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Jealousy by Lili St. Crow = Supernatural Awesomeness


If you are a reading omnivore like me, you love a good vampire/ supernatural novel. However, also, like me you have probably been bombarded by many supernatural novels in recent years and frustrated by their complete lack of "goodness". Look no more! The Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow has it all: vampires, werewolves, zombies, half-vampires, hunters, kick-ass action, and romance and thats all just for starters.

Jealousy is actually the third book in the series so before I dive into that one let's back up a bit. 

Strange Angels, book 1, is the story of 16 year old Dru Anderson, a tough talking bad-ass, who travels the country with her father hunting supernatural baddies: ghosts, suckers, were-creatures... you name it and they have probably killed it. Her mother died when she was a kid and she was raised by her Dad and his mother, a southern wise-woman and seer. As the story opens, Dru is in snowy South Dakota, her father is missing, well until he shows up one night as a zombie and Dru is forced to kill him. "Now what," she thinks? While she doesn't trust easily she makes a new friend in the homeless, half-Japanese, goth boy Graves and she reluctantly accepts help from Christopher, the icy blue-eyed stranger who shows up on her doorstep and seems to know an awful lot about her and the creatures that are after her and why. The action is non-stop but there are so many questions! Is Dru purely human or something more?  Who is or what is Christopher? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Why are there so many wolves after Dru and Graves? What is the super villian's end game? Who killed her mother? It's all very maddening. Which brings us to....

Betrayals, book 2. Dru and Graves have made it out of South Dakota but barely. Christopher has proven he can be trusted (up to a point) but Dru still has no idea to his identity or motives. For that matter, Dru has no idea why someone is trying to kill her. Christopher reveals some secrets but she still questions anything he tells her. He has sent Dru and Graves to a special school, in the middle of nowhere, for deliquent supernatural creatures which is run by something called "The Council". However, something is not right about the school and questions remain about Dru's and Grave's futures' especially now that it seems that the big bad from book 1 has a spy on The Council. At the end of this installment, I was like "Whaaa??" but it was still really good. I just wanted more answers to my questions, more romance and a more satisfying ending. Mainly because I like closure and hate cliff-hangers especially when I have to wait for months and months for the next installment. However, Jealousy was worth the wait.

Jealousy, book 3, is the best volume in the series so far. Without giving too much away to newbies, Dru and Graves have finally made it to a school that can give them the protection and skills they need to defeat their enemies. Dru is still in danger but she is learning about herself and she is close to discovering who was behind her mother's murder. Graves is also learning about his destiny as a new supernatural creature. However, in addition to all this mystery there is still plenty of romance. The love triangle that has been brewing between Dru, Christopher and Graves is finally fully realized instead of just hinted at. Dru feels "safe" with Graves but Christopher makes her nervous and confuses her. Who does she belong with? Her best friend or the icy, blue eyed mystery man who gives her butterflies? It's enough to say that for fans of the series who are on Team Christopher, the scene we have been waiting for finally happens! But is that the end of that triangle?.... Not a chance - Team Graves there is hope! While I love this book, there are enough cliffhangers at the end to make me want to hunt down the author, demand answers and ask her to make the next installment longer.

What makes the Strange Angels series pop and stand out is the character of Dru. Yes, she has plenty of insecurities and hang-ups but she is also smart, brave, intutitive and she doesn't swoon at the first sight of a hot boy or copious amounts of blood. She is funny, sarcastic, shy, likes to wear tank tops and plaid shirts (instead of sexy, tight & black anything). She can also handle a gun, shoot an arrow, wield a knife and she can survive on soup, cereal and scrambled eggs for weeks at a time. In other words, she is exactly the kind of girl you want by your side when you go up against the things that go bump in the night.


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Glad to hear this is a good book!

I've been hooked on Dru ever since I read Strange Angels. She is one of my favorite heroines EVER!

I completely agree Andrea.

I completely agree Andrea. She is one of the strongest action heroines in YA lit ever.

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