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My Library: Janice


What are you doing at the library today?

Today, I am going to use the internet access; I'll probably check my investments and do my online banking. Also, I have a DVD to return.

You come here to use your own laptop, right?

Yes, it works out, because if I need something printed, I make an appointment to use one of the computers here. And it's not expensive either. At these copy shops, one print out is 50 cents! Here, it's only 15 cents. When I see people using these copy places, I want to tell them, "Go to the library! It's cheaper." But, they might look at me and tell me to mind my own business.

I pass the word around. If people tell me they are looking for a job, or for anything, I tell them, "Go to the library. Get to know your local library."

You also check out a lot of DVDs and you always recommend good ones.

Oh, yes. And you know, certain classics, you go to the store, and they don't have them. They have all new stuff. Here, the classics are always available, because the younger generation, they don't appreciate those magnificent actors and actresses. I also like the workout DVDs. You can put on some music and exercise in your living room. Some of them are too hard though; you'll pass out afterwards! If it's easy, you'll do it. If it's too hard, you'll have to call 911!

How long have you been coming to this branch?

Around three or four years. I usually come to this library about four times per week. Where I used to work, I would go to the Mid-Manhattan library.   They have a lot of DVDs, and a lot of computers. There's not a long waiting period to use the internet. If I had to wait, I would just go downstairs and look at the DVDs. Now that I'm retired, though it's a bit far for me. Here, I just walk over.

You're one of our regulars!

It gets me out of the house, and I get to interact with the friendly staff. It's like my office, except you can't take phone calls, which is wonderful! Let it go to voicemail. Now, the library is part of my lifestyle. It doesn't get better than this, everything is borrowed. It's free! I make it work for me. Now that I'm retired, I don't know what I would do without the library. If I stay at home, I get distracted; I start to think, "Oh, maybe I'll cook something."

Do you cook a lot? You always bring us cookies during the holidays, which is wonderful!

Yes, I do, but I heard this year you all got so many cookies, I felt bad! Next time, I think I'll make my bacon and spinach macaroni and cheese. Or some lasagna. Or, maybe I could make meatballs. I like to make them nice and spicy. People are going to think, "you're Chinese!  Why are you cooking us all this Italian food?"  You let me know what people are bringing, that way I don't make the same thing as someone else!


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Expensive, no bathroom

Printing costs 5 cents elsewhere and 15 cents at the public library. The Jefferson Market branch is special in that is has no public restroom. So, you can't stay very long!

Absurd to characterize the free library as expensive

Jefferson Market Library is a cherished neighborhood resource. I stop in at least once a week, to pick up dvds, cds, and books that I order through this easy to navigate website. Expensive? I have saved hundreds of dollars on video rentals, and had the opportunity to check out books and authors in the privacy of my home that I would never have encountered if I had to buy the materials. If you want to, copy items somewhere else. Use the bathroom at Lifethyme, which is more or less across the street (maybe buy a tea, but they won't hassle you either way.) Open your heart to this magnificent free library!

Thanks for the Feedback

It is great that you get so much use out of your local library. It is a wonderful place to go and borrow books, and dvds as well as use the computer. Everything in one location with a friendly staff - it is like a home away from home!!

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