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My Library: John


What brings you to the Battery Park City Branch today?

We come into the library as a family every Saturday. It’s how we kick-off our weekends!

How about to pick up the NYPL messenger bag from our Foursquare promotion?  You were the first person here to reach 25 checkins, so should we call you John or Mayor John?

Ha! Mr. Mayor if you please! It’s the only Foursquare mayorship I have, and it's the only one I want! As my day job is building digital experiences, I’ve known about for quite some time but becoming Mayor of the BPC Branch was just what I needed to motivate me to play. And getting this awesome bag doesn’t hurt!

What do you do when you're not at the Library?

I work at Scholastic making websites for children’s books. My major project right now is the, the multi-platform best selling book series. I’m also really excited about Mockingjay, the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series and Ook and Gluk by Dav Pilkey. When I’m not working, I’m usually eating my way through lower Manhattan.

So with a book background at Scholastic it is only appropriate that you're the Mayor of The Battery Park City Branch!

Absolutely! This Mayorship is going on the digital resume!

I see your family at the branch often.  We've been open for about two months.  What branch did you use before we opened?

We used to go to the New Amsterdam Branch but honestly we never really browsed there. We used the online reservation system to request books and then we’d go and pick them up. Purely transactional. It’s a nice enough branch but we never felt like it was a part of our neighborhood. This branch has instantly become an extension of home.

What do you like best about the Battery Park City Branch?

The space is beautifully designed. We can’t wait for Teardrop Park South to open. It’s really welcoming and comfortable. Your deep manga section is also great as are the YA titles. My next “sick day” will probably be spent sitting here catching up on as many books as I can.

Why do you think libraries are important?

Libraries are statements of our collective priorities. I don’t mean this in a “lets all lament the deterioration of reading in our culture...” but I mean as a physical manifestation, an open and inviting place in our community where everyone can drop in and chat (quietly) and lose themselves for a while without having to order a latte or stare at a screen (OK maybe that last bit was a bit of a lament).

Well here’s another example of an unintended consequence I’m sure the City Planners never thought of. My son is in the 5th grade at the local elementary school. He’s starting to learn how to “hang out” in the neighborhood. Problem is, there isn’t any place for him to go. But with the library, he can wander out our apartment, head over there and find a place to sit. He will always remember that going to the library was where he learned his independence. That will stay with him, and me, forever.

The Library started advocacy this week in regards to the recently announced city budget.  There will be a link on NYPL's homepage where you can fill out a letter to city officials.  It is easy, you just have to put your name, address, and email, and it would really help the Library!  Tell everyone you know to fill out the letter!

Will do. I will, of course, put this as a tip for the branch on foursquare as well as let everyone I know, know.




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Great interview!

I have something in common with Mayor John, I'm really excited about Mockingjay too!

Best Line!

"He will always remember that going to the library was where he learned his independence." Wonderful! Thanks Billy! Frank

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