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Reader’s Den

Reader's Den: "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield


Welcome to the Reader's Den! This month we will be reading and discussing The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. You can reserve your copy of the book using the Library's Catalog or by visiting your local library. The Thirteenth Tale is also available in large print and audiobook formats. Feel free to leave your comments and reviews for The Thirteenth Tale any time during the month of January.

There is no need to sign up for the Reader's Den! Leave your comments and reviews in the comment form of each blog post. Don't forget to check back often to see what other readers are saying about the book!

Thank you for visiting the Reader's Den; we look forward to discussing The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield with you!


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Reader's Den

What a great idea! If I can get this book I will certainly be part of this discussion group, if not will look forward to the next one. I am engrossed right now in Wally Lamb's new book and have another 350 pages to read. Good luck with this new program, I feel sure it will be a success.

readers den

I loved this book. Thanks for doing this blog. Hopefully more people will join in and share their favorite parts........

Reader's Den

I started this book, and put it down for a little bit. I'm looking forward to picking it back up and participating in some discussions.

Reader's Den

It is a little slow at first, but give it another chance. The story starts to pick up and I had a hard time putting the novel down! I look forward to the discussion, too.

How interesting and

How interesting and informative. Thanks for the suggestion. I am definitely going to try to get my hands on this great book! Good job, great blog!

This book was amazing. I

This book was amazing. I loved it!

I loved this book. Thanks

I loved this book. Thanks for doing this blog. Hopefully more people will join in and share their favorite parts........

I'm so glad...

...that you enjoyed the book! Don't forget to share your favorite parts as well!

Hey Kerri, This is awesome!

Hey Kerri, This is awesome! What's the discussion/book for this month? Brgds/Chris

Hi Chris! Thanks for

Hi Chris! Thanks for checking out <em>The Reader's Den</em>! This month we are reading and discussing the memoir, <em>A Piece of Cake </em>by Cupcake Brown. Its very interesting! I hope you will be able to join the discussion. If you know anyone else that has always wanted to join a book discussion group but can't because of their busy schedule tell them to check out the <a href="">blog</a>!

Does anyone feel that

Does anyone feel that Margaret is an unreliable narrator?

Hi Jessica! In another

Hi Jessica! In another <a href="">Reader's Den</a> post we discussed Margaret's character. And I think we agree with you that Margaret didn't really do much for us. I was more interested in Vida's telling of the story. In what ways did you feel that Margaret was unreliable?? Thanks for continuing the discussion! Its never to late to follow and comment on <a href="">The Reader's Den</a> discussions!!

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