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Highlight from Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List - Time and a Half


The latest installment of Peter David's X-Factor series, this trade paperback collects all the stories following Marvel Comics epic Secret Invasion storyarc.

Theresa, one of the characters on the superhero detective team X-Factor is pregnant with Jamie Madrox's child. Theresa can scream real loud and Jamie can make duplicates of himself. By the end of the first part, Theresa delievers her child and names him "Sean" after her late father. When Jamie holds Sean for the first time... he absorbs the baby into himself, horrifying everyone into realizing that his child was just another one of his duplicates.

The story then follows a suicidal Jamie distancing himself from the team and Theresa, still devestated after the loss of her child, reluctantly filling the team's leadership role. While Jamie is pulled into the future by an old friend, Theresa must protect the team's new client from the mysterious "Cortex"... who may be an enemy that X-Factor has no hope of defeating.

In this graphic novel, Peter David balances true superhero action tempered with real emotion. Whether considered great literature or not, superhero stories still resonate with teens. In particular, stories involving the X-Men which tend to be a metaphor for being different and living in a world that doesn't understand you and/or hates you. A lot of teens can relate to living in a world like that. This story, especially the opening, is a new twist on the genre. What if I man who can make copies of himself fathers a child? It turns out... his baby is just another copy, then the real storytelling can begin.

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X-Factor: Time and a Half appears on the Stuff for the Teen Age 2010 List.


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