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Stuff for the Teen Age

Tompkins Square Teens' Picks from the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List


The teens from the Tompkins Square Library are an opinionated and passionate bunch and they made sure that some of their favorite books, music and movies made the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List!

Some of their picks:


It is not only super funny but a good love story about a boy who meets a girl while working at a second rate amusement park circa 1988. It got a thumbs up from the Kristen Stewart fans as well as the ‘80s music lovers.




Another love story but this time between a girl and a boy who is a shapeshifter. However, the older he gets the shorter his time as a human and pretty soon he will stop being human altogether and remain a wolf. Lots of “Ohmigod, its sooo good!!!” “She (author Maggie Stievater) makes you really care about the characters. She’s such a good writer!” “sigh” came from readers post-reading.


Justin Bieber: “My World”

The Bieber love at Tompkins Square Library was (is) very strong and very loud! One girl in particular talked about him all the time but she wasn’t alone, just the loudest. You gotta love him: his singing, his hair, sigh….


Jennifer’s Body

This is horror movie with a solid teen fan base. You have the horror movie fans, the Megan Fox fans, the “I can’t believe I am watching this “R” movie and it is so fun” fans.





An original manga series that depicts the students and teachers at a school that is full of regular students by day but by night it is filled with students of other walks of life. Definitely loved by manga readers but I had several non-manga readers pick it up as well for the vampires, witches and other supernatural creatures.


Paramore: “Brand New Eyes”

Just like the fans of Justin Bieber, the fans of Hayley Williams and her bandmates are pretty rabid at the library. They love Hayley’s rocker chick ways, her lyrics and the videos.



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