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My Library: Jose and Jennie

"Defragging!""Defragging!"So how old are you?

Jose: 22.
Jennie: I’m 21.
What brought you to the library today?
Jose: We helped lead a class at the library today that teaches people how to generally use the computer—an open lab.
And you’re doing this as a volunteer?
Jose: Yes I am a volunteer at Jefferson Market—it’s awesome!
Really? Say more! Why is it awesome?
Jose: It’s just—I don’t know—a part of me is always going to be in the library because I love—I love the smell of books.
Ohhhh… Jose, you said something earlier, that the library has given you so many things?
Jose: Yeah. Okay so—okay. I don’t know how to say this.
Take your time.
Let’s see, because… the library...
…The lady you were teaching today told me you said the library had given you so much.
Jose: It gave me a job, an internship—I met so many people in the library and if it weren’t for the library I would be somewhere probably worse off… Even though I would probably just be at home doing nothing… but my house is… anyway…
Hmmm yeah.
So how are you Jennie?
Jennie: What?
Jose: I dragged her here!
You did a good job instructing in the class today, Jennie—the patron you helped was the first one done, she was like “I got it! I don’t need any more!”
Jennie: she was pretty advanced—she knew how to use the internet she just had security questions.
And defragging!
Jennie: Yeah.
Jose: Defragging
Sounds like a dance—do the Defrag.
You are probably exhausted you’ve talked so much today—
Jose: Yeah. Its just I’ve been here for so many years I don’t want to leave at all—I’ve been volunteering for 6 years! First at Donnell through the Teen Advisory Group, then at Teen Central, then we went to Grand Central after Donnell closed and then something happened that made us come here—its actually pretty kick a** here!
Jose: Yeah!
I like it when we just hang out—just like… hanging out! Awright, I won’t torture you anymore! Thanks Jose, thanks Jennie!



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