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NYC Civil Service Examinations


New Municipal Buildings, New York., Digital ID 836787, New York Public Library Many jobs within the City of New York government are filled through competitive, citywide examinations, which are administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services or DCAS. Positions like Police Officer, School Safety Agent and Correction Officer are all filled on a yearly civil service exam schedule.

Take a look at the exams for jobs website if you have additional questions. Also available through DCAS, scheduled licensing exams for skilled tradespeople. Check here for general licensing examination requirements.

You can apply to take an exam with the City of New York Online Application System or OAS or if you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, you may complete an application at one of the DCAS Computer-based Testing & Applications Centers. Or request a copy of the application be sent to you along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to DCAS Application Unit, 1 Centre Street, 14th floor, New York, NY 10007, postmarked no later than the application deadline. Be sure to check the requirements before applying.

There are two testing locations, 210 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn, or 2 Lafayette Street in Lower Manhattan, 2 blocks south of City Hall.

Test Preparation

Civil service exam books are available at the branch libraries, be sure to leave plenty of time before the test though, they tend to circulate frequently as the dates come up. Please note that not all exams have published companion books.

You can also buy copies at many bookstores including: Civil Service Book Shop, 38 Lispenard Street, New York NY 10013, (212) 226-9506.

Test guides and resource booklets are made available 60 days before the exam through the New York Department of Civil Service. Online test preparation for the some of the exams is also available through LearningExpress Library, a database freely available at the branch libraries and from anywhere with your library card. If you are registering from your library, please create a Username and Password, enter your e-mail address, and click the "Register" button. Your Username and Password must be at least 6 characters and should not include spaces. This will allow you to save information about the practice tests you have taken.

If you have any questions regarding the exams and positions, you should contact DCAS at 311 or


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Civil Service Bookshop in Mnhattan

This store has moved. They have a new address. The new address is 38 Lispenard Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10013. Same phone number as before.

Civil Service Exam Booklet for School Safety Guard

I need a Civil Service Exam Booklet for School Safety Guard
how do I get a copy of the hand book?

I am looking to purchase a book for the nyc process server exam

I am looking to purchase an online book, in which prepares you for the "process server examination".

Study guide for Manager of Food Protection

Hello:. I'm trying to find a study guide for the Manager of Food Protection. Please help me!

Prepare for civil service exams

To whom this may concern, I wanted to know is their anything online that I can practice with for the upcoming exams like a website so when I take the test I can pass them. It's really hard in this economy so please help me. Also I had a news paper last week that said the sanitation exam is coming up may 2013 I don't see it on the website but can you give me more information about that as well. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Neshea B.

Hi Neshea,Here is the city's

Hi Neshea, <a href="">Here is the city's schedule for the year</a>. I don't see it either, but it looks like you can check back <a href="">monthly</a> and download the application. You might also try calling 311. Other than the resources listed above, we have a few <a href=",%20questions,%20etc">sanitation worker test books in our collection</a>. <a href="">LearningExpress</a> has practice general civil service tests you can take online. Good luck!

all kinds of civil service tests are coming out in Feb of 2015

Looking for some on line NYC civil service test to practice. The city is giving test this year and I would like to be prepared.

School safety agents

Looking for online practice

I am looking how to become a

I am looking how to become a school safety

I would like to take the

I would like to take the school safety test. How can i practice?

Nutrition service worker III

I need the civil test book for nutrition, I need to prepare myself for the examination.

dietary technician

please, help me I have to give dietary tchnician exam how to study about it. I do not know how to do calculation about food service thanks

old civil service exams

I was told that some libraries carry old civil service testes that was given years ago for study material i interested in the Manitance worker civil service test questions.Do you have any information on what libraries carry these old test question.

maintenance man

I'M looking for old test or any study materialmaintenance man

old maintenance exams

looking for old civil serves maintenance exams

old civil service exams

I would like to know, does libraries of the city carry old test questions for all examinations? If so, where do I go to obtain them for study?

Old Civil Services

Is it possible to receive old civil service exams for Clerk Exam.

Civil Service Book Shop address change.

The Civil Service Bookshop has moved. The new address is 38 Lispenard Street, NYC 10013. Tel.#212-226-9506.

plumbers in nyc

I,d like to know where I can take my civil service test for nyc plumbers and if there is a test coming up, please help thank you

I need to study for the 911 Operator Exam

I need to know if there is a specific study booklet I need to study for the upcoming 911 Operator test in September, If so can you please help me obtain it and send me to a place to find it. I need to know what to do, I would like to pass this test and not waste $47 Thank you Margaret

911 Operator Exam

Can you please let me know if there is a specific study book I need before I take the 911 Operator test coming up in September? I would really like to study for it and pass it, so please can you help me.

