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Consciousness studies is at the forefront of science's last great investigative projects. While neglected for many years by mainstream academia as a result of dominance by behaviorist psychology, interest in the science of consciousness has exploded in the last decade, with new activity in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and other areas.

Bakelite Plastics Exhibit - Brains coated in plastic, Digital ID 1664965, New York Public LibraryHow exactly does a material brain... give rise to immaterial thoughts, or "consciousness"?

While many in the humanities still hold to the idea of philosophy being the paramount scholarly effort in human endeavours, studies in consciousness require the submission of philosophical activity to the rigor of the scientific method, quantification and empiricism. While this thought does not arouse concern among many today when it comes to physics, biology, cosmology and chemistry, its assertion in the realm of the human mind can potentially give all of us pause to ponder its true consequences. Indeed, the very quotidian notion of subjectivity itself is called into question by some emerging thinkers.

Do you know what the "hard problem of consciousness" is? Are qualia real, or just a minimal set of neuronal events and mechanisms sufficient for a specific conscious percept to become phenomenally available to basic introspection?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves! First, one must become available with the literature!

Do you know who Daniel Dennett is? How about David Chalmers? Susan Blackmore? Paul and Patricia Churchland? These are just a few of the thinkers asking unsettling questions and moving philosophy into the 21st century.

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sounds exciting

good to see revitalization and coalsing of realms of philosphy and neuroscience, and spirituality

Thanks for posting the U of Arizona program link.

One of their doctors (an anesthesiologist) was in the movie, "What the Bleep".

In regards to the anesthesia Propofol

I was a participant in a clinical trial study for the anesthesia Propofol in 2007 which the study coincidentally took place on my birthday at some undisclosed location in Orange County California. There were some side effects in which when I woke up after being put to sleep for exactly 30 minutes, I felt like I was reborn. Shortly after I felt "revitalized" and felt as if I had a spiritual awakening. I started seeing the world in a different perspective and more spiritual view. This is a very important concern to me, for I haven't been the same ever since and I would like to be tested or evaluated and share the details of my story so I can tap into this clear channel that I'm getting. Thank you for your help and I hope you get this. you can reach me via my personal email at

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