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Pic Pick of the Week! ... (Get it? Pic=Picture Book?...Ha Ha!)


WARNING TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS/AUNTS/BABYSITTERS/NANNIES/UNCLES/MEAN OLDER BROTHERS/NICE OLDER BROTHERS/NICE YOUNGER SISTERS... ok, ok, you get the point: if this blog is read aloud to children it must be read with a silly voice!  High pitches, low pitches and New York accents are welcomed. If a word is in caps you must get louder! LOUDER!

This week is Pic Pick is...


By Melanie Watt

Cats can be loving and cats can be mean, but this cat IS OUT OF CONTROL!

During Melanie Watt's naration of a story about a nice mouse that lived in a house, CHESTER THE RUDE CAT INTERRUPTS HER WITH A RED MARKER!

Constantly re-writing all over Melanie Watt's story.



But Melanie Watt isn't going to let this cat get away with it? or is she?

This is a GREAT story to read aloud with a friend or with parents because one person can make the voice of CHESTER OUTLINED IN RED MARKER, while a the other nararates.

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Have ever been in a sticky situation with your cat? Feel free to share it below.

Melanie was interviewed by a hip LIBRARIAN and here are some things she said about her PICTURE book making process.

As respect to Melanie Watt the artist, our Cat Coloring Sheet is not Chester, just a coloring sheet with a cat YOU can personalize to make look like your own. 


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Sounds like a great book! For me, not because of the cat, but because of the 'edits!' Gotta read this one!

Great Book

This is a great book. I love it because it is really interactive. To me, it is unusually written. The cat talks to the writer but he also interacts with me by letting me know what he does not like about the writer and the writer talks back to the cat and also to me the reader. Very cleverly done. Worth it!

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