I need study for Police Administrative Aide Exam

I would like lo know where can I found a booklet or study guide for the exam.

Study guide for the child protective specialist exam

Is there a study guide available for the above mentioned exam?

Is there a study guide available for the above mentioned exam?

Is there a study guide available for the above-mentioned exam? child protective specialist

Past tests

When I entered the system past tests could be viewd at an small anex opposite the main n.y.c. asked for the test left your drivers license and could view and make copies.returned test got your licese back.When a N.Y.S. or N.Y.C. test is certified that test is suposed to be made avaleble to the public as per N.Y.S. Civel Service Law.If location of these tests for viewing has changed please advise

an up coming food service exam

can you please tell me where i can get free food service worker 1 exam practice test, so i'll be able to pass the food service worker test''

Food Service Worker 1

I'am taking my test today, im concern about not finding any study material on this particular test if you could please provide me with study materials i would appreaciate it.

Food Service Worker 1

Looking for study materials on Food Service Worker 1

Hi! Do you know how often do

Hi! Do you know how often do they schedule the test? I filled forms and mailed them in November and I haven't heard from them ever since .



Civil service tests are coming out and I want to be prepared.

There are so many different types of test. I would just like to be prepared for all if possible.

What civil service exams are

What civil service exams are available for entry level positions?

Old civil service exams

I am taking electricians test in March 2015. Do you know where I can get copies of old electricians tests that NYC gave in the past to study from? And make copies of them? I was told a library in Manhattan has copies of all old NYC Civil Service Exams??? Is this true?? If so, what is the address?


Hi I am looking for a previous copy of the Associate School Food Service Manager Civil Service Exam. Where would I be able to access it. Thanks.

Where can I go to get an

Where can I go to get an application for the Food Service worker exam 2014 ? Is there a website that I can download the actual application for the exam.. not just info about the job? Thank you!

Research Assistant

No information about the research assistant exam #5044?

Where can I view past

Where can I view past electrical civil tests?

School Safety Agent Exam

Hi i am looking for some online practice test for the school safety agent exam. Can some one help me please?

online pratice

I need to practice for the upcoming school safety exzam

Computer Service Techinician

I have my exam on April 2015 and would like to know what are the best ways to get ready for the exam and what books are that are available to help pass the exam ?

I would like to now how to study for school safety?

I have did the test, but I need the real book to study for the test...because I have study the books from libraries don't get the same's very different ...I would like how to study the real book to be ready for the test. well I am very interested to study the real book...thanks for your attention sincerely, Oswaldo.

Trying to locate a study guide book for an up and coming test.

I am trying to find out if any NYPL branches will have a book entitled "Conductor Passbook: Test Preparation study guide. I have checked the NYPLl catalog but could not find anything.

Comp. Spec(Software) and Comp. Assoc. (Software) Study Guide

I am looking for books/guides for Computer Specialist (Software) and Computer Assoc. (Software). Thanks

Computer associate

comp. assoc. software study guide. the deadline for this test is Nov 23rd, 2015. thank you

MTA Station Agent Exam

I am looking for a study guide or online practice for the mta station agent exam...what is on this exam?

NYC test questions mechanic's examination

Please respond to me looking for past exam test questions.

Program research specialist for ny dept of civil service

I have an exam for the above position coming up in May 2016. How can I get the practice exam. Thank you Christine

How to prepare the exam no:6049: IT administrator LAN/WAN

Please help me to find and blue print for IT administrator exam, I was not able to find any details or book/guide related to this exam. Thanks, SA

How to prepare for exam no:6049: IT administrator LAN/WAN

I need the any information that will help me get prepare for the exam 6094 LAN/WAN
Hi my name is Rogers P Elias from TANZANIA. I need assist to my MTA Exam preparation..

Child Protective Specialist Exams

Are there exam books for Child Protective Specialist Exams. Thanks in advance.

Child Protective Specialist Exam

Is there a study guide available for the Child Protective Specialist Exam


my friend stopped working for school safety 2 years ago to work in corrections, he is now trying to go back to school safety without taking another test, is this posible

Building supertindent New York City Housing Authority Civil Serv

pratice test for past NYCHA Building Supertindent Civil Service Exams need to know where i can find these past time i am taking the exam December 27th 2017

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