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My Library: Rachel


"...the computer and I could be friends!""...the computer and I could be friends!"
So you were telling me about the 58th street library…
58th street is the library where I started my business—I was not computer savvy at all! They offered classes and I went—unlike a lot of people who went I did not feel that I could go only one time to find out how to work a computer—every class I took, I took twice. 
And then I would go practice and then ask all the people in the library—John, Ashley, Israel—all the people helped me—I’d say, “How do I do this? How do I do that?” And I’d go 24 times a week and eventually I knew how to do it!
They’re a great training center!
They’re terrific. And then they also have practice sessions.  I would go upstairs to the training room and get the information and then go downstairs to the library and practice. And then I would take another class, and then practice—I would go everyday. And then I would go home and think about it. It was my goal not to be afraid of the computer.
I’m not a machine person but I tried to think the computer and I could be friends! And the staff saw that.
How did you hear about the classes at 58th street?
I live near there, and my mother was a librarian and as a young person I kind of went against that—but the library is my friend just like the policemen! Since I’m a law abiding person I don’t need a policeman to help me—but the library is everything to me and it’s part of America—it’s how we improve ourselves! If you want to improve yourself don’t complain—go to the library.
It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or no money you get treated the same, with the same courtesy—
Absolutely. It’s so American! You can just walk in—we need that so much today!  
You say you started your business in the library—what did you mean by that?
I learned how to use a computer in the library—it took me months and months to learn how to create the documents and flyers I needed to start my business. I had a little computer at home but every time I had to change something I went to the library—I was afraid! The library was security to me, I would say to the staff, “Could you please help me?” and they’d say, “Sure! Just do this, and this…” and I would say, “Thank you. Thank you!"


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Great story

Frank, if I didn't already love ya more than my luggage, your interviews would push me over the edge. Fantastic and just what we need to capture. Thanks! Gary

Thank you!

It's such a challenging and exciting time we could use all the encouragement - and yours means so much! Now come back to New York! Frank

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