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Kingsbridge Teens Recommend: Our Favorite DVDs of 2010


To jumpstart our brainstorming session of DVDs that were released in 2010, I printed out a list from of their top-selling DVDs and brought it to my last Teen Advisory Group meeting.  My kids agreed with some of titles on that list, violently disagreed with others, and used the titles on that list as starting points to remember even more of their favorite films and TV shows that were released this year.  Their favorite DVDs of the year were filled with plenty of action, special effects, humor, and horror.


There was lots of action, it was a love story, it felt real, and the special effects were AWESOME!



The Blind Side

It was so sad, it was based on a true story, it moved your heart, it made people in the audience cry ("My aunt cried but I didn't!")




Sherlock Holmes

Lots of fun, lots of action, and lots of shooting!






Cute and adorable, nice animation, hand-made, great for fans of anime, but the plot is "messed up!"




So much killing!  Very bloody!  It was awesome!  I love the part about the Twinkies!



Alice in Wonderland

"Alice, you're back!!!"  Based on the original story, the 3-D special effects were really good, "The girl who played the white queen looks like my sister!"


Chuck: The Complete Second Season

Interesting and funny, "When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a secret agent!"




Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Great special effects, excellent in 3-D, "I got hungry when I was watching this movie!"




The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The love triangle!  The wolf special effects (they were REALLY cool!)  The best part of the movie was when Jacob took his shirt off!  Everyone in the theater went crazy!!!



Vampires Suck

Cooler / better / funnier than the Twilight movies!




It was awesome!  Angelina Jolie kicked @$$!!!




Resident Evil: Afterlife

We loved the action, the graphics, and pretty much EVERYTHING!


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