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MORE STUFF! Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Predators and Prey


The fifth installment in the immensely popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 graphic novel series, this collection of single issue comic books is probably my favorite out of all the other volumes so far. These stories follow what happened to vampire slayer Buffy Summers after her television series ended.

In the first tale, classmate-turned-vampire Harmony Kendall decides to reinvent herself by starring in her own reality show. When, by chance, she is attacked by an inexperienced slayer who she kills publically on national television, Harmony not only shows the world that vampires are in fact real, but elevates the entire demonic species to celebrity status overnight. Other stories include Giles and Faith uncovering a murderous plot inside a small village where nothing is what it seems and Buffy teaming up with second stringer Andrew to stop a crazed slayer in Italy from amassing her own army of villainous vampire slayers. This volume also features a final resolution to Buffy's sister Dawn's arc in the comics, having her finally transform back into her old teenage self by the end.

A lot of older teens are still fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and remember it's original run on television. Stories about vampires are immensely popular following the Twilight craze, and the new Buffy comic series manages to tell compelling stories about the undead in new and interesting ways. The best part about the series, and this installment in particular, is that you don't need a comprehensive understanding of the television show to enjoy it. The first story about vampire Harmony starring in her own MTV-style reality show is by far my favorite of the entire comic series.


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