my bed/cot only 4 feet away from his. Its truly inspiring to have a gentleman like Mr. Suarez use a public, free, resourceful library to his advantage in order to get back on his feet. He's a respectable man. Reading this article brings a sense of hope through the air, not only because he's in my dorm, more so because he brought to my attention that the NYPL is where he got the help he needed to get back on track. Mr. Suarez is now a small statistic who lowered the unemployment rate by one head. Can you imagine how many people would be in the library if this story was on Eyewitness News? To make a long story short, I agree, hands down, the funding is definately needed, period. If he's working at a shelter, I have to get him to tell me where, cause I'll be honest,I need a better case manager!

Run for Public Office Anthony-City Council 2013

Mr. Suarez has shown the courage to pick himself by the bootstraps and disicipline himself to "never give up!" This brother should be profiled by the agency he works for because "he has been through alot of trials and tribulations many New Yorkers will never experience in TWO LIFETIMES." He has inspired me to go for me GED and attend Bronx Community College so I can become a paralegal and work for the NAACP or the puerto Rican Leagal Education Fund at 99 Hudson Street. Hell, Maybe I'll attend law school and work for President Obama IN HIS SECOND TERM AS PRESIDENT! I hope Mr. Suarez considers running for public office because that is his desinty. "RUn FOR CITY COUNCIL ANTHONY IN 16TH COUNCILMATIC DISTRICT AND YOU HAVE MY WHOLE FAMILY'S AND NEIGHBORHOOD SUPPORT IN THE HIGHBRIDGE COMMUNITY. The NYPL needs to continue funding our libraries not for the children but for adults who need the help to generate resumes to obtain employment. GOD BLESS YOU MR. SUAREZ

Great Man Who Needs to be in City Hall

I just hope this man runs for an eleted office because I met him on the street and he preached to me: I don't have a jail record or children so whats stopping me from going back to a trade school and become a auto mechanic? He right in saying this and I intend on getting help at the library on Fordham Road Reference Center to get the ball rolling. Thanks Brother Suarez. Be blessed.

Go ForThe Gold!

This man is an inspiration because the Fordam Reference Center helped me with my resume and I also am working full time due to the help there. Mr. Suarez story is great and I agree he should run for mayor! He has my vote and he easy on the eyes! Gold for the gold!

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