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Reader's Den: "Incarceron" Reviews, News, and Clues?


Incarceron was originally published in Great Britain in 2007 before coming to US readers three years later in 2010. The Times also selected Incarceron as its book of the year. In 2007 Incarceron was also selected as a finalist in the YA Science Fiction and Fantasy category of the Cybils—a book award given each year by book bloggers.

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out the book's amazing trailer here.

Catherine Fisher's website also includes information on the book's inspiration.

You can find reviews of the book at the following blogs: Liz B (Liz B now blogs at School Library Journal), Miss Print, Parenthetical, Presenting Lenore, Reading Rants, Steph Su Reads, Wands and Worlds.

In addition to being critically acclaimed and lots of fun, Incarceron has been optioned by Fox. The film has an anticipated release date in 2013. Taylor Lautner (yes, Jacob from the Twilight Saga) will be playing our intrepid hero, Finn. As of this writing it looks very likely that Emma Watson (yes, Hermione from the Harry Potter . . . saga) will be playing our intrepid heroine Claudia.

I will leave you with a couple of discussion questions that can be answered before you finish the book (if you want):

  • What are your thoughts about these potential casting choices? Are Taylor and Emma the right fit for your vision of Finn and Claudia?
  • Lest we forget Incarceron is a book about a prison by the same name—a mysterious prison that no one enters, no one leaves. A prison no one can find. As you read the book are you spotting any clues about the prison? Where do you think Incarceron will be?


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My first thought of the location was if it is a great walled underground city wouldn't more than one person know where Incarceron was? Than my next thought was is it larger than a bread box? Is it in space? Could you fit on the head of a pin?

good questions

Those are great questions to ask--much more thorough and relevant than any I came up with while trying guess Incarceron's location.

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