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Mount Loretto, Staten Island, NY

General View of Mount Loretto Staten Island, N.Y., Digital ID 104622, New York Public LibraryThis picture is at Mount Loretto, which was founded as Catholic orphanage on Staten Island in the late 19th century. It is still operating today, but it is not really an orphanage anymore; it is more of a social service agency. They recently built a CYO on its grounds and it has become a community center, with inside basketball courts and meeting rooms.

The church in the picture is still standing, but the buildings on either side are gone. In the early 1970's the exterior of the church was used in a scene from the famous movie The Godfather. There was a fire at the church shortly after the filming; only the facade was still standing. The church was rebuilt and was in operation again a few years later.

Mount Loretto is located about a mile from the Tottenville Library.

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I was in Mount loretto from

I was in Mount loretto from AGE 6 TO 18. lOOKING BACK AT IT, The nuns taught me a lot of values that I still use in life. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I was in Mount Loretto at

I was in Mount Loretto at same age but was into a home at age 12 I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers that I do not now what happen to them.

My great grandfather was

My great grandfather was there in 1915 area. Frank Cirone. Anyone know him? Remember him?

omg joanne

hi, its julio reyes, think about you offten. i hope all is well with you. and life has been good.

Angel Reyes

Good Day, This is a shot in the dark but here we go. My mother, Dora Rodriguez, was in Mount Lorreto in the 1940's - 1950's. During her stay she met a man named Angel Reyes who had a relationship with my mom during her stay and after she left. Angel Reyes may be the dad of my sister which is why I am reaching out. It is very important for my sister to know if Angel is her dad. Please email me at if you are the brother of Angel Reyes.

Angel Reyes

Hi my brother is name Angel and went out with a Dora Rodriquez. But the dates a not right. Can you please check the dates. He was there about 63 to 68 or 69.

I was there from 1962 thru

I was there from 1962 thru 1969

julio rayes . we used to

julio rayes . we used to call you moon man . the other kids now and then we are all in our sixtys now. take care.

Looking for Pictures

Did anyone know my dad, Nelson A? I think he was at the Mount in the mid to late 50's.


If you mean Nelson Aliers (spelling?), I knew him at the Mt. during the early 60s. We were both kids at the mission during that time. Strange to say we ran into each other in Loc Ninh, Vietnam as out two units returned to base after a mission. Nelson was in Co. B, 2/28th Infantry, 1 St. Inf. Div., I was in Co.A. This was in June of 1966. Hope this helps.

Cuban refugee children at Mount Loretto

JIM: do you by any chance recall Cuban refugee children, mostly teenagers, at Mount Loretto in the early to mid-1960's. There were at least 5; probably many more. I'm researching for an article their placement and stay at the orphanage. I would also like to find out what it was like for children who lived there at that period, I would appreciate hearing from you and/or anyone else who might possess any information related to my query. Thanks!

Cubans in Mt Loretto

Yes, there were more than 5. please read: Yvonne Conde's "Operation Pedro Pan: The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children"

I remember the Cuban boys.

I remember the Cuban boys. There was one named Emilio and another who was always talking about going back home to fight Fidel. They we're nice and speakimg English in no time. I think I have a picture of Emilio taken with Hector Reyes.

Cuban boys

Yes, that was me with Hector Reyes, I have a copy of the photo. I think of those days quite often. Angelita, hope life has been good to you. Emilio Soto

Tottenville High School

Hi Emilio (I'm sorry if this has been posted twice, I can't figure how to enter a comment). In this time of immigration crisis, I thought of you and Hector (who dated my friend Jan). I hope you are well and happy! My best, Shirley

Pedro Pan Cuban in Mount Loretto March to November 1961

Jose, I was one of those Cuban refugees kids that choose Mount Loretto (I think we did this because we didn't know any better or were assigned there regardless)and resided there from March to November of 1961. Many warm and not so warm memories of those days. Every now and again thoughts cross my mind thinking of Father Keehan (no sure of the spelling)and how kind he was and tried to help each and everyone of us in many ways. I was assigned to the PS school in the mission, some ot the others were assigned to Tottenville HS. I played football with the mission's team and also remember playing drum major in the 1961 St. Patrick's Day parade with the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Marching Band, ( How about that). Could barely speak English but they encouraged us to participate in as many events as possible. You can contact me @

Pedro Pan Cuban in Mount Loretto March to November 1961

Jose, I was one of those Cuban refugees kids that choose Mount Loretto (I think we did this because we didn't know any better or were assigned there regardless)and resided there from March to November of 1961. Many warm and not so warm memories of those days. Every now and again thoughts cross my mind thinking of Father Keehan (no sure of the spelling)and how kind he was and tried to help each and everyone of us in many ways. I was assigned to the PS school in the mission, some ot the others were assigned to Tottenville HS. I played football with the mission's team and also remember playing drum major in the 1961 St. Patrick's Day parade with the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Marching Band, ( How about that). Could barely speak English but they encouraged us to participate in as many events as possible. You can contact me @

Mount Loretta orphanage

I was there for most of 1962 after being relocated from the Florida City Pedropan camp. Arrived in US Feb. 20, 1962. Still have vivid memories of my time there.

Looking for information about my mother and two uncles

Looking for information about the Malloy Children. Jim and Jack were twins Eileen was the younger sister Time frame was probably 1950-1960 Any infomation would be great. Thanks Cliff

I use to play handball with a

I use to play handball with a James Molloy during the early 50's. That's about all I know.

looking for people I was in the home with. as well as my brother

I was in "Third House " from 1973-1979. I was always called Big Moe. I had two brothers one named Miguel one named Jose. I've been looking for my brother Miguel. I use to hang out with two guys named the twin brothers. If you were there around my time you would know who they were.

I remember you Big Moe

My twin brother and I were there in 1976, My brother's name is James. I believe you were there when the church burned down. If you want to get in touch with me, email me at

I was on the mount in 82 miguel lives in staten island still

Emai mei

Resident of 3rd house 75 & 79

I was in third house as well , I remember the twins Camello , Tony Hall ,Nate Black, Hutch , we were all on the 2nd floor . I've been attending the reunions for the last few year hoping to see Mike & Eugune Bennett ,Edwin & Nelson Jimenez if anyone can connect with them hit me back

I was there fromm 1975 till 1978.

I stayed in St. Francis. Graduated in 78 with Mr. Kirowsky as Vice President. And had Louis Zerrelli as my 11th grade typing teacher, both of whom I am very grateful for having a part in my education.

I was at mount loretto from 73 to 75

Anyone remember two counselors named. Bob Locovare and Stanton Lancaster.. I m the one that Bob Locovare fostered for a few years .. Darrick Thomas

Mount loretto

Hi. I am trying to trace my ancestor who was a nun at Mount Loretto in the 1950's. Her name was Mother Mary Ann. She would have ben aged at least 84 years old. She had came from Ireland in the previous century. Her previous name was Ann Maguire. Can you help me? Many thanks for any response that you may make. Regards. Colin.

Marino Brothets

Does anyone have any info or knew them?

Lost in mount lorretto

I tried to visit the place " I grew up" it's now a nature park. No one seams to have memories of what it was, except we who, that actually did. That's a very hard pill to swollow. A hundred years before even me, hundreds of children grew up there. I am amazed at the indifference of all the souls, and yes I says souls like my brother that joined the navy and soon died after leaving, are so soon forgotten. There is a cemetery, or I should say ther was, of not only the priest and nuns that worked there but also the children that had grown, joined the service, ( because like my brother had no were else to go) and died. They are buried back there in the woods, behind the ball fields., forgotten . Why are they no markers? Nothing of the thousands of hungry hopeless children that spent nearly all thier lives in this place.WHY!?

child abuse @ ML

Hello Joanne My sister was in Mount Loretto in the early 60's. She claims that she and other children were abused. My other sister who was also there at the same time says she doesn't recall any abuse. I wondering if you have any memories of this. I hope you have lived a happy beautiful life. Bill Miller

RE: child abuse @ ML

Hi Bill. Yes, my mother and her 2 brothers were there in the early to mid-50's and said there was a LOT of abuse... physical, emotional and sexual. She has many horror stories of what was done to both girls and boys there. I'm surprised there is not more mention about this and am just starting to research on my own.


I know for a fact there was abuse going on. I was there from 1962 till 1969. Wish i could see some of my friends i grew up with there. Shout out to freddie and robert dijols

I was there fromm 1975 till 1979,

This institution has played a major role In where I am today and Thank you for being there...

i was at mt loretto from,

i was at mt loretto from, l923 to 1932. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have been place there with my sisters and brother. The nuns were very special indeed.

My father and his brothers

My father and his brothers were there at the same time, which I knew, but was confirmed when I saw the 1930 census list. Bernard, Joe, Frank, James and Vincent (very bad eyesight) Was looking for grandparents origin at the time. I remember Bernie told me he learned how to sew there.

My mother was at Mt. Loretto

My mother was at Mt. Loretto from the age of 8 until she was 16. She was born in 1918, so she was there from, approximately, 1926 until 1934. She was then placed in a series of private homes working as a "mother's helper". Her name was Marion Muller. Do you remember anyone by that name? She passed away 2 years ago, but she spoke about Mt. Loretto many times while I was growing up. I have a picture of her graduating class and her diploma. If you can give me any information about my mother and/or your years at Mt. Loretto, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

My mother Mary Smith was

My mother Mary Smith was born in 1919 and was at Mount Loretto at the same time as you mother. MY uncle Raymond Smith was a few years younger and was there too. My mother died in 2004. She took me there as a child so I remember it well. She referred to it as the convent and spoke of Sister Hortense. May God rest their souls. I going to try the census records for that time and also the Archdiocese of NY


I was at Mount Loretto and I emailed them for my records. I recieved all that they had about me a month later. All they requested was a donation. My Aunt who was born in 1911 she has since past she was there with her siblings. At that time they were separated since their Mother was Irish and father was black. That is how I landed there in 1953. They were wonderful to me and my siblings.


Could you please tell me the email address you used to get your records? I am searching for my aunt...we believe she was given to Mount Loretto as a baby in 1934! I appreciate any help you can give me...

Thank you

I would like the e-m as well for my research

Mount Loretto orphanage 1906 - 1916

Looking for my Aunt's mothers records of Dorothy Decker, she was raised there from a baby until released at the age of 16,yrs old. My Aunt Dotty is very interested in her mother's time spent there.

email address for Mt. Loretto

I am trying to obtain medical records for my late husband who was placed at Mt. Loretto about 60 years ago. I saw your email message online and see that you were able to obtain your records for a donation. I would greatly appreciate your forwarding me the email address that you used to get these records so that I may contact them for this very important matter. Many thanks for any help that you can provide.


I contacted MSL to ask for records when my Father was there, they told me there was a fire and no reords were available 1933> did u have any luck? John


Hi. My dad and his 4 brothers were in Mount Loretta from age 7 to 13 around 1950. May I ask how you get records from Mount Loretta.

