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Knitting and Crochet on a Budget

Some people may be turned off from knitting because it can be an expensive craft.  Knitting a sweater these days is more expensive than just going to the store and buying one, unfortunately.  Don't think you need fancy hand-spun yarns, pricey patterns and knitting lessons, though.  Here are a couple ways to enjoy the craft and save some money too! 

For those looking to pick up knitting or crochet, there are many free ways to learn. First, and YouTube have wonderful videos to learn different stitches and techniques.  The New York Public Library also has many DVDs to check out like Knitting Workshop and Knit and Crochet Today.

Patterns are also widely available online. These websites link to many of the free patterns on the Internet:

Knitting Pattern Central / Crochet Pattern Central

NYPL also has an enormous amount of books to check out:

Knitting Books / Crochet Books

Yarn and needles are hard to find for free, but there are ways to save a little money on them.  First, visit local thrift stores where people often donate whole, unused skeins of yarn and needles.  You can also recycle yarn from old sweaters by unraveling them and re-using the yarn.  Also check out general craft stores and the Internet for sales and substitute more expensive yarns for acrylic and acrylic blend yarns, which are cheaper.

And don't forget, the best resources for knitting and crochet are fellow crafters!
At the Spuyten Duyvil Branch, knitters and crocheters meet approximately twice a month to show off projects, exchange ideas, and learn new skills from each other.  All ages are welcome and we even have some extra needles
and yarn to borrow for those just starting out. 

Upcoming dates are:

  • August 16th, 11:00am
  • September 13th, 11:00am
  • September 27th, 11:00am
  • October 25th, 11:00am

See events for more details


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Knitting on a budget

Very timely post as the current state of my wallet is, um empty. Hand spun yarn tempts me like fine dark chocolate. I'll keep the chocolate and save on the yarn Thanks for the info!

I also taught myself how to

I also taught myself how to knit from youtube and Since then I am (happily)addicted to knitting and yarn. The best site for searching free patterns is Also a great place to swap yarn with other fellow knitters and hear a bout yarn sales. Oh, and I love taking out knitting books from the library. It's definitely the way to go if I am only interested in one pattern from a book. No need to purchase the book.

Ah yes, Ravelry! I like to

Ah yes, Ravelry! I like to use it too, it's a fantastic free site that is like social networking meets knitting and crochet.

i never knew you could "rip"

i never knew you could "rip" a sweater apart and reuse the yarn. fascinating!

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