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Teen Central Writers' Club: Seeing Red and a Word

A special welcome to Lenny Collado one of our newer members and someone who is helping out a lot.  Lenny brought this poem to our April 29th meeting and shared it with us.  Can you guess the word he's referring to?

The Color of a Word  

They use it not knowing
They use it not seeing

They use it not caring,

Among themselves

Around other people
In the crowded train.

Talk, loud enough for

Others to hear.

They use it not knowing © Endi Collado© Endi Collado

They use it not seeing

They use it not caring

Talk among themselves,

Not hearing.

And they repeat

And repeat,


The color of a word

Which they paint with

Careless drip.

— Lenny Collado


These contributions by Crystal Odame and Thandiwe McMillan are based on a poetic writing exercise we did using the color Red, (and the words and/or thoughts) Blood and Growl.

(Red) Blood (Growl)

I see Red
In everyone and everywhere
The color people turn to show shame
Hurt, embarrassment
The color of the blood that boils in my veins
When I’m upset or hurt
The same blood that keeps me alive betrays me
It makes my heart growl and sing
Its fierce exteri
or covers its kindness
Full of kindness and love
Which is contained in a dark shell
The color that defines the world

— Crystal


I see red, and it’s not because I am angry
I am not angry, I am furious, hurt,
I’m falling into a hole with no end.
How could you do this to me?
This isn’t about love
It’s about hate. And I hate feeling this way
The redness is like a disease
It spreads thoughout my whole body
I’m done with this,
This feeling that won’t go away
Time to lie down and forget.
No. I can’t ever forget.
Well, I won’t ever forget
It’ll be just a memory soon.
I hope.

— Thandiwe


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