Records for Mount Loretto

For records of former residents of Mount Loretto please send your request to

old records from 1948-1960

I was in the mount for 12 years - age two to 14 - how can I get my old records? Thanks

Email address for Records

Do you happen to have the email address still? My dad has been wanting to find his records, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is

Email address

As a few others have commented, I would also like to know that email address that is available so that I may be able to receive the records when my father and his three brothers were brought to the orphanage to live during the1920's and maybe into the1930's. Thank you for your help with that email address.

Mount Loretto

My mother was a young nun, I believe her name was Sr. Ann Maureen. She would have been there in the 40's and early 50's. Does anyone remember her? Would appreciate any information. Her maiden name was Mahoney.

Mount Loretta

My mom was born 1920 her name is Virginia O'Brien she talks about sister Hortense and how good she was to her.My older sister is named Loretta.

Archdiocese of NY Census Records

I was at Mt. Loretto from the age 6 to 14 (1946 to 1954), and I can't imagine what my life would have been like without it. (Please check it out on WikiPedia.) For a neglected child (and not an "orphan") it was a great place to grow up. Thanks to all those Franciscan nuns who devoted their lives. (See you in heaven, Sr. Juanita!) I, too, am interested in your research (census and Archdiocese). Could you please let me know how to contact these sources. Thanks for your help and God bless you.

Get in touch

Hi - Saw your posting and I was there from 1948 until 1956. My name is Diane Fitzpatrick. If you remember me email me at Hope to hear from you. Diane

phyllis wise

MY mom was there during that time with her brothers andrew and tony..did you know her. Phyllis wise

Was there, do you remember me?

I do remember you, we were there at the same time, I don't know if this will get to you but I would love to hear rom you.

My father richard arthur

My father richard arthur (1940) and his siblings william, Barbara and Margaret (margie) would have been there starting around 1948. Does anyone know them?


i'm trying to trace them. They were McGraws. Their mom put four of them in Mt. Loretto when they were different ages. i think they were put in mt. loretto's in 1904.

Mt Loretta

My mother was at Mt Loretta. She was also born in 1918 and went there when she was 4 years old, staying till aged 16. Your mother and mine would be the same age. It would be so wonderful to see that graduation picture. My mother passed away the day after Christmas in 2006. She told us so many stories about "the home". She was there with her sister and one brother. Her name was Estelle Marie McHugh. she was born October 5, 1918, her father passed away in the influenza epidemic when she was 6 weeks old and her mother had to give the 3 children over to the care of the nuns at Mt. Loretta 4 years later. My name is Sheila Schisler, I am in Columbus, OH. I hope to hear from you.

My mother was there from 1921-29 with 2 brothers, 4 sisters

Maria De Stefano and her brothers Frank and Raphael as well as sisters Rosalie, Josephine, Anna and Regina lived in Mt. Loretto from 1921-29. Their father had died in an accident, and their mother paid to board and school them there so she could earn a living. She had a fine education there, but lost touch with her siblings after their mother died. She graduated from high school in the Bronx, then left the city. Anyone recall them?

Mount Loretto - looking for info about my grandfather

Does anyone remember Nicholas Mele or his brothers and sisters (Ernest, Basil, John, Agnes)? The only thing I knew growing up is that he lived there with his siblings. He was born in 1913. I found a 1920 census that shows them living in Bronx, NY and then a 1930 census showing them at Mount Loretto. Their parents had to have died between 1920-1930...but otherwise I don't know much more. I'm researching my family history and would love to know more. Any help you could give me is greatly appreciated. If anyone remembers any of them and went there the same time...I would love to hear from you as well. Michele

Re: A possible connection

Hello, I have been digging into my family history and found that my maternal grandmother was there at the same time. Can you please let me know if you knew her? Her name was Josephine Manderano 1914-1977. Thank you Dawn


yea i was there i remember josephine manderano

Thank you

My Father, his Brother and Sister were all in MSL,after their Mother died in 1933. What was the orphanage like. were kids taught, as if they were in school? Did they work and if so did they get paid? Thank you, John

Thank you

My father Domenick Monaco(Sonny,his brother Salvaltore, his sister Jean were all at MSL after their mother died in 1923. I dont know how long they were there? My friend's father Phil O'Mara and his siblings were also in MSL. I dont know the years Any info, Thank you John



Yes a boy eddy was one of the

Yes a boy eddy was one of the Ramos family lives now in Vegas I'm his young est brother Wilson ramos

I remember a Wilson Ramos (I think)

Wilson? Hello. I was at Mount Loretto '68-'73. I was in 1st House & 4th House. Do you remember counselors Ms. Loretta and Mr. Jim?

I remember Mrs lorret and Mr

I remember Mrs lorret and Mr Jim both counselor and miss Margaret the old lady

I just heard this name from

I just heard this name from my sister as a place where our mothers' cousins were placed as children. We are not sure why, when. They were 3 daughters Anne, May, Ella Donnelly. Do you have people interested in Family History research that have a point of contact in your organization?

Pat, New York Public Library

Pat, New York Public Library has a <a href="">Local History and Genealogy Division</a> at the research library on 42nd Street. You can ask them for guidance in your genealogical research by sending an e-mail with your questions to <a href=""></a>.

My father was at Mtl

My father was at Mtl Loretto. His sister was sent to the Angel Guardian Home (for iinfants and toddlers) then the Convent of Mercy on Willoughby St, Brooklyn. All these orphanages were run by the Sisters of Mercy. They may still have records. Also check the US Census. I know the 1930 census has the names of nuns and kids at the Convent of Mercy.

I was at Mt Loretto back in

I was at Mt Loretto back in the 1950 and 1960' is where me and my brothers went to school..this was our home...we have all good memories and will always remember the good times...

I didn't get your name, mine

I didn't get your name, mine is walter and I wrote a book about Mount Loretto, which is called,"Autobiography of an American Orphan." It's on sale at Barnes and, and and in selected Barnes and Noble stores now. My story begins in 1949 and covers about ten years in the orpanage. Please take a look at my book and send me your impressions. Thank you. Sincerely, -Walter-


Hi Walter, My name is Deborah. I have written many times about the Mission, but never published. How wonderful! I am going to buy your book. I hope when I come back to this page and post my comment you will be here!

Your book

Dear Walter, It appears that I was at the Mount a couple of years ahead of you. I just finished reading your book and it is so similar to the path that I took during my Mission experience. You didn't mention a Mr. Norse in house 3. He was a large Santa Claus looking man with a gentle demeanor and a terrific rapport with us little guys. I was baptized at the Mount and he was my godfather. I liked your description of Nick in house 6. All the dancing that I did throughout my life was made possible because he took the time to teach us. You also didn't Sister Saint Williams in Cottage A. I don't recall all the violence. My wife thinks that my mind is still blocking most of this. I do remember Chuck Mc Carthy. He was the most terrifying sadistic son of a bitch I've met. I know that I was never his target and it never occurred to me that having older siblings in the big side may have had something to do with this. Anyway, I truly enjoyed your account of life at the Mount. I am a retired Accountant living in Winder, Georgia. I have many photos of the Mount and I would like to get copies of some of Father Kenny's photo collection. I played quarterback for his Trojans and point guard on the basketball team. Like you I believe that We were better off at the Mount than living with our parents in the city. I will be 70 Years old on my next birthday and I still play basketball several times a week. Oh yeah, One more thing. Sister Rose Assumpta. She was my first love and Mary Jane kachik was my second love. I would sure like to tell them what they meant to me. Jose (Pee Wee) Ruiz 520 Rosewood Circle Winder, Georgia 30680 678-963-5061 E-mail


Hi Jose, With respect to your comment abou having pictures of the Mount, would you by any chance have a good picture of St. Aloysius School? How about Loretto and Corcoran Cottages? If so, is there any way you could email clear copies to me? Based on what you recount in your post, I'd say that we may have been there at the same time (although I may have been a bit ahead of you). I well recall an Alice Kachik who was a classmate of mine at THS, and I seem to recall that she had (at least) one sister who used to tag along with us on the almost daily walk from the Mount into THS, and that very well could have been Mary Jane. And, I, too, had a crush on Sr. Rose Assumpta. I think it started right after I saw her whack a ball a hell of a lot harder and futher than I was able to! Thanks, John

Mt Loretto 1950s

Hi John, I have a couple hundred pictures of the Mt from the 50s. We were probably in the same classes at St. Aloysius and maybe the same cottages. E me and I'll send you the pics. I had Mr. O'connor and Nick in the cottages then I was in St. Agnes in the old buildings and Then St. Peters and one other place whose name escapes. NEAL

Photo's of St. Aloysius school & cottage"s

Dear neal I just saw your note to John, and I and my sister would love it!!! if you would be so kind as to also email us picture's of the school. :) I and my sister all lived and went to school at the mount. We first arrived there in 1970 I know it probaly was different somehow... but still would love to see pic's of the cottages too my sisters live in the castle at that time a big big dog named brandy lay at the front doors near office here is my email address we would appreciate it greatly.. :) My sister got some pic's shortly after the fire from a photographer who took them I myself live in the villa across from the castle as we call it at that time.. it was located on the side of ocean.... Thank you take care..... hope my email reaches you


Saw your, my brothers: Mark and Larry and sister Karen were there from 1970 to 1973.

hello laura, karen and i were

hello laura, karen and i were in the same class in third grade our teacher was sister christopher. mark and i were both in 4th cottage in 1973. i was seven at the time.i heard that years later he was paralyzed. i hope that he is doing well. if you do get this message,tell karen i said hello. i was the cute little spanish kid with the freckles and curly hair. i hope she remembers. take care laura. ralph ibarra.

I was at the Mount '68-'73.

Hey Ralph, I was in 4th House and departed in '73. I remember Mark and Larry Waldorf. Email me at I'd like to hear from both brothers. Stay blessed.

I remember Larry and Mark Waldorf.

Hello Laura. I'm Eric. I was curious about photos of the Mount when I happenstanced onto this site. Incredible. I was at Mount Loretto '68-'73, 1st & 4th House, and I remember your brothers Larry and Mark. Larry and I played sports; he would quarterback and throw a 'post pattern' to me as wide receiver. We always scored. We also played stickball and listened to Marv Albert on the radio doing play-by-play of Knicks' and Rangers' games. Larry's favorite sports' players were Joe Namath of the Jets, Jean Ratelle of the Rangers, and Dave Debusschere of the Knicks. Tell Larry, or, if you'd like, to email me Ask him if he remembers counselors Mr. Jim, Ray Vermero, along with basketball coach Bill Glawon and soccer coach Phil Flur. I have many more great memories. Be well and stay blessed Laura. Peace.

St Aloyisus 1970 Me To

Would love to see pics of the school... 1970-1976 then was in foster homes n group homes till 1984 I had 5 siblings also that went there n a brother in law

brother and friend from Mount Loretto

Hope to hear from you soon had contact with PeeWee

mt loretto pics

Neal- My dad was in Loretto in early 50's would it be possible for you to pass along some pictures to me at above address? Thank you in advance Tamara

Mount Loretto

Might be a long shot but thought I ask anyways. Would you happen to have some pictures of the late 50's and 60's at the mount? Even if you don't, I still would love to see some of the pictures you may have. My Dad was there from 1959 to 1969. His name is Jim Padilla Thank you


I remember a Jimmy Padilla during that time. He had a brother named Hector. I knew Hector causally, but Jimmy and I were in the same cottage for a couple of years. Ran into him years later in NYC, where he worked managing a Tux rental store. Best of luck in your search, and say hello to your dad and uncle.

