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Stuff for the Teen Age

Colorful Haikus, What's in Lenny's Bag and is that Dallas's Bag as well? - Teen Central Writers' Club


Hi - The Writers' Club is assembling a newspaper/newsletter that we will distribute as widely as we can in the Grand Central Library and places where teens are.  We hope to have this project completed in the next few weeks and we plan to ask for writing contributions, opinions and feedback from teens throughout the city.  So look out for Teen Voices from Grand Central. In the meantime we have a few more and more colorful Haikus for you to digest along with a special photographic thanks to Crystal Odame in all colors.

Purple and yellow
A lovely flower I see!CrystalCrystal
The wind blows softly
- Crystal Odame 

                                                       The water is still
                                                       A bridge connects the two ends
                                                       Ducks float happily
                                                       — Dallas Cox

CrystalCrystal     Watching in the day
     Birds rustling upon the pole
     Waiting for the moon
     — Lenny Collado







These poems were written In answer to the burning question -- What's in Lenny's bag? and is that Dallas's as well?

Inside the Bag by Lenny Collado
The W.4th Street subway station, late afternoon in mid-July.  Two teenage boys notice a black guitar gig bag on a bench.
Boy 1: Hey!
Boy 2: Look what I found!
Boy 1: Get the heck out of here!  Where did you find it?
Boy 2: Right here, bro
Boy 1:  A guitar, bro. Get the heck out of town!  What’s the model?
Boy 2: Epiphone; Les Paul Model.
Boy 1: That’s cool. The person must be panicking right now.
Boy 2: Maybe.
Boy 1:  They must be an experienced player. That guitar is not cheap. It’s pretty heavy. Quality, bro.  Have you looked in the rest of the bag?
Boy 2: Look at the stickers! He draws too.
Boy 1: Maybe. Have you looked in the rest of the bag?
Boy 2: No. Wait!
Boy 1: What?
Boy 2: He has writings.
Boy 1: Well, he just wrote his last tune. We gotta this on eBay.

Found at Teen Central by Dallas Cox
Today I found a bag just sitting right in the middle of the floor.

It has black stripes and is meant to be positioned on its side.

Looking inside, I found a binder, a journal, and a memoir, The Glass Castle.

A little deeper into the bag, I discovered two pens, two pencils and a Twix bar. 

This bag must belong to a school child, a very smart one at that.


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