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May at The Reader's Den: "Incarceron"

Greetings and welcome to the May installment of The Reader's Den.

This month we'll be reading Incarceron (2010) by Catherine Fisher.

Incarceron is a prison like no other.

It is a closed system; nothing enters the prison. And nothing ever leaves. Incarceron was built to be self-sufficient. Nothing goes to waste. Food is recycled, materials made over and over. Prisoners, when they pass, are not buried or burned–their atoms are used to create new inmates.

In a prison so vast, most prisoners cannot imagine a world Outside their misery.

Finn is different.

Seventeen or eighteen years old, Finn has no memory of his past. No one believes his claims that he came from Outside. Fragmented recollections haunt him with tantalizing details of stars and other delights never seen inside the prison. Some think they are visions sent to guide Finn to Escape. Finn hopes they are memories of the life he once had–a life he can return to Outside.

But Incarceron is not the only way to imprison a person. Claudia lives a life of privilege Outside trapped under the watchful gaze of her father, the Warden of Incarceron. Her arranged marriage is fast approaching, threatening to drag her into a life of intrigue and games she does not want.

Claudia thinks if she can find the prison’s secret location she might be able to unlock the secrets of her own past and find the key to her freedom. Perhaps her search will be the key to Finn’s Escape as well.

To get in on the discussion action, don't forget to reserve your very own copy of Incarceron today. The library has print copies as well as an e-audiobook version available.

Check back next week for discussion questions and more tidbits about the book! If you've already started reading Incarceron, let us know what you think so far in the comments on this post.



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I just finished "Incarceron"

I just finished "Incarceron" and I enjoyed it - enough that I have moved on to the sequel "Sapphique". It's a dystopia with hope. I am fascinated by the world - I wish there were illustrations. I have already finished it so I don't want to leak any spoilers! However, I will say that I think seasoned fantasy readers will figure out the secret of "Incarceron" before the end.

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