My name is Michael O'Carroll

I was in the Mount 1950-1958 and I would like to hear from someone from that time St. Peters St Paul's cottage. Some names I remember and spelling mght not be correct are Millius, Peterson, Henderson,Ed Smith. Thank you

My dad and uncle were there

My dad and uncle were there from mid 40's to early 50's, their names were Andrew and George Petersen, seems like they would have been older than you (my dad born 1937), i wonder if that's the Petersen's you refer to, I stumbled upon this site looking for their records. No luck yet. Unfortunately they have both past.

Pics of Mount Lorretto

Hi. My name is John Wilson. Me and my brothers were in he mount during the 60s as well. I went to St -Aloyisisus as well. Any pics you can send of the mount would be great.

Hey John this Jose Reyes (I

Hey John this Jose Reyes (I was one of Pop's running buddies)

mount loretto

Dear Jose, Thank you for reading my book. I apologize for not answering sooner. There's been some turmoil in my life. I dont recall Mr. Norse, he may have left or died by the time I came. Nick, in the 6th house, got us into volleyball, that's all I remember of his interaction with us. A couple of years can make a big difference. As for the violence and the beatings, I didn't recall it either, until I tried to do so while alone. The reason I attempted to do so, was because of a murderous rage that terrified the people around me and no doubt blocked my path in life. It didn't matter how hard I worked or how much education I acquired, I was never acceptable and I believe it was in large part because of this. Though I have never been violent, the rage alone had to be confronted. I truly believe I'm much better off for doing so. Your assessment of Chuck McCarthy was also different than mine. So, I suppose that we all see the world through our own experiences. God bless you and keep you comfortable in this life and the next. Sincerely, -Walter-

I'm trying to get in touch

I'm trying to get in touch with people from Mt St Michaels

Mt. St. Michael's

I was at the mount from 1958 to 1969, still looking for someone that can remember me.

I think I was in the Mount

I think I was in the Mount from 1960, 1961 or 1962 until 1967. I believe I was between the ages of 8 to 13. I remember Sister Helen. Kitty is the only friend name I seem to remember.. My brother Billy Grimes was also housed for a short time. He played basketball. I hated it then! I am so grateful for the love , compassion , care that I was given during those difficult times. God Bless all that made it possible for all the children like myself to have as normal life as possible.


I want to right a book i was in the mount in 81

I was at Mount Loretto, I

I was at Mount Loretto, I forgot the cottage, name,, but, it was in front of an boys cottage, and on the side of a mental disable cottage, we were right in the middle,, my best friend was, Debbie, she was from St. Anns house,,,, Renee white, my boy friend was Pj, Debbie boyfriend, was tommy,, from boys , house called 9th house, if anybody out there remember these people please contact me,, I often think about them,, another guy fludid, from 9th house,, I saw him one time downtown Brooklyn, in 1990, didn't have much to say,, it seems if I had said something to him his girlfriend/ or wife would have killed him right there,,

Looking for people that were on the mount between 78 to 83.

I just got in touch with Eric Smith (Gummbie) by younger brother was there also Shawn bell. I’m still in touch with Annette Young, Ginger,Michael and Timothy Walker. A few of us would like to but together a reunion for the summer of 2018. Here are a few names I’m looking for if any as heard from them or have there contacts hit me up. Melvin Scott was in 4 house, Nate Black 3 house and his brother both were nice in basketball. Sly, Jr Brown (Alton Brown), Leroy Robinson 4 house,Kevin Thomas,Roy Jones, Julius Gissatana 4house,Linda Carrion,Raynal Campbell,Eva Haynes,Jackie Little,Stephanie Daniels,Smitty and Carol brother and sister. Flood someone said they saw him in downtown Bklyn in a earlier post. Rodney Brown,Christine Phillps,JW Hicks had 3 Brothers there also. Any one remember going to the Canteen on Friday nights next to the pool ? That’s enough for now. My name is Muhammad (Stanley Bell) on the mount.


very depressing - from all the people I know from the Mount, no one can relate to your experience. The Mount was a saving grace for me and my brother and we are grateful for the benefits we received there. My brother doesn't relate at all and he was there at the same time you were. You sure have an axe to grind!!!

Hi Walter, my name is Jose. I

Hi Walter, my name is Jose. I entered the mission in October of 1949. Can you tell me if any photos exist that may have been taken there between that date through the end of 1952. I had two sisters that were on the "Girl's Side" during that time. I'm going to see about your book "Autobiography of an American Orphan". I was just looking to see what it was like then, but it's been a long time, & things have changed a lot. It's sort of strange, because my youngest brother had had discussed with me about writing a book too, but God took him before we even got the chance for an attempt to start on it. Anyway, I just happened to see your note of November 26, 2009 at 2:59 AM & decided to send you this one. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, & may you enjoy a very "Happy New Year" together with your family!

I was also there after one of my adoptive parents died

I was there in there in the early 70's.I was adopted from the angel guardian home in brooklyn. My parents gave me up when I was 1 maybe a little older. I was adoptive at the age 2.My mom was puerto-rican and my dad was jewish. Guess back in the day that was a no no. Still looking for my dad. Anyhow I ended up and the mount as well. I was on the girls side of course. Anyone remember sister helen fox. She was a big lady, who nearly threw me out the window. I lived on the third floor in a dorm setting with many other girls. my experience was not as happy as many say here. I was assaulted by other kids, and people stole the little I had. Sister Helen was the worst. She sat on me, and I thought I would die of sufucation. She made me stand behind doors for hours. I remember saying a bad word, and she grabbed me and choked me, and hung my head out a window.The good memories I do have are those of the beautiful view of the ocean as you came out the entrance. The horse-shoe crabs on the beach were everywhere, and at night you could look up the hill and see the monsignor's house. I use to walk the ocean's edge for miles. I don't really know what I was looking for, but I guess I wanted to be rescued somehow from all of it. I went and lived in a foster care home in Staten Island and went to tottenville high. I lived with a family named the "Flickers" They had a daughter named Gina I recall. A really nice jewish family who wanted to adopt me, and the state being the state said no. I mean why have a family commit to taking care of me. After that they pulled me out of their home, claiming they didn't want them or myself to get too "attached".Imagine that.All I know is growing up and being placed on all these places was horrible. I do have some good memories, not many though. I was happy to finally grow up, and not have people controlling my every move. How ironic I work for the Department of Corrections. Life is good. If anyone has any pictures of the the girls side please email me @ Thank You Mary

mt. loretto

Hi Mary i was in mt. loretto during that time and i also went to the same school you did and my two sisters were in your house as well Frances and Julia if you remember me email me at

Mt Lorretto

No I'm sorry, seems like a billion years ago. I remember a girl named yvette.

DJ Melo Magic!!!

Carmelo, I remember you very clear. We were like brothers!!! It's me Moe, I was always with the twins (Hector and Toni) you were with me in 3rd house! Damn brother I always have wondered about you and the rest!! Email me on my daughters I tried the verizon email you have here but it did not go through. We had many good times!!! Hope you are well. Happy Holidays


Hi I do remember frances and julia we was in the same house my name is Iris im sure they remember me

This is the Miv Mount Loretto

This is the Miv Mount Loretto Web Site page. will see a lot of pictures and read a lot of stories. I wasn't there that long, however, I do understand how you felt. I was there for about 3 1/2 yrs, but it somehow seemed longer. You must of been a tough cookie for sister Helen to be able to do those things to you. I was so afraid of her. I do remember her being mean to me and how hard it was for me being there as well. I was bullied by all the kids. I had no confidence in myself. I suffered from depression most of my life and now I am taking medicine to control it. I went there at the age of 9, it was 1970 was there till about 75/75, memory is fading, but I could never ever forget that home. All I remember is crying a lot for my mother and just wanting to be home. Althoug I went home early, it wasn't the home I dreamed of. It was always so crazy and disfuntional living with family reletives then moving back with my mom and the man she was living with. She always took his side. I was there with my sister and my brother. Well, I am glad you finally grew up and found yourself. It's great being an adult. Nobody can tell us what to do anymore and we can live our own lives and control what we do. I truly hope you found your happiness. Take care and God bless you.

Hi, i was in the baby group

Hi, i was in the baby group for five years and i have horrible memories. I remember Sister Helen and she was so like a bully, so i understand what you went through. I have no good memories of that place, sorry to all the people who say it was so great. For me it was nightmarish, it seemed there was alot of punishment, control and forced silence going on, and i was scared almost the whole time i was there. If you didn't do exactly what they wanted it seemed every minute you were being punished and if one girl acted up they believed in punishing the whole group and they did. I remember being forced to stand for long hours in the drafty hallway, i remember we had to bend over so they could hit us with a radiator brush, i remember them inspecting our underwear at the end of the day to see if we soiled them. I guess that was open for punishment too. I was so afraid to wear my underwear! I remember having my head shoved into the wall by a nun in the baby group for singing a jingle and then the next day being sent to the hospital with a concussion after i was dizzy and throwing up. I have one good memory of a counselor named Miss Azella, a large women from Cuba in the junior group who used to tell us about her escape from Cuba. She was so nice to us kids. I remember Sister Georgina and her crazy stories in the junior group too.

Sister Helen

Hi, I totally can relate to all you mentioned here about your experiences living in The Mission, My 3 Brothers and Myself was put in this horriable home for 7 years back in 1964 till 1970 I was 8 my older bro 9 and middle bro 7 and littlest one was 4 he went to Saint Michaels till he got of age and came to the Mission, Mean while Living there has really impacted our lives far beyond our control an has effected us all till this day ,Silence, bitterness,unpleasant memories ETC..of that place and to all the NUNS some of which should have never never been a part on such holy grounds, some played a part of the devil Let me start with Sister Helen how can I describe her and all of her actions she was by far the meanist NUN and would pull me out of my bed slam me behind a door for hours of the night nail on clothes pins and stand stright up with my hands/arms behind my back and lock me outside the area and tell me the boyside boys will come and rape me while i was outside the stair well with the firescape over top she had it out for me every night she would pull me out of my bed and beat me and she was a big woman as well, I tried so hard to be fearless when it came to her, I remember one night standing with my hands and arms in back of me telling her I had to pee and I couldn't hold it any longer and I said I was going to pee on the floor she said to me if I did that I would lick it all up! I never hated a person as much as I hated her for bulling me while I was so young and couldn't defend for myself, I also remembering me always running and hiding at the lighthouse at the ocean and she knew where I would be at times and would punish me for going down to the ocean that woman has stressed me so bad and made my life misable and she would strip my bed and my locker said it wasnt neat enough and to do it all over I then beat her with a broom and they had the balls to send me to a shrink for hitting a NUN I ended up with Rehematic fever and St Vitis dance and was put in hospital and later on I was released I was 13 at the time of leaving I too have no good memories of that place, that horriable Nun Sister Helen stopped me from doing anything I would tell Sister Jaunita on her and sister roselie was very nice to me and I would run away down to the bus stop and Sister Georgina would come down there and get me I liked her she had a good heart and A kind soul, That place did NOT teach me anything except I didnt belive in being a Catholic An for what it was supposed to stand for Sister Helen ruined that for me , and the list goes on and on about that place and my experience and I cant speak for my Brothers they too had a horriable time on there side, so the morral to my story is I have no Religion Thanks to Mount Lorretto, and for all of you who said you had a good time there will Im happy for you and I hope your life is good now, and to all that had a horrified experience living there Note to SELF your a good person no matter what they tried to steal from us never give up!!Its a shame that all that bad is intertwined with the good and we have to live with it I do hope life is treating all of you kind and make the best of it, Happy Trails.....

