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Creative Learning Templates for Parents and Teachers, Part 2: Math


Here are some more learning templates you, or your favorite parent or teacher can download and use multiple times for educating your future Einsteins. Part 1 of this entry included some fun drawing and writing templates in Word for younger kids.

Now let's move on to some math templates. I have mentioned the book Microsoft Office for Teachers by William and Patricia Gibbs. Well this is where the tips in that one really kick in. I had never really thought of gearing Excel into learning projects for my favorite kindergartener, but why not? You don't have to be an accountant to learn Excel, nor do you have to be one to get some use out of it.

I created several templates that generate random math problems. They range from Kindergarten-level, single digit addition and subtraction, to 2nd or 3rd grade (give or take) double-digit multiplication (division is not included).

What you need to know for the Excel templates:

  1. These templates generate random numbers, and will therefore be different every time. In order for the random number generator to work, you need to have the "Analysis Toolpak" activated in Excel (if your template has a lot of pound signs, '##,' instead of actual numbers, this feature is not activated. Just pull down the "Tools" menu in Excel, and click on "Add-Ins." Check the box next to "Analysis Toolpak" (if it is already checked, just click 'cancel').
  2. Pressing F9 will reset all the numbers and give you an entirely new set of problems. Teachers wanting the same sheet for all their students should print out as many copies as they need before resetting the problems by pressing F9.
  3. The answers are not provided; you're on your own on that one.

I hope these are helpful! Pass them on to any parents or teachers who could use some free educational resources in math!

Further resources on Excel and Office, parenting, and creative educational ideas for youngsters:



Multiplication templates are as follows:

Easy=single digit numbers

Medium=double digit x single digit

Hard=double digit x double digit



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