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Time for Reflection


 804579. New York Public Library When would the first flowering of feminism become important for women? Sometimes it would be passed from mother to daughter, a generational questioning that quietly put down roots. In other cases, strong individuals emerged, whose devotion to the arts or social causes ignited feminine interest. Despite the frivolous silhouette of the bustle, women were increasingly caring about more than their clothes.  804545. New York Public Library

Historic revivals of dress styles, including a vogue for medieval and Renaissance garment details, would culminate in the Aesthetic dress of the 1880s. Women read and studied. More women attempted to earn college-level educations, and expressed their desire for further intellectual achievement. While this period doesn’t possess the outlet for angst that would drive feminists almost one hundred years later, the seeds of resolution were being sown.


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You mention a link between

You mention a link between the medieval and renaissance and the aesthetic movement. It's interesting in the US context which I know little or nothng about that this is in place. The medieval and renaissance had a big effect on architecture etc in England, of course. It would be interesting if such links between ideas could be traced further.

I guess I should come clean

I guess I should come clean and confess I was thinking of England more than the U.S. when I wrote this blog. But, then, American women did still look to Europe for fashion ideas. And educated and monied American women still traveled to Europe for grand tours and art exposure. I think it would be great if anybody out there could point to some publications that would take in the American reaction to the Aesthetic Movement. Anybody game for this?

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