It's true

Can you contact me about those years at the mount? 9174594678 pretty please

Sister Helen

My gosh, I'm so sorry to hear of these circumstances. The only bad memories have is of mean kids. I cannot imagine how my life would have turned out. Roof over my head, bed to sleep, 3 meals a day, yummy cookies at night, Broadway plays. Sure I cried almost every night ! I wanted to go home! Home wasn't where I was supposed to be. Sister Helen? Sure she scared the crap out of me. Not because she abused me, simply because she looked like she could really do some damage. I am so sorry to hear of these event's.

Is that you ?


Not a home

There were some who knew they were in control and used that power as a metal baseball bat. You are right about Sister Helen, she was a nightmare for many of us. Some experiences do not go away with age, I am sorry to say, but I hope the decent people we have come in contact with after we left the Mount helped to heal a little of our minds, hearts and spirits. I wish all of you survivors the best.

I remember Sister Helen

Wow!!! I thought I was the only one she tried to do in. She had a nasty habit of jabbing me with those keys of hers. A lot of my years there I have blocked out. Sorry they stopped you from being adopted, but remember, each head meant money from the state. The only Nun I like and who was good to everyone was Sister Winifred Denise. I still mis her. I will pray for you and the others who went through the Mount.


Bernice!!! I remember you, how could I ever forget you girl!! How is one of my sisters doing? It's been a long time since I've been in contact with anyone from MIV, and then I found this site! I live in Albany now. I don't really know many around here. There were many very bad memories in the mount, but we had to make the best of what we could. We really had noone there but eachother, the counselors and stuff were pretty rotten. You use to date my brother Jose Muniz. How are you? I'm Moe. (Moises Mendez) I was there with my brothers Jose and Miguel Muniz, I dont know what happened to my brother Miguel but my brother Jose and I ended up in Albany. Im doing pretty good, had to have heart work done but am doing well. Unfortunately my brother Jose passed away he is buried in Albany in a cemetary near me. Email me sometime if you could

Hello I am trying to discover

Hello I am trying to discover the things my mom went through as she was there with her little brother. She has traumatic memories from the nun cutting her hair off and beating her, this was from around 1945-1950 Her name is Christina and her little brother was Eddy...He has passed away some time ago...

st michaels on auther kill rd s.i. 1965-1973

i would like to read this book we always lost to your home in sports and you guys always took our girlfriends Lol tico Rodriguez

Mount Loretto

I read your book and it really gave me insight into the choices my parents made when they were young all the way to adulthood. I am a product of there union. Needless to say my mom and her 6 siblings...all suffered in one way or another. My father and his 3 brothers as well. I sometime find myself angry about the abuse and mistreatment of them all. I spoke to my college professor about it and she was really intirgued by my stories about my parents and aunts and uncles. I want justice for my parents!!!! For an abusive cycle that continue way after they left. For never really gettind a chance at life. To learn love and nurturing. Please tell me what we can do to seek some kind of vindication, that still troubles there mind. My mom and day were there in the 50's -1971. Thank you once again Walter. Respectfully Submitted, Germaine Santiago

Mount Loretto

I read your book and it really gave me insight into the choices my parents made when they were young all the way to adulthood. I am a product of there union. Needless to say my mom and her 6 siblings...all suffered in one way or another. My father and his 3 brothers as well. I sometime find myself angry about the abuse and mistreatment of them all. I spoke to my college professor about it and she was really intirgued by my stories about my parents and aunts and uncles. I want justice for my parents!!!! For an abusive cycle that continue way after they left. For never really getting a chance at life. To learn love and nurturing. Please tell me what we can do to seek some kind of vindication, that still troubles there mind. My mom and dad were there in the 50's -1971. Thank you once again Walter. Respectfully Submitted, Germaine Santiago

HI Grandpa this is your

HI Grandpa this is your brothers (Edward) grandchild Sophie!!! I'm reading your book

Remember someone

Hi, I am looking for an Angel Reyes, he may have been there in the 50"s did you know him?

I was at Mt. Loretto from

I was at Mt. Loretto from 1973- 1980 , They were the best years of my life. I wouldn t trade them for anything... So many good memories. It s a shame that the mount is nothing like it used to be. I Go back to visit every few years. I miss all the friends that i had while i was there, it would be nice to see them again.





Mt. Loretto

Hi Luis. I remember you and your brothers. Especially Sammy because he and my brother Mark Waldorf were such good friends. I also had another brother there, Larry. I don't know if you remember them. Hope you and your brothers are well. take care Laura



I was in omega. My workers

I was in omega. My workers was cathine, anna fleming and walter moore I think you might know me

Omega House

I was at Omega house when you were

I was in cottage A and 8th house they called me Bzi

Do you remember Cathy she hand a sister name china

ralph ibarra with brothers,luis and sammy

we came there in july 1973.and we were placed in forth cottage low dorm.sammy left in 1978 when he was 18,and i left in feb.1979 when i was 12.luis left in 1981.i had a lot of good memories there as well,i would give anything to do it over again.i miss a lot of the people that i grew up with and i hope that many of them are doing well. if you do know who i am, please write back.i will be checking.

Ibarra brothers

I was a teacher at MIV from 1964 to 1979 and I am sure I taught Sammy or even Louis.I hope you come to the reunion in Sept., I am planning on coming. I do not teach any more, retired to an administrative position at our Motherhouse in Hastings. Hope I will hear from one of you or anyone else I taught, they were wonderful years and people are tired of hearing how much I loved MIV, Sr. Rose

david perez, nick name mousie

to luis ibarra or anyone who might know the perez brother gilbert perez and david perez we were actually there from 1968 to 1981 my brother left around 1979 he was older than me.i posted some pictures in the mount lorreto home page go check them out and see if anyone reconize us.also pics of willie jones,steven maglio,carlos acevedo and billie c.they were some of the ones in there with us at the nick name was mousie. if anyone would like to contact me please do at or 508-217-1541.

Morreale sisters 60-67

Do you remember any of the Morreale sisters? Darlene, Rosemary, Virginia or Teresa? They're my family who were at MIV.

I remember The Morreale

I remember The Morreale sisters, Darlene was in my group St Catherine's. Also I have a picture of Rosemary.

The Good Old Days

Hi Betty, Glad to see you are still around; last saw you up in my office in 2004 in the Empire State Building. Are you still in Queens? I am still on Staten Island and my sister Dorothy i still in Rego Park. Would really like to hear from you. I also remember all four Morreale girls, Theresa, Virginia, Darlene and Rosemary. Alyce Iavarone

Resident of third house

Wow willie jones was our goalkeeper, me and his brother Chris would fight at least once a week , Carlos was on the teams as well . I remember you mousie !!!!! Jesse from the second floor Vance ,Timothy and Eddie......

the mount

hi ibarra brothers i think i know who you are i was there from 73 to 81 me and my brother. my name is david perez they use to call me mousie and my brothers name is gilbert perez i lived in second cottage low dorm and my brother was top dorm of god father was rudy t. who ran the gym and the soccer team and dont forget mrs jones and sister helen from school. dont forget the pool and firemans day. if you remember us please contact me at my email add, i was also a alter boy for father mangan.and last do you remember sliding down mount sr hill when it was snowing.

No good memories of Mt. loretta

I was in Mt. Loretta in the 70's and I have very few good Memories of that place. It was a haven for abuse. Nothing but scars left in my memory.

I remember Luis and Sammy.

I remember Luis and Sammy. Your brother sammy use to go out with my friend Jessica when they were there. I was there with my sister Dorcas and my 2 brother Luis Guzman and Isreal Adorno they use to call him Izzy for short.. I have been searching for Jose Padilla do you remember him. I had a kid from him but I gave the baby up for adoption and found him last year June 20 2010. He would like to know his dad. but anyways. I good to see you guys are still here on


I have dated your sister in 1973, and had my front teeth punched out by Raymond due to jealousy. Anyway, I am on Facebook

hello deborah, i am sorry to

hello deborah, i am sorry to see that you did not mention my name, i was jessicas favorite. i have trying to find jessica for years.the problem was that i did not know her last name and neither did anyone else i ran into from the girls side. i hope that you and jessica are doing well if you are still in contact with her. please call me if you know where she is 347 602 6728. thank you.i miss her so much. yes i do remember all of you, even dorcas. take care debbie. ralph ibarra.

Ralph ibarra

Yes I still stay in touch with Jessica she live in New Mexico with her husband. She's doing very well..

Hi luis, I wonder if I know

Hi luis, I wonder if I know you. I use to go over to the boys side all the time to go swimming in the big swimming pool. Do you remember the big diving boards? I use to be the only girl that could do back flips from the highest board. I remember going to the dances over at the boys side.My name then was mary rodriquez. I was kinda of a tomboy, always hanging out with the boys. mary

you can contact me @

you can contact me @ luis i knew you and your late brother sammy

Hi, I was at Mt. Loretto from

Hi, I was at Mt. Loretto from 1974 - 1980. What's your name. I would love to go visit Mt. Loretto but it seems that I never have the money or the time.

Luis...I remember you

Was Sammy your brother

I dated your brother Sammy

Luis- I remember you and your brother Rafeal very well. I lived at St. Joseph's dorm and in the Davis Cottage. Whatever happened to Sammy? I hope you are doing well.

hello jessica,i hope that

hello jessica,i hope that when you receive this message,that you and your family are doing well. i have been trying to find you for years, but with no luck. of all the girls that i knew,you were my favorite. i miss you so much. i always wondered what happened to you,and hoping that you were doing well.sammy died in 1994,a month before my daughter was born. please call me when you get this message. we have a lot to talk about. 347 602 6728 love you always, ralph ibarra.

