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Alex Pettyfer Movie Primer


Way, way back in May 2010 I wrote a blog post entitled Introducing Alex Pettyfer. At the time, no one but me had seemed to have heard of him. Now of course, he is everywhere: TV (shirtless on Ellen), magazines... and, who can blame them for wanting a piece of his action? He has two films out: I Am Number Four and Beastly, he was dating a Glee star and he's way easy on the eyes. So for all you new Alex fans, Welcome! This blog post is for you but just remember I was his fan FIRST and therefore have dibs.

Alex on DVD in the U.S.:

Tom Brown's Schooldays (2005) - This made for British TV mini-series starred the then 13/14 year old Alex. Based on the British classic novel, it is the story of young Tom Brown, who in the mid-1800s, is sent off to boarding school. A Victorian boarding school can be harsh and Tom's education and adjustment is no different. As for Alex's performance it's impressive and he's adorable. I don't think he had an "awkward" period like the rest of us at age 14.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) - Based on the first book in the bestselling YA series by Anthony Horowitz, Alex was handpicked for this role (which he took on after turning down the film Eragon because he has a fear of flying). The orphaned Alex Rider is a modern teen James Bond and in this film he saves the planet from an evil billionaire (Mickey Rourke). This film didn't do well in theaters but I love it. Alex is pretty dreamy in the movie and looks like he had a lot of fun making the film. It's a shame they didn't make more.

Wild Child (2008) - In this straight to DVD flick, Alex co-stars with his ex-girlfriend Emma Roberts (they started dating while on set). Emma plays the California wild child exiled to a strict British boarding school by her father and Alex's Freddie is the super hot headmistress's son she falls for—I dare your heart not to skip a beat when he smiles. Both Alex and Emma give charming performances and it is the kind of film you can watch over and over again. The DVD extras include lots of on-set interviews with Alex which are worth watching.

Alex at the Multiplex:

I Am Number Four (2011) - Based on the YA novel of the same name by Pittacus Lore (alien pseudonym), Alex is John, a teen alien (#4) living on Earth and hiding from evil aliens who want him, and 8 other teen aliens on Earth, dead. Things get complicated when he falls for a human girl (ex-gf Dianna Agron). I read the book first and it's hard for me to judge the story since it is such a re-hash and mish-mash of so many other books and TV shows out there (Superman, Roswell (CW show), Twilight, etc.), however, I loved Alex in the role so I enjoyed the film. As an added bonus, the girl a few seats from me gave a running commentary on his hotness all the way through the film. Every time he came on screen it was, "Oh My God, He's so hot!" or "Oh My God, I want to marry him!" get the picture. (In theaters now)

Beastly (2011) - Based on a YA novel by Alex Flinn, this is a modern take on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Alex stars as Kyle the rich, gorgeous Manhattanite who is cursed by the school witch (Mary Kate Olsen), whom he dissed at a dance. He must live the life of a scarred, ugly person until is kissed by his true love. The kiss has to happen within a year or he will stay that way forever. Enter Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens), a pretty artist from his school who begins to see past his scars to the real Kyle. The book is a sweet, love story and worth reading before or after you see the film. (In theaters now) 

Now (2011) - This film is about a world where no one ages over the age of 25 and you die at 26. If you're rich enough you can buy "time" and live forever but everyone else must negotiate, beg, borrow or steal enough time to live longer. Alex plays the character of Fortis. It also stars Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Matthew Bomer, Ethan Peck just to name a few. Tentative opening date is October 28th, 2011.

Alex's Possible Next Projects: According to gossip, Alex is mulling over many offers for new films—all of them based on popular YA books (are you sensing a pattern here)?

Hunger Games - Apparently Alex is up for the role of Peeta (along with half of the male portion of young Hollywood). If you don't know the story, read here. The books including Catching Fire and Mockingjay are AMAZING must reads. I guess I can see Alex as Peeta but the argument that he may be too good looking for the part is a valid one (I would prefer Lucas Till as Peeta and my Katniss is actress Jennifer Lawrence).


The Mortal Instruments - In this film Alex would play Jace, the super hot demon/vampire hunter from another dimension who helps seemingly ordinary Clary on her quest to rescue her mother from evil forces. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare contains the books City of Bones, City of AshesCity of Glass and (soon) City of Fallen Angels—all are fantastic reads. The story follows Clary on her epic quest and her twisty relationship with Jace. To say Alex is perfect for the role of Jace is an understatement but nothing is confirmed yet.

The Seventh Son - Based on Revenge of the Witch, the first book in the popular Last Apprentice fantasy series by Joesph Delaney. The book chronicles the story of Thomas Ward (Alex's supposed role) a seventh son of a seventh son who, in the 1700s, learns to exorcise ghosts, contain witches and bind boggarts. Having never read the books, I can't comment on his rightness for the role but now you know what book just turned up on my to-read list. Also rumored to star are Jennifer Lawrence and Jeff Bridges.

Alex on the World Wide Web: Use these websites to keep up on all the latest Alex news, gossip and photos or just Google him:







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