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Cool in Your (Zip)Code: Mariachi Academy of New York


Although I have worked for NYPL for over 23 years, I never worked in a Manhattan branch before arriving at the 125th Street Branch in January. I’ve been exploring the 125th Street neighborhood from the Information Desk by looking at the local organizations listed in Community Board 11’s list of Community Based Organizations.

In order to stay truly local, I’ve (so far) limited my explorations to our zip code 10035. Fortunately, the 125th Street Branch is fairly well centered in this zip code. There is a program on Channel 25: “Cool in Your Code” that I think is a good title for what I’d like to make available to our users. Apologies to NYC TV if the title is copyrighted (haven’t had time to explore that!), but it is perfect!

Today’s “cool in your code (10035)” is the Mariachi Academy of New York: “the first school in the East Coast dedicated to educating young girls and boys in a celebrated and cherished musical tradition of Mexico.” How cool is that!! I was charmed, just by the idea. “The Mariachi Academy provides unique learning opportunities for youth interested in playing instruments and singing classic rancheras while helping to develop a strong sense of identity and community pride in a bilingual environment. The Academy is open to Mexican and non-Mexican students, ages 7-17.” AND THAT'S NOT ALL! The Mariachi Academy has an advanced group of students that participate in community cultural events. They are fifteen students who perform for 30 minutes accompanied by an artistic director who may provide an interactive workshop about Mariachi music and the program. They may not be booked for private parties, weddings, etc. Call (212) 729-7678 for availability. STAY TUNED FOR MORE COOL IN ZIP CODE 10035!

Cool in Your Code is an innovative Emmy award winning “infotainment” show that breaks down what’s cool, new, and undiscovered throughout New York City’s 200+ zip codes.  Watch it on NYCTV, channel 25, or check out our website for more information!


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Dear Sue, My name is

Dear Sue, My name is Danielle, and I work for Concept Farm - the company behind the aforementioned "Cool in Your Code" show. We here at "Cool in Your Code" were extremely flattered to read your mention of our show in your most recent post! I speak on behalf of my team, when I say that we would be more than happy to help you with any further content that you might need for your blog - perhaps via the use of an RSS Feed or any other way that you find more convenient. Let us know if you would like the assistance. If not, we would like to wish you all the luck with your blog and new position at the 125th St Branch! We look forward to reading about more fun happenings in 10035. Thank you again for all the support! Regards, Danielle

Thanks Danielle! I am (very

Thanks Danielle! I am (very slowly) exploring this zip code. But I really appreciate your support. I'm glad you don't mind my use of your title. It is just perfect for what I would like to do with this blog- highlight great things in this zip code, and maybe the not-so-great as well. I'm starting to think of this blog like an internet bulletin board. We have plenty of flyers/signs on our physical bulletin board here at 125th Street, but I'd like the users to find this information on the web/our homepage as well. I know I've seen people come in and scan our physical bulletin board, and I'm hoping they will find this blog as well. There is so much community information out there, and it still seems to spread by word-of-mouth, or by bulletin board. It would be very cool to feature your "Cool in Your Code" episode on our homepage, but I don't have the access right now to do it. Are you planning more episodes? Thanks again! Sue

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