I was in cottage A and 8th house they called me Bzi




Looking for friend in Omega

I was in mount loretto in omega 1 I remember some memories I am trying get photos of the school it was south richmond. I remember mr. a was my teacher. I remember walter moore, anna and cathine in omega If you remember please write to

100th Reunion of Mission of the Immaculate Virgin, Mount Loretto

Every year, usually the third Saturday in September, we have a Reunion. This year, 2010, will mark a 100th year celebration at the Mount. We hope that "Mission Kids" from all over the country and the world will come back and celebrate our uniqueness. For many of us, the Mount saved us from seriously disfunctional families and abuse. The nuns, the priests and the counselors instilled in us good values. We also enjoyed new experiences that we otherwise would have never been exposed to. I especially remember going to see "The Temptations" and "Oklahoma." I lived in a dormitory with many girls called the Villa. I feel fortunate that I have a second family with brothers and sisters that I feel close to. If you know any Mission Kids, please tell them about the 100th celebration and encourage them to attend. It will be special. Lydia S.

100th reunion

My Father (William W. Hughes)was there from 1930 onward. Can you tell me more about the reunion so that I may pass this info on to him. We live in Florida and may be interested in attending. Thank you Kate hughes

100th Reunion Celebration 9/18/10

You can find more information on the 100th Reunion Celebration at You have to sign in to see the messages/postings. In addition, in the "Files" section, you will see the announcement and who to call for more information on the Reunion. Good luck.

Thank you

My father Domenick Monaco was there 1933> My friends father O'Mara was there about the same time Any info would be helpful to me for my family Tree John

Do I have a Say!!

Well.. my Mother and her younger siblings lived in Mt. Loretta. some loved it and some were the death of it. what story would you like to hear?

I would

I would like to hear of your stories because my grandmother her brother were there in the years between 1932-38 or 39. Her stories were nothing of anyone on this blog. She had run away from the home twice just to get away from the abuse.

Thank you

Same with me Did you get any stories? John

My grandfather was at Mount

My grandfather was at Mount Loretto and Farmerdale Long Island for Boy until he was 17. Even as an older man he had terrible scars all over his body from the beatings he endured at the hands of these people. He had nightmares until he passed away. The abuse he endured had an impact on everyday of life. I loved him so dearly. I do not know how people could be so cruel to others, and children at that.

I agree

My grandmother ran away twice with her brother and sister. She claims they were HORRIBLE. All the other posts are about how wonderful it was. But those posts seem to be after my grandmother was there. Does anyone know how to get records from when my grandmother was there. It was in between census, so she won't show up on one. I am glad someone posted about the negative part of this place.


Hi, I would be interested in knowing if you were ever successful getting records for your Grandmother. I was at Mt. Loretto between 1942 and 1946 and swould like to get my records. Please let me know. Thank you.

Finding our ancestors

My husband's grandfather lost both his mother and father in 1890. He and his siblings were sent to Mount Loretto. Can you imagine the trauma for these children? We would really like to honor the memory of our family. We are compiling a family genealogy and want to include and honor these family members. Is there any accounting of the residents of Mount Loretto in the 1890s? If anyone can steer us in the right direction we would really appreciate it. please reply to Thanks, Mary McDonald

Of course you have a say. It

Of course you have a say. It is impossible to imagine the experience of being an orphan unless you have been there yourself. no mater how well intentioned an "orphanage" could be, there has to be a lasting impact on your life for being left alone in the world.

Of course you have a say

I was a Cabrini girl. If my father hadn't remarried, my sister's and I would have very likely transferred there because Cabrini went up to eighth grade and my sister was graduating. We lived on Staten Island.My younger sister and I went to PS 3 and my older sister Margaret McCree went to Tottenville High. We had friends from the Mount. We didn't have it any better, as our step mother put the step in step mother. We wanted to run away to the Mount because we believed that they would be as kind as the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. I had a friend named Mercedes. She borrowed my camera and then we moved.

looking for history and answers from mount loretto

My father is Jeremiah Blunnie, he was born in 1932 and he was one of seven children born of Margaret Mary (supple)Blunnie and John Joseph Blunnie. His siblings were as follows: Oldest: Patrick J. Blunnie who never resided at the orphanage, was in the army at age 15. 2nd oldest was my father Jeremiah, then John Francis Blunnie, Margaret Mary Blunnie the only girl of the 7 children, Thomas (middle name unsure) Blunnie, James Blunnie, and Michael Blunnie. middle names i am unsure of. Jeremiah, my father, married a woman named Christine who also resided in the orphanage. I would like to find people who knew my relatives or may have attended school with them. My father and Michael Blunnie are the only remaining survivors of the seven children. My father and his brother are estranged from one another and my father's clarity on events has left him as he is 79 yrs old. anyone with information i would love to hear from you. Please contact me, Trisha @

I was at Mount Loretto early 1960's

My Name is George Mateo and was in Mount Loretto in the early 60's with 3 of my brothers.I have a lot of good memories and friends who's names I still remember. In the late 80's I met one of my best friends (Cesar) who went to The Navy but then lost contact with him. We resided at 1st cottage and the head nun there was Sister lorentene (I hope I spelled that right) We also Had a live in consular name Margret and her dog Skippy. We had lots of fun there and learned to play all kinds of sports. I miss those days and my friends. If you were there at this time or know me you can e-mail me at

mount loretto

i was there from 1964 till 1969. i sure miss all my friends from that time.

remembering the mount.

hi I was at the mt.from 1965-1969 then went to the first group home they created in the bronx on olinville ave.. my memories of the mt. was both tuff and great.. I was bullied alot.. but i guess that came with it.. I learned alot from everyone and I appreciated. I started in 1st cottage then I think I went to 3rd then 4th. before I left. my counsellor in 1st was miss margaret and mr jim.. in 3rd I think his name was joe (german guy) miss ann and miss jennifer in 4th it was mr douglas(flip wilson lol. the sergent)I will never forget the mt and all the friends i made..

I to was in third cottage do

I to was in third cottage do you rember phil flored, that mean conselor? My nick name was figgy. I played soccer and all sports. my contact # is 845-282-9584. I am looking forward to seeing you and all my old friends at the reunin.

I played soccer with you at

I played soccer with you at Gjoa...long time brother was John. Mike Boulos

Hi Carlos

Dont know how I found this website but its a good one. I may be getting out of the National Guard soon, so dont know how long Im going to be coming up to Camp Smith, My cell bummed out on me with all mny numbers before I cdan back them up in my new one. If you get this message email me. Your Bro John Boy

Hi there my name is Wilson

Hi there my name is Wilson Ramos was at mount from 65 to 69 first cottage miss margret and mister Jim I remember my hole family was with me all eight of us I was youngest coco my sister the oldest Benny, Elsie, Ralph,Jose,Edwin,Peter anyone remember us? The Ramos family

I was there too

I was in the same cottage at the same time. Sr. Mary Laurentine use to head the singing at the church where I was an altar boy. I also remember Margaret and Skippy, a black and white dog. Did you have a brother named Hector?

First Cottage

I was there when you were there . Just Happen to Find this sight Do you rember that sister used to sing In Church ?

I was in Mount Loretto

I was in Mount Loretto as a staff member working along side the nuns and to this day it was the best job and times of my life. I lost my father in WWII, and my mother my junior year in college. I left college in Janruary,1964 and fell into the job at Mt. Loretto. It was as if I had a loving and nuturing family again. The nuns were wonderful and working with the girls I worked with over at St. Elizabeth's was the best time of my life. I was devastated to find out that St. Elizabeth's building had burned down and today to learn Mt. Loretto has changed so much. It's gratifying to fine this page and read so much about children who had been at the Mission and refer to themselves as "Mission Kids" I think of all of you often, I became a social worker and therapist. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA Mary

I was at Mount Loretto

Hi Mary, I was at Mount Loretto and I wonder if you knew a counselor named Pat Smith. She was very kind to me and I often wonder what became of her. Also, it would be nice if you could go to the Reunion on September 18, 2010. I'm sure people would remember you and be happy to see you. Take care.

Hi, I was at the Mount in the

Hi, I was at the Mount in the late 60s and my counselor was Ms.Margaret. Don't remember if I was in the "baby" section at the time or a junior. I was very close to Father Eugene Mangan and caught up with him years after I left S.I. There is not much that I can remember, but I do remember the good times I had there, and the wonderful people I met. I was very close with Sister Rosaire, Sister Christopher and Mr. Kelly, my math teacher. Sister Helen, (mean as a bulldog, sorry about that)was the least liked. There are still a few names I remember. Curious if you would remember any of them: Adelina Rodriguez, Lillian Paniagua, Donna Sica, Margaret & Karen Cusack, Edna & Luxie Rodgriguez. Hope you can respond. Irma Morales New York/New Jersey

Oh yes..Sr Helen fox...she

Oh yes..Sr Helen fox...she was mean very mean....My statement of being nearly thrown out a window by her....omg..If I had any fears , she completed them for me. sorry mary

mount loretto

hi irma my name is david perez i also was at the mount for that time they called me mousie n my brother is gilber perez. i remeber father mangan i was and alter boy. and i have made contact with others that were also there like william costales whent by the name of billy.your name is so familiar i just cant put face to it.if u remember us we on david perez ,billy black wolf costales n gilber perez.

At Mount Loretto, Summer of 71 to Feb 76

Calling out to anyone that may remember me.. I had some great teenage friends from my time in forth and fifth cottages and playing ball there. would like to some day soon go to a reunion there. Need to try to remember some of the names... Michael Black, had a sister Michelle; Izzy, Pengergrass; Larry Waldorf, believe I remember the Perez brothers...

Mt Loretto

I read your post regarding Mt Loretto. I am currently doing some research about WWII. You sai that you lost your father in the war and I was wondering who he may be. Was he a Staten Islander thats who we are trying to document. It seem that there were a fair number of men that had passed through Mount Loretto who gave their lives that may not have been recognized.

The Morreale sisters

Do you remember any of the Morreale sisters? Rosemary, Darlene, Virginia and Teresa? They are family and I live in Malibu and am interested in talking if you remember them.

Looking for my friend Omega 1 & 2 Year 1987 to 1993

Looking for friends from Omega House 1 & 2 years 1987 to 1993. I was there during this time. My name is Jason Kerr and I am looking to get in contact with other residents who were there at the same time. Management was Anna Fleming also duty supervisor was Walter Moore. Residents names Jose "Chico" Santos, Jason Curry, Al Anderson, Jimmy James Dugard. Please contact me I am currently living in the Bronx.

Omega house 1986-1988

I was at omega house also, I think 1986-1988. Your name sounds very familiar. I was confirmed while at the mount- Anna Flemming and Walter Moore became my God-parents. I've lost touch with them. anyone else out there?

I was there I remember you I

I was there I remember you I was your friend and your roommate You can write back at

Hello Venus Rhodes I remember

Hello Venus Rhodes I remember you please email me back this is ruth foster but I am ruth cortes now . Please email me at

I remember you I am ruth

I remember you I am ruth Foster I am in the bronx too You can write back

omega1 in 1984 to 1990

I was also in omega 1 in staten island . I do know you jason kerr and venus You can reach me at

I remember you jason kerr as

I remember you jason kerr as it was yesterday. We was in the same home. I am in the bronx too. I was looking for some people too i find some of them like two. I wish there was away we can be in touch i trying looking you up please email me at

hello jason i remember u

I am Ruth cortes but my name was Ruth foster we was omega together please contact me by email. My email is

Omega house 83-87

Hi I'm John Ruffino I remember from Mount Loretto. Ruth Foster (Cortes) is also looking for you. You can contact me on Facebook or my call me at (347)776-8935.

