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Kingsbridge TAG Reader's Choice: Some of My Favorite Books From 2010


Right now, the teens in our Teen Advisory Group are reading a boatload of books so that they can recommend their personal favorites.  Solen, our top reader of the year (so far!) wanted to share some of his favorite books from 2010, and here they are:

Gods of Manhattan: The Sorcerer's Secret by Scott Mebus

This book is about a boy named Rory and his friends who go on an adventure to stop a war between the gods.  All of this is taking place in New York City, near the George Washington Bridge, in all 5 boroughs, and at monuments in each borough.  This is a great book for teens and younger teens to read and it is very entertaining.  I believe that everyone would like this book.


The Demonata: Hell's Heroes by Darren Shan

This book is a fast-paced book where it will have you on the edge of your seat and will have you turning the pages rapidly to see what happens next.  Those who love to watch horror movies, play horror games and/or read horror books will really like it.  It is gross, but interesting.  I would say that teens and horror lovers should read this book, but it might be a little spooky to some younger kids.  It is a great book to read and it is exciting as well as nightmarish at the same time.  Like I said before if you like horror-based things then you will love this book. 

Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja by Simon Higgins

This has lightning-fast action and intrigue.  A teenage ninja in training named Moonshadow is, well, training to be a ninja.  His teachers think that his skills are well-developed but he is not ready to be a ninja, although his master thinks differently.  He thinks that Moonshadow and his skills are ready to go on missions.  After hearing his master say he was ready to go on missions, Moonshadow packs all of the supplies he knows he will need and waits for his master to tell him what his mission will be.  This is a great book for teens to read because it is adventurous and is full of all the ninja action that teens like.

The Crucible of Empire by Eric Flint

This was a great book where humans and aliens had to work together in order to save each other's race.  The human race and the Jao race used to hate each other, but now that each of their races are in peril they have to work together.  I believe anyone who likes Sci-Fi should definitely read this book and also people who love to hear about alien wars should also read this book.


Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel

When Garth Hale is accidentally zapped into the ghost world by Frank Gallows, a washed-out ghost wrangler, he discovers he has special powers.  Soon he finds himself on the run from the evil ruler of Ghostopolis, who wants to use Garth's newfound abilities to tighten his grip on the spirit world.  After Garth meets Cecil, his grandfather's ghost, the two search for a way to get Garth back home, nearly losing hope until Frank Gallows shows up to fix his mistake. 


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