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Don't Close the Book on the Harlem Library


Harlem Kids Add Their Voices: Keep Our Libraries Open!

Kids from the local school Promise Academy wrote these letters and more to voice their support for their local branch here on 124th street.   Our children's Librarian Leah Zilbergeld made this poster for everyone to see that kids love and need the library in their lives. 


Please don't shut down the library.  We need it to get our knowledge and people need computers because they print books and to go online to connect to an Internet!


Because if you shut down the library how will we read and survive and get new books and learn?


I love this library because this library is special and fantastic!


Please don't close the library because people need to get new books.  We want to learn things.




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Closure of Harlem Library

Why are we closing the door on the Harlem Library when this resource is most needed in our community? Reading equals freedom! We must find ways to keep our library open as our children are our most valuable resource.


Why in the world would the city want to shut down the library in Harlem? Could it be what I have talked about for years, that there are some people in control, who by all means, do not want some to have available education and move up the proverbial ladder in the country? I really think Black and Latino/a and whites considered the other need to join together and fight for their rights and education. I know that there are folks who will try to break you apart , turn you against one another because I read. Yes , I read history books and everything I get my hands on. Africans and the Irish were once a force to be reckoned with but the Irish were allowed to work themselves out of enslavement and forget in fact start to hate the Black people they had loved and married as slaves. The First People of the united states do not often mention the African or African American in their history in a positive manner in this country. Many African Americans are part Irish and French and Native American or Spanish, that does not happen just by thinking it into truth. Poor Whites were told to hate the Black enslave because it was the enslaved who kept them from pick'en all that cotton. I have seen many things and traveled . I have seen how Blacks cope with living in the western hemisphere. they have given in to Whites or Latinos or First people (Native Americans) so as to be acceptable enough to live in peace. To be tolerated by others is not acceptance,it is not respect. People in Harlem please become vocal and pushy and educated and join together to keep Harlem at least partly ethnic. I see it being taken by money and new buildings and whatever,from those who have been there awhile. Now that Harlem is being fixed up. why is it not for those who are there and not just those who want to take it over. The prices are getting so high that many people will have to leave and where are they going? Living well is for everyone. Fight;intelligently. With respect to you all

The Harlem Library is one of

The Harlem Library is one of many branches of the New York Public Library that's being threatened with closure due to city budget cutbacks. Please read the info in this link to learn more: The best thing you can do is voice your support of NYPL and write your local council person and encourage friends and family to do the same.

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