Researching my Grandmother's Life

My grandmother was at Mt Lorretto in the 1920s. She left in 1932. She had fond memories. Does anyone have any photos dating back that far that you would be willing to share?

Mt Loretta

My mother went to Mt Loretta with her sister and brother when she was 4 years old. She was born in 1918 so that would have been about 1922. She stayed until age 16. I guess around 1934 she had no photos of those years. Another post spoke of a graduation picture a person had of her mother's class (her mother was the same age as mine). My mother told stories often of "the home" as she called it. Her name was Estelle Marie McHugh. Is your mother still living? Mine passed away 5 years ago at the age of 88

i was on the mount late70to1983

i was on the mount with julius/baldy/jr brown it was the best time of my life. i was in cottage b anybody out ther then please shootme an email

I think I know you

Do you remember when they turned Cottage A into a jailhouse; they had unbreakable plexiglass on the windows? David

yes i remember

they had to cause they moved tho boys from duval down there lol

I was on the maintenance crew

I was on the maintenance crew when they dismantled it; then they turned it back into Cottage A; only after they emptied out St.Anthony's and a few other houses. I believe thay converted our old houses for the mentally disturbed children...little did they know; we were all mentally least I was..LOL! Do you ever hear from Raheem or Tommy Diggs? What was the name of the old councellor form cottage B; you know...the white guy? He was cool. David

looking for all people from 1981 to 1983

i must know you i was in st ann

I was in cottage A and 8th house they called me Bzi

Whats up

I was there at the same time

I remember Julius,jr Brown, and Baldy. They were just a little older than me. I was in 4 house when that closed I was sent to cottage B.

My Grandfather

My Grandfather was at Mount Loretto as a child and then onto Farmerdale Long Island Trade School for Boys until he was 17 in 1940. He passed away in 2006 and always had a tough time speaking of his life there. He had terrible scars on his back from the beatings he endured. We do not have much information about his life or parents. He was haunted by the memories of his childhood and did not speak of it but only once to me. Does anyone know how I might find more information about his life?

mount loretto

if you remeber me i was in third cottage 1962 to1976 please call me if you was in third cottage at 8452829584


My Husband, DOMINICK DeFILIPPO, was an orphan at Mt. Loretta in the 1930's/1940's. Anyone out there remember him ? I remember him loving a Sister Aquinatta, whom he claimed was kind to him. I know he learned many skills while he was there. I would love to know more if you can share info and or pics. Thank you.


My father, Richard Glennon and his brother and sisters were at Mt Loretto starting in about 1940. His brother's name was Charles(Buddy), his sisters are Helen and Agnes. Anybody remember them?

Our family Lorriane, John,

Our family Lorriane, John, Joanne, Edward, and Daniel, lived at Mt. Lorreto.And we thank the hevens every day for our lives and that they will forever be apart of Mt. Lorreto history. Dawn and Bridget

THE MOUNT. the short story of a once kid who played with fun.

To all the people who ever lived in M.I.V. remember you are blessed for ever. the place was a life time joy for many kids that played sports there and enjoyed all the activities they always had for us, no electronic games no sitting around, always free to run around , good make believe games. it was the best fun ever as a kid i learned so much there i became a good baseball player, a good football player also track and field, boxing, swimming and a good student , i joined the military after and served my country but before all that i attended Tottenville H.S. also as a at kid I.S.34 played gym hockey after school against other schools, till this day i stay in touch with M.I.V. i remember being the one kid looking out my 3rd house window seeing the smoke coming from the beautiful church were i was baptized and made my first communion, i was 13 yrs old i reported the fire to the night man on duty, the next day i remember and seeing the Bishop Oconnor in front of the church(it was a long time ago but i am sure that's right) i happen to be one of the kids he had put his arm around my shoulder i was wearing a red M.I.V. jacket never forget it was a sad day( that photo came out in the paper the next day) indeed the church that meant so much to so many of us and others. a year before that i remember all the kids including me being sent on buses to palisades amusement park rides lots of fun back then. Now i believe that was in order for them to film part of the movie the Godfather at that same church with no kids on the grounds interfering the filming , we were treated very special. always going to NY Met Games, Firemen Fun Day so much History i still have the true story of MT. Loretto in my heart. from 1968 to 1978. but i ended up in the Persian Gulf in late 1979 after boot camp training and Hawaii during that was time the hostages in Iran 444 days captivity but before all that i got to play in Yankee Stadium for the new york city Majors Trophy game.i happen to be chosen to represent M.I.V.for one of the good players from the school. (sandlot baseball) NY Met Vs NY Yankees I got the winning Hit that day and beat the NY Met score 4to3, never forget few days before that great experience happen i was in the Bronx sitting on a bench outside Yankee Stadium in the night with a friend and i remember making a wish looking up at the Stadium ' wow i wish i could play here' God did answer my prayers. next day on the Staten Island Advance head lines "Dream Comes true for Carmelo Torres" this is who i am a kid that came from Puerto Rico at the age of 5 because my moms had passed and lived in the streets of Harlem 145st with an uncle then the Bronx with a aunt. But got to see visit many countries all over the world when i enlisted in the military. Today i stay in contact with M.I.V. and the man that cared so much for all of us so well. The one and only Mr.Bill D'amBrosio he is the strong link to all the unity. Great leader great coach great father the whole world would be a better place if everyone could have a person like him in their lives. his teaching and coaching unbelievable. what a great coach when it came to life and football i could see him coaching in the NFL with out question! they were many other coaches and teachers but no one other has come as far to show so much care and love for kids and people the way he has During my time and i am sure others. we call him our "God Father" which he is for me forever and I am sure for so many others.I thank you "GodFather" for all the teaching and memories. Anyone out there reading this please remember to go back and visit where we all grew up at as kids and became young men. "Be blessed again". M.I.V. was the truth and still holds love. to contact me contact our "GodFather"( Mr. Bill D'amBrosio) to all of those that ever lived there during my time.

I remember you Carmelo

remember you Carmelo. You had thick long hair and a headband while you attended Tottenville. All the kids from the mount were pretty cool and fortunate to have landed at the Mount. Hope everything turned out well for you my man!!

hi if you were one of us you

hi if you were one of us you can contact me @ thx

I do not live on the Mount. I

I do not live on the Mount. I attended IS 34 and Tottenville HS with you. god bless

I remember you Melo Magic was your tag

i first met you in the orientation building up on the St.Elizabeth side of Mount Loretto in the early 70's; you had a room that faced Monsignors's hill and you loved Parliment Funkadelic. I can still remember the picture you painted on the road to the house by the beach. It was a picture of a magician. i also remember Bill D'amBrosio, and he purchased the DJ equipment for the mount. Some of my favorite teachers are, Ms Zarelli;(Typing) Mr.Murhta (math) Mr. Williky; Science) Mr. Stern; Mr. Nunziotta, (taylor Shop) Mr. Lemondolla, Barber shop, mr. Ferrera Metal shop, Mr. Anderson, Woodshop Mr.Miller Autoshop...Mr. Dubinski; mr.Byers and so on. I was there from 1974 to 1980 and I remember nothing but good times and great people, the people that I remember most are the one who left a lasting impression on me...Its good to know that you are well...God Bless You Melo Magic. David


Hello, Hopefully you remember me I was in the mount 1970-1977 and played football for Mr. Bill D'amBrosio. I also attended Tottenville. I played with Raymond Reyes, Bingo, Bulldog, Lary Neal , Isreal Villa, Freddy Pendergrass and the twins. Also played soccer for Phil. I was also there when filming the god father and when it burned down, sad day. IF you remember my , please ping me . Take Care! PS. I started in 6th house then moved to the new 10th cottage. MIV for better or worse made me stronger! I'm living a good live with a great family. Take care!!

I was at the Mount '68-'73.

Hello Jose. I was in 1st & 4th House. I remember Raymond Reyes and Freddie Pendergrass. I also played soccer for coach Phil Flur and baskeball for coach Bill Glawon. I used to wear a yellow fishing hat playing dodgeball. I played all sports. Do you remember Robert Roundtree? Larry Waldorf? Jose Colon? Jose Pacheco? Eddie Perez? Gregory Stepp? I also remember counselors Mr. Jim and Ray Vermero. Anyway, be well and stay blessed, man.

missing the mount

i was on the mount from 1979 till 1983 do any one remember jr.brown/baldi/julius/oj/dave/wolfredo iwas in cottage b i miss those days i wish i can see some of my freinds again if anybody was there then give me a call 9194031420

Hello, Do you remember Freddy

Hello, Do you remember Freddy Martinez aka Lucan, John RC, Gloria Earl aka butter, Roslyn Martinez aka Sugar, Gina, Yolanda, little bit, Felipe, I was there 1982-1984 on and off. there was a counselor there named Mac, he was a very large, kind, large man. I think he drove a big red car.. write back if you know any of these people!


yes I remember all those you mention especiallly Mac and his big red 2door lincoln with the white top and his partner in crime the other consulor Genola

your response

Hello! May I ask who you are? I am Roslyn AKA Sugar ( I don't go by that though lol..) Omgosh! yes the big red car! I often wonder how everyone is doing.. What house were you in? Do you know me? would love to know how life turned out for you.. you may email me at Look forward to hearing from you!!

Yes! I remember all you

Yes! I remember all you mention Mac,Genola, Residents Gina ,Yolanda, Bernard and Christina brother and sisters a guy name Carlos I can go on and on with naming people I remember would love to see some of you guys my E-Mail is I have some pics also the best time of my life the Mount...

Yes I was there from 1982 -

Yes I was there from 1982 - 1985 I remember Mac Genola Gina the resident and yolanda that was the most fun I had in my life I met my husband there also I miss all those guys I wish I can see some of them today... If anybody has info on Mac please let me know my e- mail is

Yes I remember I was on the

Yes I remember I was on the mount from 1982-1985 I remember all those people Genola Mac he was the best Gina ,Yolanda I remember Rc cute Hispanic guy lol if anyone has any info I would love to see these folks again I met my husband on the Mount those were the best times of my young life I remember you to I was one of the younger ones in the group I think I even have a pic of you...

John RC Mr.. Don't touch my

John RC Mr.. Don't touch my face I was a primie! Oh my gosh he was indeed a hottie.. lol Do you have a facebook?

yes i remember

i was in st ann butter,gina all was with me do u remember michelle lindsey and twinkles denise ec ebony i can go on and on those was the days

i was in the mount

do you remember gumby and jeff and snake

i was om the mount i knew michelle lindsey ojay butter ebony

I had the best time off my life there I Madame my son there by even garner she was in st Anne I use to date Michelle lindsey

I was in cottage A and 8th house they called me Bzi

I know all off the i was in 8th house my sister name was Christine she was in Davis/St.Teresa's

I was there and remember a different Mount

I remember the big man you mentioned.....I also remember all the sexual misconduct of many of the staff......There was a white girl named Dawn that wrote in her diary every night staff and resident couples......there was two male staffers that would meet at the beach. there even a male teacher ....non meat eater that touch the girls all the time....Pizza anyone???? I live on both sides of the mount then I was moved to the Bronx....near gun hill road. my time in the system made me not trust people. the people that was supposed to protect us made me a very angry person. I have seen and experienced the worst in people...I saw death,drugs,and sex you remember???????

