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Reader’s Den

Reader's Den: Further Discussion, "The Human Stain"


Didn't get enough discussion questions last week? Well don't worry; the Reader's Den is back with a few more for you! Don't forget, it's never too late to put your copy of Philip Roth's The Human Stain on reserve at your local branch library. Join the discussion today!

There are many supporting characters in The Human Stain. For example, Coleman's lover Faunia Farley. Did Faunia Farley kill her two children due to negligence? Was she guilty of murder? Do you accept Les Farley’s account of what happened early in the story or Faunia’s later on? Was Les the one guilty of being negligent?

Is Les Farley, Faunia ex-husband, truly crazy? Or is he just consumed by guilt? Is he ultimately the villain of the story? Or is Les Farley a darker version of Colman Silk; a man who lost everything that mattered to him, but instead of Coleman dealt with it very badly… letting it ultimately destoy him. How do you really feel about Les?  

Yet another character was Delphine Roux, Coleman's colleague. What was Delphine Roux’s ultimate motivation? Why do you think she sent an “anonymous letter” to Coleman? Do you think she wanted him to know that she knew about his relationship? Why? Do you think she really had a problem with Coleman and Faunia being together?

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