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Back when a menu was just a menu...


 475314. New York Public LibraryEee – gads, my morning muffin has how many calories?

Remember, back in the day, when one could enjoy one’s morning muffin under the delightful cliché, ignorance is bliss. Really, how many calories can a blueberry muffin have; it’s mostly fruit, right? Yes, I tell myself, a blueberry muffin is indeed a breakfast of champions, quite worthy of the Olympic festivities.

Well, the blissful days of guilt-free morning muffins are over. To my great horror, climbing out of the subway and following the aroma of fresh baked goods into my favorite little shop for my morning meal of a blueberry muffin, I came face to face with the sign proclaiming, “460 calories per blueberry muffin.” Oh my.

A quick calculation and I realize that my morning muffin should easily convert to no evening wine. Calorie posting is now the law in NYC and with it the mourning of the passing of my morning ritual. Faced with the glaring fact that my muffin will easily take up a significant chunk of my daily allotted calories, leaving little to no room for later pleasures in the day, I have chosen to resist, on a daily basis, my favorite little blueberry confection. How did this happen; why do we now know this information?

For a little history behind the calorie signs be sure to check out the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s website for the legal timeline of this initiative.

Now that there's no escaping the knowledge of the number of calories in your morning meal, find out just how many calories you can eat per day. Will your morning meal remain the same, or will you be joining me for black coffee?

Speaking of black coffee, whose caloric content has yet to be posted on the coffee carts, pop this pocket book in your bag and remain on top of your calorie consumption all day long.

Good luck out there, pleasure robbing information is everywhere. 


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