I was in St ann's

I remember you jerry.. did you have a sister I was in st.ann's I date Chris from Yale

finding mom

Hello, My mother was pregnant with me between 1969 and 1970, the year of my birth. Her last name was Cox, and i believe her first name was Antoinette. She was in a home for girls in staten Island around that time. i was born in Staten island hospital (which has been since closed) I'm trying to find her. I was place for adoption at birth with the Sheltering Arms center in Manhattan. She was 18 at the time. My father was a jewish boy that she had been dating. i know nothing of his name. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate a bit of direction. Thank you.

3rd house.

I have read about a lot of sad stories and searches here. I hope & pray these people resolve their hopes and strifes. I was there for a very short while in the late 60's, but I remember a great deal about it. I was in 3rd house with the younger kids, from about 8 yrs old till I was about 10. I had my 1st Holy Communion at St. Joachim & Ann's Church before it burned down. I remember we had a beagle named "Snoopy" who was one of the most lovable dogs I had ever seen in my life. The best thing I remember at MIV was the Christmases I spent there. They were the best I ever had because of something special they did that will stay with me forever. I guess through donations, we all got some money and a spending spree at Gimbels in NYC. I also remember the kids all singing the Christmas carols together. I remember the treatment was very strict but fair in my experience, although I do remember some kids getting punished alot more than I did. I was punished alot until I finally surrendered and became very committed to church-going and praying. My counselors that I remember were Brother Micheal Waak & Brother John. I remember a kind lady named "Miss Claire" too. In third house, the dormitory floor was called St. Pius and St. Jude. I would like to hear from my friends that I made there, unfortunately I don't remember their names except for a few but no last names. I remember a kid we called "Jack Bruce". That was his first name and middle name, I think. He was greek and always talked about his dad. He was my best friend there, but I don't remember his last name. Anyone who was in 3rd house from 1967 to 1970 might know me. Write on this blog so I can contact you.

i was in that house at that

i was in that house at that time, i remember our dog snoopy. i was one of the little guys at the time. miss Clare worked there At the time. another guy there with us was Freddy. also Raymond, Angel. hit me om my email

I'm Freddy

Am I the Freddy that you remember? I was a little guy. I remember a dog named Skippy that belonged to Miss Margaret.

1st & 4th House.

Hello Freddy. My name is Eric, and I remember Ms. Margaret and her ol' black dog. Ha ha. I was in the Top Dorm. Do you remember brothers Hector and Elmer Maldonado? Cucho? And his brother Johnny Arrocho? How about brothers Louie and Vincent Pratt? Or brothers Danny and Sean Farrell? I also remember Mr. Jim. He taught me sports. Also Mr. Robert Barragan, who was from South America and loved soccer. I had great memories. Anyway, be well and stay blessed, man.

1St house

Do you remember Mr Jim in the first house

I remember Mr. Jim.

Hello Jferrara. I am Eric. I was in 1st House and remember Mr. Jim among others. Be well and stay blessed, man.

Mt. Loretto, 1966-1968

Did anyone attend Mt. Loretto School from 1966 until 1968? I am looking for old acquaintances. My name is Anna Garcia. My maiden name was Anna Castro and my nickname was "Sweet Pea".

I remember you

Hi Anna, You used to hang out with Iris Burgos back in the day at the Mount. I still have a photo of all of us on the Staten Island ferry while trying to look cool with sun glasses on. Gina was my girlfriend back than. We have three children and four grandchildren now. Contact me. Willie

Hi Anna

We hung out together along with Iris at the Mount. Contact me.

Morreale sisters 60-67

Do you remember any of the Morreale sisters? Rosemary, Darlene, Teresa and Virginia? They're my family and I'm hoping to hear any memories about them. Only one sister is still alive.

I remember all four sisters.

I remember all four sisters. I was in the Mount from 1960 to 1971. My sister was Dorothy Iavarone. I found this site because your names popped into my head today because I am dealing with an attorney with your last name. I hope all of you have had a great life so far.

Wasn't a nice place to my mother

My mother was there in the 1940s when she was 6 and was abused by a priest and beaten when she told about it. Her brother was also abused on the boys side. All my mothers file says is that she was bad bad bad. She did escape there and found her way back to her mother. She said this was a terrible place. Im glad that not everyone was abused there.

My Dad had a terrible experience

My father and my uncle were there in the late 40's, and were between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. They have terrible memories of abuse there. They would constantly be beaten and they were never fed. They said they would sneak out on to the beach and eat out of the garbage pails. It hurts me so much to hear the terrible stories, and believe me there wasn't one pleasant memory and they were there for a few years.

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin

My grandmother Elizabeth Harding was at the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin, apparently the same site as Mt.Loretto, in 1920. I just read that there was a 100 year anniversary. Does anyone have any pictures of that year, or know my grandmother? She never spoke of her life there and she didn't even know how she ended up there. She died in 1994 and my mother died in 1991; I am trying to do a family tree for my daughter and regret not asking either one before they died more about the history. My email is Thanks.

hello do you know me?

Hello, My name is Roslyn and I was a resident at MIV from I believe 1982-1984 on and off. my nickname was Sugar. I wish I could remember the names of some of the staff there, I remember what they looked like, but don't recall names. I remember Mr. Mac he was I think a gym teacher, but was very large. he was very kind and funny and everyone loved him. I am hoping to find someone who might remember me or was there at the time when I was there. some of the names of the girls and boys that were there when I was were, Freddy Martinez (lucan), Gloria Earl (freddy's girlfriend) we used to call her butter, Felipe, a girl we used to call littlebit (felipe's girlfriend), Ebony, John RC, Gina, Yolanda, Luis. there were two sisters there I cannot recall their names, but one of them had an accident in the pool and passed away from the trauma. Does anyone remember any of these people? MIV made a great difference in my life. despite my shortcomings I was glad that MIV was a great part of my life and provided great memories for me.

yes i believe i do

Yes mac was one of the coolest consulers up there most of time he was at the gym with Ruddy. and they had the boxing ring in back were tony use to practice. and me and andre would play padlleball in the gym. and the sister who survived is name alicia it was her sister who went swimming at nite alledgly and drowned. i remember going to the canteen near the pool in the summer. do you remember gladys or her sister betty. and what house where you in?

Hello! I forget which

Hello! I forget which house.. I think it was either st. Anns or St. Mary's .. which ever one was in the back that's the one I was in. If I think I remember the girls. I remember going to the Canteen as well.. how are you?

Hello! I forget which

Hello! I forget which house.. I think it was either st. Anns or St. Mary's .. which ever one was in the back that's the one I was in. If I think I remember the girls. I remember going to the Canteen as well.. how are you?

st ann and St Teresa was in the back

Many memories I have a lot of pictures those days I would never forget call me now 17699 at 595 I think I remember every room here within the wrong and who was roommate starting in st.Ann 1st Room was Ec ebony butter Gladys in 2nd room by her self then Izzy celena and Michelle then Lolerra by herself across the hall Maria and Jackie then Denise Charlene was in room by herself our staff was Janette ms daisy ms tina ms Ester ms Marie I forgot black man name but I have a pitc of him then ms Rachel and her husband I think his name was ron they was white I remember the black lady who use to do the shows I remember ms Angie from food service and Mr bill I use to work there I remember the girls who was next door in st there's a I use to hang with Love Ashia known as Lisa she use to date Flood and dated Chris and have a child with him he passed away he use to be in Yale cottage I could go on for days the fights and the love

Hello! I forget which

Hello! I forget which house.. I think it was either st. Anns or St. Mary's .. which ever one was in the back that's the one I was in. If I think I remember the girls. I remember going to the Canteen as well.. how are you?

the sisters

i was up there when it happened the sister that is alive is named Alicia. i was in 10th

you were in 10th? may I

you were in 10th? may I ask.. do you remember your housemates? what were their names? Maybe I may know some of them.. i probably remember you too? how is life treating you??

the mount

Hi Roslyn, you sound familiar to me..although I barely remember anything from them days..I remember a counselor by the name Brett Copp and Raul, another man, Forrest White...a resident named Angie...can't remember much though

I was there then her name was

I was there then her name was Valerie Rip I would be so great to see some of you guys from the mount I had the most fun time of my life living there....

roslyn wright

some staff ms daisy ms tina ms jeanetta ms estelle mr scottie ms angie from food service ms pat in adminerstation ms maire I'm trying to remember you i have a lot of pictures

looking for my dad

I was an orphan and was put into foster care as an infant. I am looking to meet Scottie Williams, He dated Josey aka Josephine Cruz. They both grew up in mount loretto group homes. She was my mother and she tells me that Scottie is my father and he is from Brooklyn N.Y. I would love to just meet him. So many people tell me different stories about him. No matter what I want to hear him tell me his story.

Former Mt. kid...

I was 12 yrs. old when I came to Mt. Loretto along with my three brothers, Vincent, Charlie, and Peter. It was in 1963 that we arrived and my siblings stayed there until 1967. I left in 1965, I had run away to pursue my lifelong dream. I later became a famous boxer and actor. My name is Chu Chu Malave. I'm now 60 yrs. old, a writer. My book "The Longhaired Boxer" is currently making the rounds for publication. In my book I write about Mt. Loretto. I have fond memories being there and I will be forever impacted in a positive way being there for 3 yrs. Chu Chu Malave...

Hey Chu Chu

We grew up at the Mount together back in the 60's. You never did stop sparring in the gym back in the day. I also remember your bro Vinnie, a boxer also. I even remember the NY Golden Gloves bout that was never fought againt Vinnie. I remember watching your fight with Buchanan.... One more punch and you would have been a World Champion. Met up with your older bro Rafael during the 100th MIV Reunion dinner. We sat at the same table with Victor Calderon, Gloria Rosado. My home email is

I Know you

I remember you, Chu Chu. You dated my aunt, Iris Reyes for a while. She was 2 years older than I was. I left in 1967 and am now 58 years old. I also ran into you once In Los Angeles. I'll have to check out your book.

Morreale sisters 60-67

Do you remember the Morreale sisters, Rosemary, Darlene, Teresa or Virginia?

MT.Loretto Home

Chu Chu I know you all i was there from 1958 to 1969 i baseball, basketball,football

I remember you Chu Chu

I saw you on the Barney Miller show and another show ( which I can't remember). I remember all of your brothers and your sister Evelyn who was in my group, who shared the same bunk bed with me.

