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Stuff for the Teen Age

Inappropriately Hilarious Graphic Novels

For true fans of the inappropriately hilarious, a joke just isn't any good unless a baby ends up blenderized, shooting alien pods out of its mouth, or terrorized by an overtly cynical bunny rabbit.  Ahh, what a disgusting life we lead, laughing at poor helpless babies!  We may be few in number, but we happen to be in good company: some of today's most clever graphic novelists and writers share our enthusiasm for the robustly rotten, and you owe it to yourself to check out their work.  So if your humor makes others cringe, cry, or demand your institutionalization, get your evil little paws on these graphic novels.

Gene Luen Yang: Prime Baby. Our hero Thaddeus only let his grandma come to his 6th birthday party because she's diabetic, and won't be able to eat any of his sweet, sweet cake.  He's not much nicer to his parents (he charges a small island to their credit card), his baby sister (he's not very supportive when she begins spitting alien pods out of her mouth) or the alien slugs who have come to our planet to sing us songs, give us happy feelings, and knit very, very warm socks.

Aranzi Aronzo: The Bad Book.  The Bad Guy looks cute and cuddly.  Then he hits you in the face with a snowball, steals your wallet, and even ruins your game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Proceed with caution. 



Lela Lee: Angry Little Girls.  Lela Lee's cartoon chicks get a raw deal.  People think they're sweet and innocent, just because they're cute little girls.  Well, they're only cute until they start talking.  Pretty much everything either depresses, angers, or annoys them, and they want to let you know about it!


Jim Benton: It's Happy Bunny: The Good, the Bad, and the Bunny.   Whenever you've got a tough ethical choice, there's the Good, the Bad, and the Bunny way of doing things.  In a world full of the 'salad-intolerant,' 'lifelong finger painters,' and the 'nice looking in a non-facey kind of way,' sometimes you just have to go with the Bunny.  Happy won't make you good, but you weren't planning on being good anyway! 


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