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Lightning Bolt: Who needs steel wool when you have Hypermagic Mountain?


I was washing dishes at home and listening to the noise rock band Lightning Bolt at a moderate volume. I started with the plates because I find those the easiest to clean. I left the frying pan with caked on baked on grease for last. I moved on to the untensils and glasses after the plates. When I was finally ready for the frying pan I was amazed to find that it was clean. How?! The only possibility I could manufacture was that the abrasive aural nature of Lightning Bolt cleaned the frying pan. I am sharing this secret with you... here... now!

Check out Lightning Bolt compact discs and discover their amazing cleansing properties.

Hypermagic Mountain










Wonderful Rainbow











Your results may vary... because... this blog was for entertainment purposes only.

While it is true that I do sometimes listen to Lightning Bolt when I clean my dishes I have always had to use old fashioned elbow grease on the frying pans.

If you thought this was a blog about actual lightning bolts from the sky... I apologize.


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Chicago music rules!

Glad to see a fellow Lightning Bolt fan on nypl blogs -- If you like them, NYPL also has some Boris cds as well you should check out!

I love your blog title, where

I love your blog title, where did you get it?

LB in town

I encourage all readers to attend one of the two Lightning Bolt shows that will be in town next week - 4/27 at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg and 4/28 at Le Poisson Rouge in Manh. It will rock. I assure you.

I would totally attend this

I would totally attend this but I have soooooooooooooo many dishes to wash.

But is it softer on your hands?

hmm..a long long time ago I experimented with Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica", I think maybe it cleared my cat out of the room but not sure about the dishes. Haven't listened to Lightning Bolt in a while but to my recollection it seemed to remind me of some kind of avalanche. thanks for the review..

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