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Get the Most Out of Your Gadgets With NYPL


Were you one of the lucky ones who found a shiny new ereader or mobile device under the (nondenominational) tree? Or did you just decide 2011 was the year you would resolve to do more of your work and leisure reading on a screen?  Before you whip out your credit card for ebooks remember that other card.  NYPL might have you covered for free... read on to find out how in three easy steps!

  1. See if your device is compatible with our audio (MP3 and WMA format) and ebook materials (EPUB and PDF format). (Also available are Mobipocket files compatible with PalmOs and some Windows devices.)
  2. Download OverDrive Media Console for your computer or device.  It is available for Windows, Macintosh, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.
  3. Log in with your library card to  Search, browse, and find the books you want. (If you don't have an NYPL library card yet, make sure you get one!)

Consult one of these guides specific to the device you use:

Under some titles you might see the option to purchase from LibraryBIN, which is great if all of our copies are checked out or it's a reference title you know you want to keep. That way you can get instant access to an ebook and support the library at the same time!

What are you reading, and what are you reading it on?  Please let us know!


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Why no compatability with Blackberry?

Blackberry is compatible with eNYPL

See this page for RIM Blackberry models compatible with MP3 audiobooks You can download Mobipocket formatted ebooks from eNYPL onto Blackberry devices. Use the <a href="">expanded search</a> to search and browse only .mobi titles.

Wishing for Kindle support

I'd buy a Kindle in a heartbeat if I could read library books on it.

Then buy the nook You have an eink screen. You can buy books from B&N or from LibraryBIN and support NYPL and borrow books from NYPL. (that said Amazon is finally coming to terms with ebook borrowing and promises support for it soon).

How about a kindle? Or would I downloan onto PC, then my Kindle?

What a wonderful service! My impulse-shopping nature is starting to rack up some Amazon bills!!


Is it a technical constriction set by Amazon/Kindle or by NYPL?


Kindle does not use the same filetype or DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology that our library ebook vendor uses. eNYPL ebooks are available in EPUB format, a widely used open standard that is compatible with many currently available ereaders. The files are protected with Adobe DRM, also compatible with a range of devices. Kindle uses the proprietary AMZ filetype for books purchased through their store. More useful technical info here: Here is an at-a-glance view of compatible devices:

You left out one step...

A minor issue, but you didn't explain that in order to use Overdrive a person must create an Adobe ID. The Overdrive software asks for your Adobe ID but the software for mobile devices doesn't explain what it is or how to get one.

Adobe ID

You're right, in order to use multiple devices you do need to authorize with an Adobe ID. More information about that here:

How Long Does It Take to Get Books?

I've previously attempted to download only one e-book through the NYPL catalog (note: I didn't know the specific e-books sub-domain existed), but I was wondering, on average, how long does it take for the book to be lent to borrowers? I recall it taking several days, when it seems like it ought to be an instantaneous process. Perhaps this has changed more recently? I also love the LibraryBIN idea, though... by quick comparison, some (not all) of the books are a bit pricier than they are at other retailers. It IS an electronic copy... I don't understand why it would cost so much more. I might be inclined to buy more were it not so expensive for a single title.


The incompatibility between Kindle's AZM and the EPUB format that the library is using is important, because Kindle's hardware and software seem to add up to the best Ebook. I hope there is discussion taking place between the library and Amazon to try to find a way around it. Is the problem that Amazon is protecting its book sales? If so, it reminds me of the days when some publishers didn't want their books in libraries, and it makes me less inclined to buy things from Amazon.

Kindle on NYPL?

Heard on NPR: Kindle Users Will Be Able To Borrow From Libraries Great news! When will NYPL + Kindle be compatible? Thanks!

We don't know for sure yet

We don't know for sure yet when Kindle books will be available, but we will definitely keep you updated on the eReading Room channel!


The link referenced in your response has not been updated since January 31, 2011. Is there a webpage with more current information on when ebooks will be available for the Kindle?--thx.

Hi Anon, I was simply telling

Hi Anon, I was simply telling readers to stay tuned to the eReading Room channel for news updates about ebooks and Kindle. For more information about the recent announcement from Amazon and Overdrive, please see


Thanks for the additional info. I will try to wait patiently...

How do I go about borrowing books on the HP Touchpad

Hi, How would I go about borrowing books on the HP Touchpad. It operates on WEBOS. I believe it comes preloaded with Kindle book app.

You can check Overdrive's

You can check Overdrive's <a href="">Device Resource Center</a>. WebOS is not currently supported. I also found this <a href="">forum post</a> where someone asks about it. It's possible support for this device will be added in the future.

This blog has been very

This blog has been very helpful for me using my nook and downloading NYPL e-books.

Kindle Connects to Library eBooks

. Kindle Connects to Library E-Books By JULIE BOSMAN | NEW YORK TIMES | September 21, 2011 .... .... ..................................................... Can't wait for NYPL to implement!


we did!

Great! Yaaaayyyyyy

Great! Yaaaayyyyyy

eBook account not linked anywhere

I must say that the most frustrating thing with ebook checkout is that it will not show up on the main website. I have 2 books checked out now-1 on kindle and 1 on my android. But, nowhere in the "My NYPL" under "My borrowing" is anything checked out. I have to go to each individual device or app to see what I did there. There is no connection between devices that are linked to my account. I have a bunch of books on the waiting lists on my android and nowhere viewing it from my desktop is it found. Even the nypl app on my android doesn't show anything. Am I missing something? Because this is really stressing me out that I have to remember where I created my waiting list and to not be able to access my own account from any machine.

Hi Chavez, you're right. For

Hi Chavez, you're right. For now, you have to go to a separate site to see your checkouts and holds. The hope is eventually this will all be integrated. Log in with your barcode and PIN at from either your mobile device or your computer. Click on My eAccount to see: My eCheck Outs - everything you have out on Android and Kindle with expiration dates My eHolds - items you are on a waiting list for - this is also where you go to "pick up" a hold Wish List - items you have saved for later but don't have on hold. Hope this helps!

iPad and NYPL website

I find it really furstrating that when using my iPad to surf the eNYPL website for audiobooks only books in mp3 format show up, even if there is a WMA format available. This makes it appear as if there are fewer audiobooks available than there actually are. If this is an Apple regulation, that's pretty silly because Overdrive is able to change the format to make WMA files playable on the ipod, which is what I do. However in order to see all availble audiobooks titles in all formats, I have to surf on a desktop. Is there any movement on this front to change this policy?


Hi hfan, sorry for the confusion. WMA is only compatible with iPod if you are transferring files to it from a Windows computer using OverDrive Media Console. If you are browsing on your iPad, then the only files you can download to that device are MP3. This isn't an Apple thing, it is most likely a restriction put in place by the publisher. Rather than confuse the issue by showing items that aren't actually available, we only show the items you can use on your device. You can always search or browse to see our full e-collection. More info at


This has been so frustrating. I went to my local branch to see if anyone could help me borrow e-books to my phone. No one could help me, so they sent me to the security guard for help. She printed out a ton of materials for me, none of which coincide with the website links. After 2 hours, with it still not working, we both gave up. I came home and tried again, only to find that Overdrive isn't compatible with HTC phones. Shouldn't this be easier? Where can I go for a tutorial? I think of myself as an intelligent individual, however, by now I could have checked the hard copy out, read it, and returned it.

Hi Edith, sorry to hear you

Hi Edith, sorry to hear you are having trouble. HTC phones can be Windows or Android, so you can look for your operating system in this list. Once you have the app installed on your phone you can follow the steps in the help pages on Overdrive site to start getting ebooks.

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