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Plus: A Review


The most important lesson Bee has learned in her 17 years is that sometimes dreams change.  Bee is a freshman at Columbia University and wondering if she wouldn’t be having more fun if she had decided to be something cool like a spy instead of a doctor.

At 5’9, Bee is pretty sure if she grows any taller giraffe wranglers will be pursuing her for the zoo.  But Brian, her perfect boyfriend, who could give Brad and Angelina a run for their money in the public service department, is actually taller than she is.  Brian is 6’2 (part of his perfectness) and tells Bee she is beautiful in all her tall clumsiness.  When Bee decides Brian should be her first, even her red lacy Victoria’s Secret purchase can’t save the disastrous night.  Turns out the super smart, possibly future president, perfect boyfriend may not be so perfect.

With Bee’s heart broken, the Chinese food delivery guy becomes her regular date.  Cue new best friend to the rescue!  Consuela, Chela for short, knows “Lyin-Brian” all too well and won’t let Bee drown her sorrows alone in Chinese take-out.  Bee is having a lot of fun with her new bff, but is keeping the secret that she hasn’t given up hope that Brian may still be perfect.  Then there is Kevin, movie star good looking hip hop artist on the rise, who Bee tutors and can actually talk to without the need to watch some CNN first (unlike with a certain perfect boyfriend).

One day, Bee is enjoying a chocolate chip muffin at Dean and Deluca’s. At first she’s sure it’s a mean prank when a woman approaches her and tells her she looks just like famous model Savannah Hughes. Bee has gained twenty-five post-break-up pounds, and yet modeling agent Leslie Chesterfield is handing Bee her card and talking about looking for a plus-size girl for a Prada ad campaign shooting in Italy.  Modeling?  Prada?  Italy?  Wait, plus-size??  Bee’s not sure if she’s just met her fairy godmother or been punked.

Veronica Chambers' Plus is a fun read, it may be hard at times to believe Bee can balance her fabulous model lifestyle and still keep up with her demanding pre-med Columbia University work load.  But it’s easy to suspend disbelief and get pulled into Bee’s glamorous adventures!  Yet, throughout the book, the issues of body image, insecurity and self-acceptance are portrayed very honestly.  Also, there are diverse characters which is so important and appreciated when setting a story in NYC.  Pick up Plus if you are in the mood for some true to life fiction with just the right touches of glamorous fantasy.


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totally putting a hold on it

totally putting a hold on it right now!

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