Worst place in the world

I went to ML when i was 12 years old. I was one of the youngest and one of the very few girls among many boys there in about 1996. This place was the worst place in the world for me. I was sexually assault in the halls and basement where they had the lunchroom almost everyday. I was afraid to go to school but i couldnt tell my grandmother at the time. I was there from the age of 12-about 14 when i tried to kill myself so that i would be put in the hospital because i couldnt go back for another summer. Even had one of my para's trying to have sex with me. sick huh! I regret not telling someone then cause its all i think about now that im 26. In an out of mental hospital from 14-18. ML is the devil in my eyes.


hi michelle im sorry to hear that i would like to speak to your about this situation is there an email where i can contact you . or even telephone number thank you so much

hi please send me your email

hi please send me your email would like to hear your story

Anyone remember Mary and Dorothy Schneider

My grandmother and her sister were in the orphanage back in the late 1920's/early 1930's. Does anyone remember them? Mary and Dorothy Schneider. Does anyone have any pictures from back then? Thank you.

i lived in mt loretto

Hi i was a recipient at mt loretto from 1980 to 1981 then i moved to a group home.I was the whitest thing there at the time and passed my days fighting to earn respect i remember this one guy named willie hall he and i fought from the barracks to the infirmary. I had a girl friend named cookie. wow mad memoried were are these people today?

I was there the same time

I was there the same time left in 81. I remember cookie I think. She had a sister also on the mount ?i remember the Canteen the pool. The mount had its rough side for sure. Plenty of fighting but I wasn’t abused like some are saying. Peace. I’m in touch with a few people from those days.

Mount Loretto little children about 1935-6

My mother and her 5 sisters were sent to Mount Loretto when their mother got sick and then died between 1934 - 1937. They may have lived there for 1 or 2 years before they were sent to Little Flower in Wading River, NY. Does anyone reading this remember the Fernandez sisters from Manhattan? I am writing about them now and would love to learn more about them and that period of their lives.

lost memories


I remember you!!!!!

My Name is David Rodriguez; I was friends with you; Mart; Jessica and we were very close. So close, that we wouldn't let anyone else in our circle; i lived in St. Antony's on the senior side of the Mount. I have fond memories of you and Mart..even jessica. Please e-mail me when you have time (

Luis Ibarra I didn't know

Luis Ibarra I didn't know that your brother Sammy passed sorry to hear that when did he passed and he was young still can I ask what happened?

I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your brother Sammy; I knew him well; I last saw him in 1980, he lived in a building next door to me. We hung out from time to time, he was a good friend; even when we were at mount Loretto. Your brother and I would run like a couple of crazy people through the streets of New york back in the 80's; he was still a the strongest guy I knew and no one would mess with him. David



Hi Debbie; i can't help with

Hi Debbie; i can't help with Jose; but I would love to see the picture you took of me and Mart with you and Jessice during the you remember, we went to stay in Jessica's room in the bronx. I was in the Band...its so good to know that your alright; my mom alway thought you were the strong one among our little group. David

wow davd do u no how long i

wow davd do u no how long i been searching for u even mart asked me about u have facebook? cause i am on facebook under deborah perez....and the picture sorry don't have it lost i lot of my old me or look me up at fb. r u still in florida?

I was in Mount Loretto: from

I was in Mount Loretto: from 1974 to 1980; I remember the good times; they finally finished rebuiling the church and we were able to see it return to glory. One of my councellors was Jerry Conforty; he was alway good to me; the cottage where I lived was St.Anthony's, that house was considered the brotherhood. Mount Loretto taught me what (Brotherhood) truely meant; I had a great time learning the things I didn't learn at home. It wasn't until I attended Mount loretto, that I learned how important it was to get a good education; in fact, I didn't like school at all until I went there. At mount Loretto; the winters was cold and the summers was hot, but I always had joy in my life. It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows; i saw my share of restriction and other punishments, it was usually for something stupid that I've done; this was part of growing up. I've read a lot of (Horror stories) in these pages; my heart goes out to those people who had bad expieriances and I hope that God will watch over you always, as for me, some of the things that happened to me there allowed me to grow as a person, both good and bad. There are so many people who went through mount loretto and if a small percentage of us are doing well, then they have acheived Fr. Drumgooles dream, and that is to help as many people that they can, I am greatful to be one of them.

me too. i've have learn what

me too. i've have learn what life is all about..i had good friends there such as david rodriguez, jessica lorenzano, dorothy arwine, and my boyfriend at the time mart robinson, i still stay in touch with mart cause of coarse i had a daughter with him...mount loretto was good to me...

I've reached out to Debbie

I've reached out to Debbie and Mart; Jessica is still missing in action; it is so good to know that you are all alright. We have lots of memories to catch up on; I may even have a few pictures of Mount Loretto to share with you all...this is great; 30 years later...the Crew is still in touch; God is Good. David

I am soooo happy that we

I am soooo happy that we finally found each other again. It is good to find your old but very YOUNG still at heart. I am happy that we are sharing our picutes of the old and new times. I am going to plan a trip to new york so we could all meet my kids you and nancy. I can't wait to meet nancy.

In there from 73-78

My dad Moe was in there from 73-78. I've been searching on here for people from back then for him. He said he always considered the crew his brothers even after he went AWOL from there in 78 and didn't go back. He had two brothers there with him, his brother Migel and his brother Jose Muniz. Alot of ppl he mentioned remembering were Manny Perez, Izzy, The twins Hector and Toni, Carmella Torez. There's many people he remembers. He recalls a lot of very bad memories but said at the same time there was a lot of good. He said it gave him family like a brother hood, that to this day he would consider his brothers. He was an alter boy and was in building 3. Was wondering if there would be any way I could find any sort of pictures from back then. If anyone has any memories, pics, recollections, anything, my email is

Just Another Alumni

I was at MIV from 1960 to 1967. I attended St. Aloysius and was an altar boy at the church. My favorite nun was Sister Mary Claire. I spent the first few years in the second cottage then moved up to the fifth cottage before going over to the intermediate side. Although I was frequently bullied, I still thought the experience was far better than the alternative. For those of you on Facebook, you may want to check out this link.

Altar Boy

I was at MIV from 1960 to 1967. I attended St. Aloysius and was an altar boy at the church. My favorite nun was Sister Mary Claire we there together

Was at the Mount from 71 to

Was at the Mount from 71 to 75 I lived in St Francis, My nick name was Fish I do miss my old friends like Herbie colon, Maritza roman, Edna Rodriguez John Carue and Lydia Rodriguez. I also do Miss my Barber shop teacher Mr Lemondola.. Right now im trying to get a copy of my Diploma or a Letter of Credentails can anyone help me in this matter? Well I had a lot of fun there and met so many wonderful people. 1 love always to my Mount Family..

Harry Smith

My uncle, Harry Smith, lived at Mt. Loretta and was the driver for the monsignor I believe in the early 1900's. Does anyone know anything about him while living at the Mount?

miv duval/cottage a/ and 10th house

I was at the mount from 80-82 were in a few of the house back in the day.I have good and bad memories from there but more good then bad. I remember people who had an impact on my life like E(mac)McMillan/ Rudy T/ mario/ the blackwood brothers and carlton and paul vroom with the white galaxy 500 with the holes in the florr so you saw the ground go by as he drove lol.Counsoler we Called MR T who never got richard Vasquaze name right. and every ones favorite in 10th house keitheese with the teafees with the big banna yellow caddy.names of people I remember Batts/clam/A Hillard/ wolfy/ frank/little victor/ kevin aka life understanding/ richy/jerry/ rock/.more counselors hansan/ kevin conroy/ is an e-mail to contact me

I left in 1980; but i

I left in 1980; but i remember Mr. MacMillan; he used to drive that Lincoln continental; the fire engine red with the white top. I used to detail his car for him back in the day. I also remember hanson Weston; Gerry Conforti; peace and love to you; i hope you are doing well now; that place touched many lives. David.

david perez

hi david. my name is david perez I left in 1981 and I remeber those people. also father eugene mangan.I was a alter boy.Im also in contact with billy brother gilber perez was also there with us.if u remember us hit us up on facebook or email me at

so do you remember Freddy

so do you remember Freddy Martinez>

Its Bezo

Its Bezo

my mother

I am looking for information on my mother who was in Mount ST.Loretta I believe in 1930s her name is Helen Pettit. Does anyone know her?


My Mother was at Mount Loretta in the 30's I am looking for information on her and if anyone remembers her. Her name is Helen Pettit


How do i find out information with the dates and any info when my father was here at Mt Loretto's? I tried looking in the google search,no good info is coming up.If anyone knows any helpful tips for me please let know,Thx








Michael Vidal and I had lived at Mount Loretta late 60's to 1977; both of us stayed at 10th Cottage. I am in the process of searching records on my parets, Michael and me but need help from Mount Loretta on how we got there?

Question about my Mother

I have a question. My birth mother was a resident there. Her name was Mona Lisa Smalls. Short, dark colored, lots of black hair and pretty. She was 15 and pregnant in 1981 and gave birth to me in 1982 in Manhattan, NY. I have 3 kids now and I am 30 yrs of age. I had an open adoption. I met Mona when I was young till the age of 4 or 5. But I was a kid then so I hardly remember details that long ago. I know that I was adopted after the last visit. I used to visit her there till I was adopted. I need to know about her past. My son is sick and it is important I find her because I have medically related questions and his life depends on it.

Mona Lisa Smalls

Shaniqua Have you ever found your mother. I work at Eastern CF and I believe that I know your brother (formerly Leroy Smalls) now known as Roy Burvick. He's looking for your(his) mom as well. I checked and located a Mona Lisa Smalls in Charleston, SC. Roy's sister is conducting a search as well. You may call Roy's adoptive mother , Ms Burvick, at 718 443 4325. Also, you may reach me at 347-996-4927 Thanks Bob Wurtzel

Im your sister shakia been

Im your sister shakia been adopted too trying to get in contact with you call me 347 3376738 Or email facebook shakia hamilton

Looking for my cousins

My cousins were put into an orphanage on Staten Island. There were 12 children in all, 4 boys and 8 girls. The last name was Roller. This was probably sometime in the 1950's. They were Charlie, Bobby, Freddy, Jimmy, Mary, Linda, Anita, Lorraine, Loretta, Carol, Janet and Delores. I'm not sure how many of them were placed there. If anyone remembers them, please leave a reply. Does anyone know what other orphanages were in existence on Staten Island in the 50's? Thanks so much for your help!

ROLLER FAMILY 12 children

What is,YOUR name? I am Carol, #10 of the 12 Roller children. How are we related? Please respond as I personally was only rece9 gathering information on our ancestry for my niece. Thanks. Carol

ROLLER FAMILY 12 children

What is,YOUR name? I am Carol, #10 of the 12 Roller children. How are we related? Please respond as I personally was only rece9 gathering information on our ancestry for my niece. Thanks. Carol

You're looking for the 12 ROLLER siblings - I'm one of them

Sent an earlier response but was using my cell and may have messed it up. Anyway, you don't indicate who YOU are and who your parents are? I'm Carol, the 10th child of Charles Roller & Anna Eitel. You can contact me at my email address Thanks.


i am the 10th child of the 12 you re looking for.


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