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My Library: Caroline


What brings you to the library today?
I came to the library today because it was something like 88 degrees and my air conditioning is not running. I’m not prepared for summer yet! Also to use the internet. I live so close to the library that I don’t have the internet set up at home, because I’m such a cheapskate!
So the library saves you money?
Yes! And because my apartment is so small, I just consider this an extension of my apartment.
I’m planning on applying for a grant at Workforce1 so I had to do some research for that on the internet so that’s why I came today. Then I looked at the newspaper. Then I was just about to go when you finagled me into doing this.
See how one thing leads to another in the library?
I like this library. For years, we had nothing. 
What are you reading these days?
The book I’m reading is our book club selection, Out Stealing Horses. So I’m learning how to do that. [laughs]
Learning how to steal horses?
You never know. Maybe that’s what I’ll do for a living, steal horses. 
Good luck with that. So, what will keep you coming back to the library?
Unemployment. Once I have a job, you probably won’t see me so much. Unless you change your hours. To tell you the truth, I think Manhattan needs night libraries, for night owl people. It would be nice if they actually had them open all the time, especially for the night owl set.
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So funny!

Really enjoyed this interview. Especially the point about when she is employed you will see her less - the library is there when you need it!

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